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Current Active Staff

andysislandsAndysislands, takes care of all English Mankin-Trad releases. He completes all of the coordination of the releases as well as the cleanning, typesetting, and various other parts of the the releases.

Jezzy she has provided Mankin-Trad with the raw scans for all of our releases since Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang Extra 3-4.

p>dancerladyaqua she has worked on the Japanese->English translations for Shaman King The Super Star and Shaman King Red Crimson

Behind the Scenes Staff

kamisama Kamisama // Built the layout for M-T and TGS, as well does other website updates.

Previous English Translators

Dit was a Japanese->English translator for a majority of our releases.

mjolnir114 completed the translation for the Yahabe oneshot and OVA.

akylinaprintziou is a French->English translator for Shaman King chapters in Volume 26

Alessa is a translator for Shaman King Volumes 30-32, Butsu Zone Volumes 1-3, and sections of the Man.Ji.En (character book).

Alxmon is a translator for Shaman King Man.Ji.En Parts 1-2.

-EH- is a Chinese->English translator for Jyuki Ningen Jumbor chapters 1-4.

Marco Maxwell is the translator for Exotica and Shaman King Fanbook

ReD is a translator for Shaman King lots of SK chapters.

Xin is a French->English translator for the Butsu Zone scanlations. He did the translations from chapter 7 up to chapter 13, and did the Butsu Zone and Death Zero one-shots.

yoshis007 is a Chinese->English translator for Butsu Zone chapter 14.

Yuya87, is an Italian->English Translator for Shaman King scanlations. She has done the translations for most of the scanlations on the website in English (Volume 21, first part of Volume 24, later parts of Volume 25)

Previous English Typesetter/Misc.

Deviant is a typsetter for Volume 27 of Shaman King

EveTenshi is a typesetter for Shaman King Volumes 30-32.

Fox is a typesetter for Jyuki Ningen Jumbor chapters 2-4 and chapters 7-10.

LunaticHigh is a typsetter for Volumes 26 and Volume 28 of Shaman King.

MonsieurMucc is a typesetter for some Shaman King chapters.

Reace does some various RAW cleaning jobs on certian Shaman King chapters.

Wolf Ice was the "Manga Quote Continuity Expert" for Man.Ji.En Part 1.

Madd_Hatter has provided Mankin-Trad with Smash Bomber chapters 1-3 from V-Jump.

Previous French Scanlators/Translators

badsBadS personally does all the Japanese->French M-T translations as well as typesetting and all other tasks involved in the process.

Unofficial Members

Mene isn't an official member of M-T. We used her French->English translations for Butsu Zone Volume 2 scanlations.

Lily, Crysi-San, and Ashley are all members who did a series of translations (Chinese->English) at ShamanOS.

Windera, with her huge knowledge of Shaman King and Jyuki Ningen Jumbor, she has been consulted several times for translation help.

Shaza, who worked on Manga->Rain's Shaman King scanlations, has helped out with web-hosting, RAW scans, and other valuable resources.