Support the original SK manga!

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Legally own digital copies of the ENTIRE original Shaman King manga series for $111.

Volumes 1-15: $60 ($4 a volume) - Ends on May 10th

Volumes 16-32: $51 ($3 a volume)  - Ends on May 31st

If you already purchased the first bundle, now’s your chance to finish and get the second bundle! Volume 16 is where the edits get trimmed WAY back, since it stopped running in the monthly printed Shonen Jump. There is basically no new cuts made for these last 16 volumes.

This is the best way to show support for the Shaman King series. By purchasing these volumes you can show Viz that we want more Shaman King in English! Actions speak louder than words!


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I own all the books already

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So do I, with some both in Eng & Fre. But I'm still down to lose a week's paycheck for an Eng Kang Zeng Bang...

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So do I, with some both in Eng & Fre. But I'm still down to lose a week's paycheck for an Eng Kang Zeng Bang...

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Now if only that deal was for the actual books and not digital copies.. I'm still missing a bunch of volumes from my collection but I'd still get an English Kang Zeng Bang...

OH and in regards to that I actually spent a while pestering... er, tweeting to Viz this:

@VIZMedia @VIZMediaUK Please make plans to publish Shaman King Kenzenban/Keng Zeng Bang/Perfect Edition with the Last Words in English!!

Got a response though >:D (more people should do this!)

VIZ Media UK ‏@VIZMediaUK · May 12
@KumoriYami @VIZMedia Hi, I will forward this to the acquisitions team to see if it's something that's a possibility.

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When are we getting the rest of the KZB Extras????

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@ yahabe
when they start making ren flavoured dildos >.>

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everyone still got their special parts on them ?

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Guys are you still uploading stuff or on a break or something cuz there hasn't been any updates in a while

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All the translators have been busy... so... that holds up the works a bit.

But I've been working on some non-Mankin-Trad things recently (but still Shaman King-related). So those shoudl be good when they are done.

So we aren't going anywhere. Luckily there isn't much new stuff coming out either, so you aren't missing anything!

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@ andy
whats the 411 on those anna fleshlights and ren dildos ?

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