Shaman King: The Super Star - Chapter 7

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 7 Hey, long time no see, huh? After that exciting Puzzle & Dragons Collab event (in English!), you need some more Shaman King in your life? Why not try some Shaman King The Super Star? It's also coming back from hiatus in Japan as well.

Tons of products are coming out for Shaman King if you need some more physical stuff in your life. New gashapon keychains next month... Red Crimson volume 2 this month... Those great figures that came out a couple months ago... Plus Shonen Magazine Edge this month will come with a double-sided pin-up poster! So any way you can support the series is key, and there are a ton of options now. So do it! Buy them on a whim!


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Each turn of the wheel brings us closer to the conclusion of such a epic series. My excitement can not contain itself

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Thaanks a lot!

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Muchas gracias!!!!^ _ ^

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You guys rock!

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Thanks !!! ^^

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Thanks for all the work you do.

Poor Morrison's getting redpilled in all sorts of ways today.

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I'm so happy that there's a new chapter
Thank you so much Mankin Trad!!!

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