Site Mission

Mankin-Trad is a manga scanlation group. The series we scanlate are series that Hiroyuki Takei has done himself or has worked on. This means series such as Butsu Zone, Shaman King, Funbari No Uta, Smash Bomber, Jyuki Ningen Jumbor, Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang, Shaman King Zero, Shaman King Flowers and Jumbor. By no means is our group limited to these series.

Our scanlations are not intended to undermine the sales of a manga in any country. We hope that the awareness of these series will lead you to purchase the original Japanese manga or related products.

Over the years it’s becoming easier and faster to read Hiroyuki Takei’s manga throughout the world. If there is a day where this continues to the extent where this site is no longer needed, this is the best possible outcome for the Shaman King community and we hope that day comes soon!

We hope you all enjoy our releases, but more importantly, please support the official English Nekogahara releases, which can be the gateway for more series to be released.