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All the Hiroyuki Takei news

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So just to keep you all in the loop...

Shaman King Flowers manga is done. Finished. There will be no more new chapters under that name. However Takei does want to make a new sequel. So...

Also Ultimo has basically 1 more chapter left. And Jumbor is hiatus, but will finish with 10 volumes at some point.

You can read those pieces of news in more detail here.

Takei is also making a new manga series! You can read more about that here. If some English-language company licenses it.. (like Viz with Ultimo), then we won't touch it. So start bugging Crunchyroll, Kodansha Comics, or Vertical that you want it, and maybe it will happen! Which would be great!

You can read more about that here.


Finally, if you were hoping to see Hiroyuki Takei at Otakon.... that guest appearance has been cancelled... Cry That news is here.


Also, the website is back up and running again. Thanks to Kamisama! Everything about "everyone is still busy" from that news post still applies. But I'm itching to get some more Jumbor out (since it starts to get good in a couple of chapters!).

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    Love this site! Happy 2016!

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    @Mutsu Don't worry, me too! I'm working on Jumbor.. so I can get back in the swing of things. So as ...

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    patiently waiting for the nekogara series, happy 2016 all :)

FYI: Not Dead

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Just wanted to say we aren't dead. Nothing is dropped.

But all of our translators are kinda busy at the moment. So that's slowed everything down a bunch.

Sorry for the lack of releases right now, but once we get everyone back on board we'll be moving ahead! Luckily there isn't too much new stuff coming out right now, so if we have a time period where things need to go a bit slower... now's the time!


I'm also working on some other non-Mankin-Trad projects right now, so that's been fun! Just wanted to give this update to you all!

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    Thanks Kamisama for fixing the news!

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    Hurray! The website magically revived itself! (For some reason all the news disappeared for a while ...

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Support the original SK manga!

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Legally own digital copies of the ENTIRE original Shaman King manga series for $111.

Volumes 1-15: $60 ($4 a volume) - Ends on May 10th

Volumes 16-32: $51 ($3 a volume)  - Ends on May 31st

If you already purchased the first bundle, now’s your chance to finish and get the second bundle! Volume 16 is where the edits get trimmed WAY back, since it stopped running in the monthly printed Shonen Jump. There is basically no new cuts made for these last 16 volumes.

This is the best way to show support for the Shaman King series. By purchasing these volumes you can show Viz that we want more Shaman King in English! Actions speak louder than words!

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    @ andy whats the 411 on those anna fleshlights and ren dildos ?

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    All the translators have been busy... so... that holds up the works a bit. But I've been working on ...

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    Guys are you still uploading stuff or on a break or something cuz there hasn't been any updates in a while

Jumbor Chapter 10!

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 10 Remember back when I said that I like to have Jumbor releases be close to monthly for a while? And that chapter 10 was coming out soon? Well... here it is!

And it starts with 3 color pages! Basically the start of every volume of Jumbor has these color pages. So the next ones will come with chapter 15. I also want to give a shout out to BadS for returning to help out with the color page spread! That saved me hours of work! Thanks!

Now to put that extra time working on the next release!


The More Yoh Know!

But if you are looking for some more related to Shaman King... check out The More Yoh Know! series on Patch-Cafe or Tumblr! Twice a week there is a new Shaman King factoid you may not remember or ever heard of! Number 10, which released today has a little Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang trivia.

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    Hey, why the english version have only 10 chapter eventhough the chinese and malay have the complete ...

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    I like to wait to see if Takei can do with Hyper Dash! Yonkuro. Oh! one more thing: You guys should ...

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    fan made hentai, plastic pleasure devices, love pillows... ANYTHING DANGNAMMIT !?!?!?!?!?!?

Jumbor 9 & 1 Decade of Mankin-Trad!

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 9 It's been a long time coming... but here's Jumbor chapter 9! Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Also, we are already hard at work on chapter 10, so that should come out in a little while. But the real reason you are here is...

Today, March 4th, 2015 is Mankin-Trad's Birthday!
We are now 10 years old.
That's a decade! We started off as just a French scanlation group for Shaman King manga. The original key members being Kamisama, Nux, and BadS. The later two have moved onto other things since then. but Kami has been around since day 1!
We've moved from servers to servers, expanded and condensed the website, added near countless staff members, but we've made it all this time. It's kinda crazy to think we've been doing this for a full decade now. And we do it because... we just want to know what happens next in the story of Shaman King. It's as simple as that.
I doubt that most people reading this remember all the way back to the beginning, and that's fine. In the internet world, 10 years is a really long time. But I hope during this time you've help support Hiroyuki Takei and the Shaman King series by purchasing as much stuff as you can. I know I have!
So thank you to everyone who has helped with a release during these last 10 years, and thank you to all of you for enjoying our releases!
Now onto the fun stuff! Since it's a birthday party, right!?
Here's a very large image (7MBs) that contains almost everyone of our "cover images" that have been featured on the main page of Mankin-Trad. I'm missing only a few for the English releases. 
Also, on my tumblr, I'll be posting a bunch of images from Mankin-Trad's past, so if you are interested be sure to check that out!
Oh, and as a temporary change... I've updated the banner to the earliest image file I had on record (at least 2007)!

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    @mutsu, Don't worry, more Jumbor is coming soon. I'm working on chapter 10 right now! And I'll be ...

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    Hey congrats and happy birthday ! (haven't posted in over a year ^^') I didn't even realize you were ...

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    Merci à vous =) Grâce à vous on a pu lire le Kang Zeng Bang, !

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