Shaman King: The Super Star - Prologue

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Prologue Hey, long time no see! It's been a while since I've still posted here... but it's also been a while since there has been a new Shaman King chapter! Read it now!

So what's happening in the world of Shaman King? Well, it's now being released by Kodansha in Japan! So that's new and cool. As a result, we are getting a brand new manga series called Shaman King: The Super Star! And here's the prologue chapter.

But with control moved from Shueisha to Kodansha... hopefully there will be official English releases in the future. If there is, we'll stop and remove these immediately. Just like with Nekogahara, everyone should support these releases! The first 3 English volumes are available now in digital and print. The last two volumes will be out this Fall, so be sure to support that series if you haven't already. You can read the first English chapter of Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai here!

So hopefully you liked this Prologue chapter and hopefully the full series will be licensed in English soon!


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Glad to see you're back. I'm endlessly excited for the new series, only problem is there's no full butsu zone scan that I know of. I'm looking though so I can full appreciate the next arc, will you be scanslating it until it gets licensed?
Also sorry to seem pushy but is there any chance of more Jumbor scans?

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Thank you for the translation. It is nice to see Shaman king returning again.

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Thank you so much! <3 Can't wait to read the first real chapter next month!

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thanks !!!! wait for this :D

please continue Jumbor too :)

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Thank you very much guys !!

Love ya all

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LMAO who translated this? it's really awful, really amateur.

You missed Hana's speech, completely.
I'm worried, is this going to be the level for the future?

I'm sorry for the fans who are going to rely on you.

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@xCtexa why the bad vibes, man? Do you realize you sound really mean?

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@Jace & wakabayashy,
Yes, more Jumbor is on the way. But hey, that would be cool if that got licensed too!

Just to get this out a bit quicker, I worked on the translation (uncredited). So hopefully Dit (or someone else) will be able to work on future releases, as doing a full chapter may be difficult.
As such, I was interpreting that as Sakurai continuing to talk, not Hana. There wasn't alot of context to work with there. But I am always open for suggestions or changes if we make a mistake.

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More Jumbor is coming! I even got the Italian versions on a recent trip to Italy. I’ve also QC’d some chapters that haven’t been posted. Just a lot of clean up work is needed to finish them.

I’ll admit the translation isn’t the best, but like Andy I was under the impression that Sakurai was speaking. Hanna WAS pretty passed out last we saw him. I even made some qc mistakes. Oops.
Like Andy said, we’re open to suggestions, and are always looking for translators and cleaners to join our family. We haven’t spoken to Dit yet about the new chapters, so there’s no guarantee that we even have a translator.

For now, thanks for the feedback, and hopefully our next release will live up to your expectations.

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Wasnt expecting them to continue flowers. Wasnt it cancelled?

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I can't see the link for the prologue... The only link is for Nekogahara.

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@Nuno: you have to click on the picture with Anna III

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@Matx96: Many thanks. It's not possible a download link as well, please?

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Grand, so Flowers continues! Even though under a new name, but whatever! I hope Takeis Artwork becomes as smooth as with the original Shaman King.

Anyhow, can't wait to see more output. Thanks for provdiing the news :)

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There are some backend issues with the site, so that's why it doesn't have a page yet, or a download. Hopefully I can fix those in the near future!

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It's so soothing to see shaman king returning from the grave yet again and with a light speed scanslation to boot. I wonder if the side piece on alumi's motorcycle contains hana's body. I hope the original cast will play a greater role this time and we might see some butsu zone characters. Though I'm half expecting taken to just be trolling.

I hope in the future, the cast of flowers inherits the elemental spirits. Just love series that involve elemental month is gonna be crazy.

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So happy to see that Shaman King is back

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Awsm, I'm so happy :'<

I need to take this all in, thank you very muuuuuch

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Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss. I hoped this wasn't dead .

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Wheres the download link?

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Website has been updated with a page for the new series! This includes some updated links, and now access to a download link!

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Im so excited!!!!!!

Welcome back trad team!

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Ye all should check out Patch cafe, it has all the updates on Shaman king in detail and much more :3

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Continue with the Kang Zeng Bang Extras
I'm crying for it

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Ooooh I'm Hype. Thanks so much for this!!

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Thanks forma keeping con track with SK!!! It has been a while since i last read flowers lol gotta check out this. Hoping forma more chapters!!!!

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OMG!!! Shaman King is back!!! I'm so happy!!!
Thank you so much for bringing this to us, it's so wonderful to know there are still people keeping track of anything Manking related.
Thanks for the great work, you're the best!!!

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Hey did you finish translating the chapters yet ?

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@Nour Farouk

If so, it would be released already, right? :). Jut have some patience

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Can't wait for the next part . I found some raw parts but I fink is not the full chapter 2 so I will wait to come out here .

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@Eric Shane As per Flowers last page, Hana's body must be still inside the freezer, can't let it rot while he is on his trip to hell

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@Nour Farouk,

Chapter 1 has been translated! Currently in the QC process. That's followed by some more cleaning and typesetting (to make it look all pretty)...

So it's in process! And we're making a good head way!

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And in case anyone asks... yes, we will split chapters 1 & 2 up. So we won't hold back chapter 1 to release both at the same time.

(Chapters 1 & 2 both came out this month in the Shonen Magazine Edge issue.)

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Thanks for taking this up, I must say I was not expecting such a comeback for SK.

Is poor Andy still pulling double duty translating?

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Don't Worry about time , we really appreciate your job and thank you in advance ( even though i really really looking forward to new cpaters :p ) Anyway, thanks again, keep up the good job :) :)

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When Is it gonna come out? I am dying!!

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wait so is SK officially coming back as a proper run, or are they going to release a few issues then ditch the poor bastard for some generic bs ?

P.S it would be sick to see SK be turned into a proper anime, given how anime has really been taking the spotlight the past few years.

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@jwalk The first one, Shaman King is officially coming back with a new series that is a sequel to both the Original Shaman King and Shaman King Flowers

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