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Jumbor Chapter 7 & Looking for Translators

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 7 It's finally here! It's done! Jumbor chapter 7! If you read the credits page, you'll also see that the translation was completed by MBAqu@! Thanks for your great work!

So starting with this release, we've made some changes...

  • Now with the larger format, so it's jumps off your screen!
  • We are using only the volume scans, so no more monthly Ultra Jump scans (and plus we'll cover the extras in the volumes too!)
  • Slightly more regular releases (not a year in-between chapters any more!)
  • We'll be using the official Italian release as a base translation. Dit will then compare that base translation against the original Japanese.

You may be wondering about this change in how the translation is done and it affects the release. When someone says "Watch out Baru!" we can easily translate that from Italian, and it's going to be the same as it came directly from Japanese. Actually, about 95% of the translation for this chapter (based on the official Italian release) would match exactly as Dit would have translated it from Japanese. Since she'll be reviewing the translation, she'll put on that final 5% which gives you guys the same quality release as you would expect from going Japanese directly to English!


We are also really far behind in releases for that. And the official Italian releases are only a few releases behind Japan. So we've got like 40 chapters we need to catch up on!

Here's where you can help!

We are looking for more Italian to English translators for the following projects:

- Jumbor

- Mentalite (Shaman King Fanbook, released after KZB)


Yup, you read that right. We want to release the Mentalite fanbook! So that's more Shaman King material right there! If that is successful, we can then look into additional materials for Man.Ji.En and the Fanbook as well. But let's get these two projects off the ground first!

If you want to help with translating Jumbor and/or Mentalite from Italian to English please send us an e-mail and I can provide you with some additional details. Thank you in advance!


So enjoy Jumbor chapter 7! Chapter 8 is already being worked on, so that should come out "soon." But if we want some more chapters, we'll need more help with translations!

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  • 3 hours ago

    Hurray! It's out! Thanks to you for the opportunity! ^^ Just a little side note: my nickname is MBAqua, ...

Shaman King Flowers chapter 25

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Read and download Shaman King Flowers Chapter 25

And we are back to Shaman King Flowers! Sorry for the delay in releasing this chapter. Life and stuff. But here it is, enjoy!


But don't worry, we have a bunch more releases coming soon as well! We are already hard at work on the following:

- Shaman King Flowers chapter 26 (this month's chapter)
- Jumbor chapter 7
- Jumbor chapter 8
- Plus more!

So check back often, and who knows what release it could be! (I say that since I'm not sure if Flowers or Jumbor will come out next)

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  • 5 days ago

    @yohana, Volume 10 of Ultimo comes out in print on November 4th! So you have a bit of time for that ...

  • 5 days ago

    i really love the storyline !!!!!at last a new realese! i hope ultimo can update too ^^

  • 5 days ago

    Status Update Jumbor chapter 7: I have about 2 more pages to continue to do redraws for. Of course ...

Don't Worry About Shaman King

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As some of you may have read at Patch-Cafe, the Jump Kai magazine will have its final issue on October 10th. Yes, this does mean that Shaman King Flowers will be without a home.

But don't worry, the Shaman King Flowers manga is NOT ending with Jump Kai.

Another magazine WILL pick up this series and publish it.

We don't know which magazine it will be at this time, nor the format. It's unlikely that it will move to a magazine that Takei is already publishing in (JumpSQ19 or Ultra Jump). And the announcement does lean towards the "Young Jump" branding, but nothing is set in stone.

Where ever it moves to, Mankin-Trad will folllow (unless it get licensed in English), someway, somehow!

It's going to be fine. Takei has another 4 months to write chapters and transition the story. We literally have another volume of manga he can write before the move. So no worries.

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  • 1 week ago

    @jezzy Thanks for the update!! Much appreciated! :D

  • 1 week ago

    Just an update since it's been about a week~ Flowers ch 25 is close to completion! I think it's just ...

  • 2 weeks ago

    @andysislands I wiill be waiting! :D thank you

Yahabe Oneshot & OVA

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Watch the fansub of the Yahabe OVARead or download the Yahabe oneshot manga

It's finally here! The long awaited Yahabe oneshot manga and OVA! All of your questions will be answered! And now there is even a bit more meaning behind the end of Shaman King Flowers 24!

So this release has a bunch of new "firsts" for us! mjolnir114 provided us with the English translation! Dit was actually our "Translation Editor." I think we had the most number of "QC" (Quality Check) versions ever for our releases. Oh yeah, and we finally did an anime fansub!

So I hope you all enjoy this release (even though we had a delay getting it out). And you have 2 methods to choose, either the manga or animated! Both tell the same story (with the exact same lines).


Now let's use our "time-skip" cards to look into the future! What's coming up next for Mankin-Trad!?

Our next release will either be... Shaman King Flowers chapter 25 or Jumbor chapter 7! Additionally, when we release Jumbor chapter 7, we'll announce our plans for new a Mankin-Trad project and will be looking for some additional help to join our staff! Oh, and that new project isn't Danball. Since I'm working on releasing that first chapter next month.

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  • 1 month ago

    ChabeEcalante is right, that's what :hao: said to Seyram and Redseb just after killing them. Reread the manga! ^^

  • 1 month ago

    @YosukeKamogawa No! =) Camel was posssesing Seyram and the wife was inside the golem.

  • 1 month ago

    Actually, the spirit inside Golem was Seyram and Redseb's mother (Camel's wife). Camel Munzer joined ...

Shaman King Flowers chapter 24

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Read and download Shaman King Flowers Chapter 24And it's time for your monthly Shaman King Flowers fix! We've got a 29 page chapter this time. It's not too long, not too short! So hope you enjoy it!

And we have more releases on the way!

Coming in 2 weeks... we'll be releasing the Yahabe oneshot manga and anime OVA! This is the oneshot story that Hiroyuki Takei wrote before Yosuke entered into the Shaman King Flowers story. And you know what? It's his backstory! If you want a sneak peek, here's the slightly spoiler-ish trailer below:

Yes, Mankin-Trad is doing an anime fansub. Breaking new ground! And we'll be releasing the manga oneshot at the same time. So that's a double release later this week! And 5 releases this month in total!

I said we'd be speeding up with more releases this year. And plenty more to come (like Jumbor!).

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    The Yahabe comments don't work...

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    woooooooot! :D much appreciation guys!

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