Shaman King: The Super Star - Chapter 8

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 8 Wow! Who would have thought the Shaman King series would have come back in such a passion in 2019! It's really crazy. Tons of new products... and the manga is back from hiatus!

Shaman King The Super Star chapter 8 is the first chapter in the second volume of the series. And the volume is on sale in Japan right now! Not in Japan, and don't know Japanese, but want to support the series!? Here's your chance!

1. Create a free Bookwalker account in English

2. Select the latest of volume of Shaman King The Super Star from the Japanese site. I've given you the link right there!

3. Add to your shopping cart! It's that shopping cart icon, duh!

4. Click the checkout and change the Language in the upper right hand corner to English!

5. Complete the rest of the checkout steps with your Credit Card or PayPal. No Japanese address or Japanese credit cards needed!

Like for $6, you now own it! Skim through it, enjoy it! It's so easy to buy that everyone should do it. Books like Shaman King Red Crimson volume 2 can also be purchased too!

If you are looking for some more manga in English... I would why not purrchase Hiroyuki Takei's Nekogahara manga series! It's currently on sale this week! You can pick it up from online retailers like Bookwalker, where your account works in both Japanese & English!! And these English volumes have no region restrictions (except Japan). So another great way to support!



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Its been a while.. any news for shaman king red crimson's chapters? :"(

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Thanks much for the chapter, & as always for all the work you folks put in.

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Thank you for the release, looking forward to red crimsion 5 XD

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Thank You!

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Gracias!!! Estaré esperando por el siguiente. Buen trabajo!

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Huh! so many years have passed since i post here...

Thanks as usual @andyisland!!

Tonight i will buy the manga from Bookwalker! thanks for that info ;)

and thanks to make SK possible for everyone of us

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Hey jw, does the Flowers volume contain the colored artwork of the characters like the kanzenban editions?

And does that shaman king character book have them for only the old kanzenban or flowers too??

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No, the Flowers volumes were not in color (except for the opening color pages of the volume). There was a couple profile images in the later volumes (volume 5?) with some extra images and details.

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Cuándo saldrá red Crimson?

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I really love your translate

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Did something happen to the Red Crimson files or something? I thought you were almost ready to release the next chapter two months ago.

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+1 To Jalekok!

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+1 to TomTOM.

I don't mean to harass you about it or anything, I have a life too so I understand if the answer is "We just haven't had the time," just wondering what's up.

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Sorry to disapoint but when they said RC next week they were talking about the Jap Version at this time, I guess :s. I thought as you, to be fair and try to find an explanation with time.

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+1 to TomTOM, Jalekok and Re:daction

Yeah, its kinda sad that the last update for Red Crimson was like January. It makes me think that the updates for that manga will be yearly then :(

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Don't worry, we are still alive. Once we get through the holidays, I'm hoping to get back to something closer like weekly releases to get caught back up. So expect a ton of Red Crimson coming soon, with some The Super Star followed throughout along with some other releases. I get that consistency is nice, and I'm working towards it. Sorry for the delay!

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I log on daily so it'll be nice to see this. I hope your holidays were relaxing ya'll.

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Hello thank you for your work and effort on this chapter and on the SK series,

I have just read an article that say that in my country in France they will republished Shaman King and publish for the first time Shaman King Flowers.

So maybe one day we can expect to get a French release of Shaman King the Super Star ( but maybe i dream too much ) .

(PS : i apologise for my english i still learn this language. )

And again, Thanks you very much for your work across so many years

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Thanks for all your hard work you guys! I know it's been hectic! :)

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I know its frustrating, you have your own lifes, yet no release in half a year, with "incoming weekly releases" and other crap just sounds like clickbait. I am sincerely grateful for your work, but I am not sorry for being rude. Sadly we don't have another alternative.

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when will they come up next?
Thanks for all the work :llorar:

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I read that Red crimson is over, I wish you guys all the best going forward, please take your time, I am always willing to wait.

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Are still scalating or something? i think you ate the only one on the manga world that still scalates shaman king so no pressure but please dont abandon it

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@TomTOM, @Mimi, @Mam
Well, Red Crimson chapter 5 is out now! So there's the start! More TSS will be coming too.

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