Shaman King Zero chapter 10

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Read Shaman King Zero Chapter 10 And here's the final Shaman King Zero chapter for now This chapter was released in Japan at the same time as Flowers chapter 29. Sorry for the delay, but hopefully it's worth the wait!

But even though this is the last Zero chapter released in Japan, we still have some more Shaman King Zero releases coming up! We'll also be working on the "draft version" of the first Shaman King Zero chapter. So if you ever wanted to see what a complete version of Takei's original draft looked like... we'll release that as a full chapter too! Plus we'll do a quick version of the Zero volume 2 extras as well.

So right now there isn't any scheduled chapters in the Shaman King universe. We are in a waiting period. Be sure to purchase the volumes from Japan if you can! But we still have some more stuff coming here, that is both Shaman King and... Jumbor related!

Jumbor chapter 9 is coming up next! Look forward to that too!


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Thank you .

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Aww, what a wicked end to this! Connected Butsu Zone to SK pretty seamlessly, I'd say.

*Checks Shaman files to see if Kado still wears that locket* Yup! Nice.

Thanks so much everyone! <3

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Thanks for the release & all the effort you guys put in!

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Thank you thank you and thank you again for all your amazing work! Shaman King is my favorite manga and I hope it will return... It just can't finish like this!!!

You're the best team ever, so please continue to give us all the shaman king you can, you're amazing guys!

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thanks so much!! =D

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Thank you for uploading these still. I'm grateful for still supporting shaman king.

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boring >.>

i'll be at moe's until the next proper SK release

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Mankin-Trad's 10th Birthday on March 4th!

Also, Jumbor chapter 9, most likely! (It's in QC2 right now. Still 8 more pages requiring redrawing to go...)

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Man, has it already been 10 years?
Wow, just wow.
Congratulations in advance

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