Shaman King Zero Chapter 9

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Read Shaman King Zero Chapter 9 Sorry for the delay, but here's Shaman King Zero chapter 9! It's another shorter chapter, but hopefully you'll enjoy it all the same!

Next up on our releases will be Shaman King Flowers chapter 29, "the final chapter." Well, as it lists it as the "final chapter" instead of callling i chapter 29. Then after that we have the final part to this Shaman King Zero arc with "chapter 10." But then again, those Zero chapters aren't suppose to be numbered anyways. So this is the last, officially numbered, Shaman King chapter for a while!

But don't worry, we still have lots of Shaman King releases in the works as well! So don't give up on us after those next two chapters! Plus more Jumbor is in the works too! It will still be a busy month as we do some "catch up" here at Mankin-Trad!


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Shaman King Flowers may continue in another magazine, isn't it?

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seriously andy-senpai is it true?? the shaman king flowers manga will be cancelled is it true??? please reply to this message i'm so shock by the news .... >.<

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i'm sorry to spoil its jsut that i can't believe it...

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WOW!! Great chapter!!! This really shows what Takei's capable of!!!

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What a beautiful chapter!
Thank you for all the hard work!
m(_ _)m

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Flowers hasn't been canceled, don't worry
Rumor has it Takei will finish either Jumbor or Ultimo next year (maybe both?) and then Flowers/Zero will move to that magazine to fill the gap.

We may get some more new info once the newest volume comes out next month!

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Thanks EveryBody Good Work We Waait SKF 29 .

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Thanks for the release!

I really liked the page where she says she thinks he isn't happy, her face is very Anna like on that one.

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Thanks MT!

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*thumbs up*

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I love you @dit for give hope!

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Thanks a lot for another Zero chapter!

It's going to be hard not having SK for a while. I'm more interested in JUMBOR, though, so I'll be looking forward to those releases! :D

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thanks for the chapter! i really like this serie!

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Hopes are back! Can't wait!!

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Status Update
Shaman King Flower chapter 29 is in QC! Probably releasing this weekend. Look forward to it!

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Thanks a lot for your job and for hope - as @Chabe I love you ! Currently Flowers is my favorite manga so I'm so anxious about it.

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Status Update
Still working on Shaman King Flowers chapter 29. Not coming out this weekend. Should be out in the next few days.


Then more new stuff to come out next month! Look forward to that.

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Now that's a good reason. I can wait.

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