Vrrrrm... Exotica!

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Exotica I'm not dead! Hmm... that's weird. It's like every news post I seem to make is me saying that I'm not dead or something. Weird. Well, today, we have a release for you all! Yay! It's not Shaman King either! *silence*

Uhh... it was printed in Volume 27 (Original Print) of the Shaman King manga.

*single lone cheer* (Maybe...)

I know, you all want Shaman King, but we got to mix it up a bit. Maybe some more in the next update? When will that be? Not sure. Probably no new update for the next two weeks or so. But after that! Oh... after that... I'll try to tear out a bunch of updates for you all. More Exotica, MJE, and BZ related!

Of course, that's merely scanlation news, non-related to KZB. KZB stuff happens when it's ready. I'm just merely the relay for it. So, I can make no promises on that. Post nice things and maybe Dit and Jezzy will respond nicely as well.


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*single lone cheer*

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Finally! An update with manga content

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Thanks for the Update! Take your time ! Thanks for your efforts!

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Nice Work! Congratulations!!!

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Was really funny work on it! It came out great.
Thanks, Andy :)

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(what Yanar89 said)

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thanks for the update!!!! :Matmune:
I look forward for the next one

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-_- 2 weeks O_O?????OMFG!!!!

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aww man i was really waiting for KZB...
plz update it soon, i'm looking forward to them sooo much!!

i miss my SK

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plz, plz n plz update shaman king...its been a long time since the last feels like i am waiting for years already...

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Don't worry, when the next Shaman King chapter is done, we will release it.

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Just so I know, what was the most recent KZB volume released in Japan?

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There are 18 volumes out in Japan right now.

In the following month (of November), I will be putting together a "complete*" guide to the KZB. For each volume it will have, cover, release date, characters in Shaman File, pin details, and list of chapters. There will also be projections for future volumes (as in Chapter count and release dates). However, a complete list of "chapter edits" will not be included at this time.

*Will not be "complete" and a work in progress, but I hope to get "caught up" to have at least a decent amount of it done.

A FAQ may also be created, but, we'll see how much the complete guide covers, and see what else needs to be answered. (Which the FAQ could just be a trimmed down version, for those less willing to read).

I have no plan on when this will be completed, but my goal is before December. I got some other stuff to do as well.

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Whoa! 8?

I suddenly feel a great emptiness in my "My Documents" folder.

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Well, more importantly, you need to consider Jezzy's emptiness in her wallet. Since, these things aren't cheap either.

But in random good news, the "Kanzenban guide to the Kang Zeng Bang" (or some other yet to be creative name), has made alot of serious progress. The only key things left to add are volume covers, Shaman Files for "unreleased" volumes, and "updated chapter titles" (since, yes, Takei also changed chapter titles).

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SK Fundraiser! lol

KZB^2 sounds interesting...kinda like a Meta.

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I'd accept Frequent Flier Miles as well...

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Yes. Does anyone have any estimates of when we can find out the alternate ending?

And I agree with the fundraising thing.

*points at Andysislands and everyone*

Sell your clothes on eBay pl0x.

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You heard them Andy, sell your clothes. It's for the good of M-T. I should probably sell the remaining DVDs I have as well :/ At least I'll still have my clothes.

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There goes my Matamune PJs!

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will you post only 11-12 or there will be other?

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You really cant count on me to raise MT fund.. Even if I sell my clothes, its still not enough to buy KZB volume, because our currency is too low.. Selling my DVDs is another problem... I only buy pirated one..

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500 years from now!!!!!

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*Drum beat*


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Best. Thread. Evar.

I love you all.

Especially him -->

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"I'll be the next one!"

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In our spare time, let's make a KZB list....

Spoiler alert, even if they're just the covers:

Vol 11: Chocolove
Vol 12: Jeanne
Vol 13: Hao
Vol 14: Silva
Vol 15: Yoh and Matamune
Vol 16: Anna and the large Oni (forget his name)
Vol 17: Sati
Vol 18: Hanagumi

That leaves what, 7 more to go? My hopes of a BoZ cover dwindle with each passing month.... XD

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Hello again everyone.

Thanks for selling your clothes

*gives evils to everyone that didn't*

This may seem like "the stupid question of the year" but where are the English forums?
So yeah. If anyone could help me out that'd be great. You see, I have things to discuss.

And I can't wait until Vol 13 and 17. I'm interested about those characters the most.

And will KZB be avaliable for online reading?
Or even jpg files?

My computer seems to have something against .rar files.
I guess they must have cyber-stabbed my computer with a pencil or something.


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Top of the left-most column, under the preview picture of the Kinkee Kar Manga, in the first section named "Basic Navigation", you'll find it there.


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3 weeks to scan some pages? you suck!!

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Whah wah wah

Do it yourself, then. :P

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SK was published in its entirety already in my country, so I already knew Exotica.
I must say I was pretty pissed when I saw half of a tome going to this instead of SK, but it is not that bad. It could become pretty cool actualy if it was developed.

Just discovered this site yesterday and I am already dying for the KZB scans and translations (the Shaman Files to be precise). But I will not bitch about it, I will just patiently wait... ;___;

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Can we delete the you suck thing before Jez sees it and we all suffer for that dude's lack of tact?

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Mak, you should be happy that Andy is too nice to ban your IP address, because frankly, I'm tired of your whining. You're being extremely rude, and manners are important to me. Thus, I grant you coal for Christmas.

Everyone else who has been patient; it means a lot to me, really. School's been tough, so I've been scrambling to study instead of scan. Due to your condemning Mak's lack of class, I will try to put aside time this weekend to scan some more. I'm actually almost done.

Mak, I advise you not to act like this again. I'm not as easy going as Andy is, and I don't take kindly to being pushed around when I'm not working at my job. Please be a little more respectful of us and our schedules. Andy will be on break soon, and I will be for only a couple days before I get my winter break.

If I could post a macro, I so would. I have many just for occasions like this.

Remember to go Borders for all your manga needs!

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Oh yeah, and this thread was epic before you ruined it. You displease me D:

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BAM! A little patience and some sweet talkin' can get you scans faster than being a jerk!

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Hmm.. Can we hv the volume downloads available anytime soon?? Its sumthing related to the new layout right?? Cant wait for it..

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Yes. I am planning for a mass convert over to all volume downloads for SK volume 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32 (each witht their own download), in early Dec. I just need to talk with Kami for a quick second to make sure of a couple things, but it should be no problem. Diray of Exotica is what has been holding it back basically (and Exotica).

And... maybe a "special holiday Mankin-Trad release" next month. Bouncing the idea off of Jezzy... If she aproves, and I get it to look nice, it should be full of all sorts of awesome.

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You picked up the Exotica project because SK ended, now that It started again it should have the most priority.

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Maxter...shut up.

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*restores awesomeness*

Well said, Jezzy! You kick ass.


Note: Will KZB ever be avaliable for online reading?

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Umm... No. There is a method to our maddness. Exotica was picked up for the following reasons:
- It's part of Shaman King volume 27
- It wouldn't make sence to release Diary of Exotica without first releasing Exotica
- I said we'd come back to it
- Translations -> Scanlations is mostly a "as they are ready" timeframe
- Alot of people disliked Exotica

So, the Exotica project was already long overdue, but now it's getting it's time to shine. And so will our next release, Diary of Exotica (coming next week!), which almost concludes our Exotica project. I say almost, since there is the upcoming Volume 27 batch release as well.

Most likely not, since the scans are in such HQ, that it breaks the frames and such for most windows and such. That's the reason they aren't up, but they may go up at some point, but it won't look nice, probably.

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So, all of this begs the question....

...did Ashcroft die naked? What a funny story that must have been...

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Wow. I found a pdf of an ainu-english translator...Mososo Kuruppe means "Rousing White Frost", and Shiushiuwatki means "Wind whistling through the trees". I think Takei may have screwed up a bit though, because Wose means a wolf's howl, not "little regret", and Mataki means "little sister", not wife. I still can't find out how Kamui-ranke Opukeni means "God-offered fist"...all I can decipher from it is "Divine Assistance".

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I think that those aren't way off base. Translation is a tricky business. "Divine Assistance" is probably what is meant by Kamui-Ranke Opukeni. "God-offereed fist" is probably the literal translation.

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As of right now...

Diary of Exotica is in Quality Check!

However, like most of our recent release (... I know, "recent" might not be the best word), it will stay in Quality Check for a while. There is some terms I need to fix and make sure they stay contant throughout the release. ... You mean... like... do a Quality Check? Yeah.

I can't say when, but more work on it will continue tomorrow!

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Hello! kinda late, but is there a link to read online Exotica and it's diary sequel? please, if anyone can answer i would be appreciated.

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