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i see... its going to be hard doing this while avoiding the infamous flowers incident but im giving it a try...

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I've already bought this one a loooooong time ago.

But I don't think very many people will buy it in America. Its not very popular here for some reason. I have a feeling its going to forever stay in Japan. Also, the translations will change and I'm not too fond of viz in north America changing dialogue, even if its not a BIG change. I like the reading translations that are adapted more to the true dialogue from fan translations.

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Actually, the sales on SK were not that bad. And pretty much every volume since the volume 17 has been on the top of Viz's "top digital sales" the week after release. So it's basically one of Viz's strongest digital manga titles.

I bought the print volume, but I'm going to buy this volume 32 digital too. And their recent digital titles (from WSJ) have been very good. Plus it's only $5!

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Yeah, you're missing the point.

It's not really buy to own, but buy to show interest. It's $5. That's it. Most people can afford this, and I don't think it's asking for much. I mean, if we don't get any more Shaman King, the fandom is just going to continue shrinking. Plus, I like tossing my money at things with Ren.

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Wait, is this KanzenBan that Viz hasnt done or Takei sensei has done some brand new stuff aside from Flowers?

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@Andysislands- well maybe I will spend five dollars for an extra the 17 of this month! But I still don't know about translations and stuff, I will still happily support Mr. Takei!

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Yeah, it's KZB we're itching for. Maybe Zero if we're lucky. But really, we'll never get Flowers over here without KZB because then people will be like "Hao's Shaman King? Why isn't the world blown up yet?"

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Yeah, we still don't have KZB, any fanbooks (but those are unlikely anyways...), Shaman King Zero, or Shaman King Flowers. So... we are missing alot at this point!

Yeah, we don't know exactly how much Takei makes from international sales... but he does make some money! It could be anywhere from $0.05 to $0.50 per digital copy sold for Takei. That's money right in his pocket!

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Hello to all of you :) I'm new here but I couldn't help to want to say something after reading you comments about Shaman King Flowers.
I must say that I'm only following it because after all IT IS Shaman King, but I have to admit that I hadn't really fell in love with it to say something yet. When I started following Shaman King a few years ago I immediately liked it and then I loved it when I was able to read the manga (I watched the anime first). But I don't really like a lot Shaman King Flowers. First at all, I find Hana, the main carácter, a hateful character indeed. I can't simply like him at all. I know that he must be different from Yoh, his father, but to this degree... I don't know. He's obnoxius and annoying to me and I simply don't like him. And I don't understand the hate or hatred or whatever he has against his father. He doesn't seem to hate his mother by the way (till now). I can only think in poor Amidamaru being forced to take care of the damn brat. I hadn't liked any other supporting character. I remember that I liked Ren since the first moment, for example, but in this one... not even Yohane. And I don't like either what it's been done to Tamao's character. What's wrong in being a sweet and shy and respectful girl? She could have grown to be stronger, that's fine, but to change her all just to fit Anna's shoes... I don't get why in fiction you have to change a character, emotionally or physically, by force, like if they don't change they won't achieve anything.
If you don't turn into a bitch, if you don't get beautiful, if you don't walk or see... whatever. One thing I found hilarious is that I didn't like Alumi at all at first, thinking she was a copy from Anna, but even now that I don't really love her, I kind of little like her character.
I have to confess that I only get excited when Hao is present in the chapters (what can I say, I love him, he's my favorite male character). I know that this story wasn't going to be his, I'm aware of that, but I didn't expect something so... detaching??? I don't know how to call it.
I'll keep following it, because IT IS Shaman King of course, but till now I really don't like it a lot.
I wonder if the author is having problems dealing with different stories. With Ultimo, something I enjoyed more than Shaman King Flowers and I hoped to grow on and be amazing, has happened something very weird. It's the first time I really really wished that it had "fillers" XD as long as they exist in Naruto's anime. I feel that he hadn't developed the characters and they just keep fighting over the same over and over so quickly, and I want to know them more! I don't want only the fights and repetitive days! I expected so much from this one and Shaman King Flowers and they both had somehow dissapointed me. I hope for a better future for both though. Thanks for listenign to my rambling ;) anyway

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damnit i want KZB to come out
but id rather buy hard copy versions of it all im close to finishing my collection of it

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Remember! You can be lazy like me and just buy it via the Viz mobile app! It'll take it out of you payment method for itunes if it's on your ipad/pod/etc, so no entering of credit card info needed!
Unless you don't have that stuff entered, in which case LOL NEVERMIND.


Please? :<

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I already have this volume long time (actually it is volume 64 here) so it means it does not currently has a new or different version or something and you are talking about the same volume of years ago?

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Yes, it may be the same volume you have, but the point of buying it is not that is has something new, many bought it because we want what's next (Flowers, Kang Zeng Bang) to be released in english officially

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Yes, I got the message
There are many manga I hope to be released at least in english, since my japanese is not that good and they will probably never be released in my land, many reasons..

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@LU same here, I live in Mexico, imagine Viz doesn't have an official iOS app in the mexican App Store, though I do order the Shaman King Volumes through Amazon

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I think I know how you feel and some manga have so expensive shipping =(

Yeey Jumbor chapter 33 was released!.. but I didn't like it very much =(

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hey all the admins at mankind and all the reader did u guys know where i can read latest ultimo chapter in english and jumbor latest chapter too??

pleaseeeeee help me -_______-"

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Ultimo can be found here:

Jumbor can be found here:
(Original series, oneshots, and the current monthly series)

(Jumbor chapter 6 is in process... taking along time since it's a difficult chapter for me to clean. Should be coming out "sooner than later.")

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i dont know how to buy it online -___-"

is there any website that providing ultimo for free to read online?

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1. Go to the volume of manga you want to purchase and click add to cart.
2. Go to your shopping cart (in the upper right hand side)
3. Complete the checkout process (you will need to create an account on vizmanga)
4. Enjoy your manga!

Remember, every manga purchased is money that goes directly into the manga-ka's wallet!

(You can additionally purchase the printed manga volumes from websites like Amazon as well. And if you have an iOS device, you can read it on there too! Or buy it for Nook or Kobo or Android devices as well! Tons of options!)

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I am so proud to say I have Takei's many original volumes, my manga collection is small but Takei's ones can not miss!

Thank you for all your updates =]

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Have it since forever, though it's in my native language. No more publication so shaman king has become rare (if not extinct) in bookstore here.

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Release Update!

Jumbor chapter 6: Still in QC1. Got another 5 hours before into QC2. Hopefully it won't be in QC2 as long.
Aiming for a release this weekend.

Shaman King Flowers chapter 15: In clean/typeset. Luckily it's an easier chapter to work on. So there shouldn't be too much that holds that back.
Aiming for a release this weekend.

Maybe a double release weekend coming up? Maybe I'll get one done before the other? Either way, weekend is the earliest for either or both.

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Release Update!

Jumbor chapter 6: Still in QC1. Got another 5 hours before into QC2. Hopefully it won't be in QC2 as long.

Shaman King Flowers chapter 15: Now in QC1! It won't be in QC2 very long....

(So yes, all my free time went into Shaman King Flowers..., but hey, progress!)

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Oh, and for those interested...

I'm working on a sequel to my personal favorite credits page. Coming with SKF15! And it's not taking as long as I feared!

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Keep the nice work!!!

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i'm getting anxious

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Release Update
Shaman King Flowers Chapter 15. Release tomorrow. It's almost in QC2. Just need a bit more time to clean it up.

Jumbor chapter 6. Same status as before. Fast tracking SKF right now... Will get back to work on that on Wed.

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I don't get what kanzenban is.

Is Takei redraw the entire Shaman King? Or it's just add some chapter and the true ending?

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No, Takei (actually his assistants) just redrew some panels, or parts of panels digitally to make the series appear more consistent. Most of these changes were made in the earlier volumes. The "Kang Zeng Bang" version also adds in a bunch of new chapters towards the end as well. With a new fanbook just to cap it off. So when people talk about KZB they normally just refer to the new chapters that were created for this new edition of the manga.

You can read those new chapters (English and French!) here:

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No no no sucks it's sucks what the hell just happened to shaman king the whole new story sucks what happened to yoh lenny trey and faust and joko (english names) the new ren is an asakura WHAT ??? this is a nightmare this anime had a chance to rival naruto and one piece and even a video game like bleach soul resurreccion or naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3 this thing could have been much better than this [[ImDisappointed]]

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I already bought the real thing when it came out (I'm looking at it) ,why do I need to buy the original to support it? I love Shaman King,but Im not paying for the same thing twice.

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