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Jumbor chapter 13

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 13 It's that time of year again! No, not that time when we get another chapter out! Haha! It's our Birthday again (on the 4th)! We're somehow 12 years old! Sure 2016 may have been a slow year for us... but hey, we're getting old. Got to save up that energy for next year when Shaman King becomes 20 years old!

But yes, we have another Jumbor chapter out! Hope you enjoy it. It's our present from us to you for checking in from time to time!

If you need some more Hiroyuki Takei... be sure to check out Hiroyuki Takei's "Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samuarai" manga! Instead of contruction equipments it's samurai! Instead of Jumbors it's cats! Volume 2 came out last month in English (Print and digital!), so we're caught up with the Japanese volume releases! So be sure to go out an buy a copy of that manga. It's important to show your support, and the best way to do that is buy the manga! And then maybe share it with a friend!

(Seriously. Go buy it now! Not enough people know about how great it is yet. It's your job to spread the love!)

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    would be nice to know wtf's going on then boss

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    since there hasn't been an update of any sort for almost 1 year, is it safe to assume the sites abandoned ?

Jumbor chapter 12

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 12 Hey, look at that! It's another Jumbor chapter! It's a Christmas miracle [Citation Needed]!! Sorry for the delay, but if you've followed us for a while sometimes we are a little slow between releases.

Did you know that the original Jyuki Ningn Jumbor series will be 10 years old next year!? Boy, doesn't that make us look old! Haha! Well, I think now is a good enough time as any to say... let's get back to monthly releases! Our December release is now out, so look out for more in 2017!


But hey, you want more Hiroyuki Takei manga!? All of Ultimo is now out in English (digital & print)! You can get it directly from Viz Media. If you haven't been following the series for a while, now's the chance to binge-read and get it all done!

Ultimo not your thing? Good news! Hiroyuki Takei's latest series, Nekogahara is now out in English! That's in both print and digital too for volume 1! Volume 2, 3, & 4 come out next year, and less than 90 days after the Japanese release! That's super, super fast for official releases! Oh, and for the digital releases, it's region-free at BookWalker, meaning anyone in the world (excluding Japan) can read the official release! Not sold on it yet? Why not read the first full chapter for free from Kodansha Comics!?


So go out and support those official releases! The more you support, the better chances that even more of Hiroyuki Takei's works can officially get released into English. I look forward to that day!

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    Well, I do some blogging on Tumblr and have a couple of other side projects I work on from time to time. But ...

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    What are you guys doing while not translating Jumbor chapters? Its kinda sad to see this site just being ...

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    @AsakuraX, Yeah, what really needs to be banked on is one of the following: - Nekogahara gets an anime - ...

Nekogahara is Licensed by Kodansha Comics in English!

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Some exciting news came out over this last weekend.... Hiroyuki Takei's latest manga, Nekogahara has been licensed in English by Kodansha Comics! That's right, more of Hiroyuki Takei's manga is coming out in print form later this year!!

Here's the news from Kodansha Comic's Tumblr:

Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai

Our first new print license of the day is Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai. This is a stylized action manga from Hiroyuki Takei, creator of the smash hit manga and anime Shaman King.

In medieval Japan, a bell hanging on the collar is a sign that a cat has a master. Norachiyo’s bell hangs from his katana sheath, but he is nonetheless a stray – a ronin. This one-eyed cat samurai travels across a dishonest world, cutting through pretense and deception with his blade.

The unique visual style of Nekogahara blends traditional Japanese ink painting with modern street art, perfectly suited for badass cat samurai action. Vol. 1 is coming this Fall. (English title tentative.)

Stay tuned to for another new print license one hour from now!


It's exciting to hear that we can get Volume 1 as soon as this fall! So that could be as close as only 6 months away!!! That's really quick turnaround, and could be the first print edition outside of Japan!

Of course, with this announcement, we will discontinue all plans to release any scanlations of Nekogahara. Everyone should support the official release by Kodansha Comics! This is the BEST news that can happen, so it's a reason to celebrate! They will treat the series well and we are grateful for them to take on the challenge of bringing this series over in English!


But... if you say "6 months is too far away... can't we get it sooner!?" Well, there is some options for digital chapters to come out sooner! Here's the current steps you can take to help make it happen!:

1. Post on Kodansha Comic's Tumblr or Twitter that you would like to read it digitally, and have monthly chapters closer to the Japanese monthly releases prior to the print release this Fall (Sept-Dec).

2. Post on Crunchyroll's Tumblr or Twitter that you want them to license the manga digitally for release. They don't have the manga license yet, but they have gotten titles that Kondasha Comics/Vertical had for print.

Please remember to be respectful when posting/requesting. You may not get any responses, but they do listen to requests, so the more people ask, the better chance they can try and make something happen.

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    Hey guys just want to say i get it/am still disappointed lol. This basically looks like Matamune's story ...

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    @nobody, Sorry, we want to support the official releases here. So we will not be uploading any of Kodansha ...

Jumbor chapter 11

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 11 And after much waiting... probably too long, here's the next Jumbor chapter! It's the eleventh chapter from Jumbor. Remember that series? Haha, I know. Anyways, we start moving towards more interesting stuff as we begin to close out this arc. Hope you all enjoy it!

Speaking of the number eleven.... Mankin-Trad is now eleven years old! Maybe we're a bit slower in our old age, but hey, it really goes in waves. So Happy Birthday to us!


Finally, I'm working on another side-project. Basically it's called the "Mankin-Trad Development Blog" (or "Dev Blog" for short). The concept of this will be an avenue where we can release some small releases that wouldn't fit into a normal "Mankin-Trad release." Plus, its a way for people with some spare time that may be able to help out too!

I'm still working on the details... but my thoughts are starting with releasing some pages from the Mentalite fanbook! Yeah some more Shaman King stuff! It will be some nice "small stuff" to go in between our normal "big" Mankin-Trad releases that you would find here. Once it goes live I'll post a link to the blog here!


Finally, just in case you skip past the credits page... yes... we're working on Jumbor chapter 12. And chapter 13 is in the translation phase. So we aren't dead (like Baru or Shaman King Flowers)! 

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    And... Nekogahara is licensed in English by Kodansha Comics!!! So all plans for scanlating this series ...

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    @Jay, We we are always willing to collaborate! Ask her to send me something via the Contact page here ...

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    Hey guys, I guess you dont need to worry about Nekogahara since your time is so short. The famous girl ...

All the Hiroyuki Takei news

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So just to keep you all in the loop...

Shaman King Flowers manga is done. Finished. There will be no more new chapters under that name. However Takei does want to make a new sequel. So...

Also Ultimo has basically 1 more chapter left. And Jumbor is hiatus, but will finish with 10 volumes at some point.

You can read those pieces of news in more detail here.

Takei is also making a new manga series! You can read more about that here. If some English-language company licenses it.. (like Viz with Ultimo), then we won't touch it. So start bugging Crunchyroll, Kodansha Comics, or Vertical that you want it, and maybe it will happen! Which would be great!

You can read more about that here.


Finally, if you were hoping to see Hiroyuki Takei at Otakon.... that guest appearance has been cancelled... Cry That news is here.


Also, the website is back up and running again. Thanks to Kamisama! Everything about "everyone is still busy" from that news post still applies. But I'm itching to get some more Jumbor out (since it starts to get good in a couple of chapters!).

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    Don't worry, Jumbor chapter 11 is coming out soon! Plus I'm working on putting together another side ...

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    Mankin Trad ! Mankin Trad ! Mankin Trad ! We are here. We are silent. But we wait patiently behind our screens.

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    Love this site! Happy 2016!

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