Shaman King: The Super Star - Chapter 6

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 6 And we're back with the second part of the Death Zero arc! The chapter title is a bit tricky. Hiroyuki Takei loves to do his word play with the chapter titles and this one is no different. To help get that feeling across, it could be "Fight" or "Flight" in the title. And the other thing Takei loves? Cheesy dad jokes. Who needs the Shaman Fight or the Flower of Maize, we got the full Takei experience right here!

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I will still have time to read it all!

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Thank you so much!

Finally we're getting to the meat of this first arc, I can't wait to see these storylines intersect <3

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So glad and thankful. This is awesom

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Thanks from Italy dude, I really appreciate your work

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Entre a preguntar cuándo subirían el próximo capítulo, y taran!!! Ya estaba subido.... Gracias!

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Thank you for the new chapter!, also, im willing to buy that Yoh & Hao Figures! I hope I can get them soon

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I'mma be blunt. Super star has been very slowly moving so far. Instead of just continuing directly from what happen, takei gives all these superfluous details that honestly don't matter. the whole two part death zero thing was complete filler. I just really hope hana will be the central focus of next chapter.

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Ya quiero el próximo ❤️

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Thank you guys so much !! all the best to you and your loved ones!

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Thank you so much for your hardwork!! I have to be honest... I’m so glad we’re back to Hana! I don’t really care about Anna III and Sakurai, I’ve been reading just to see what’s going on. I can’t wait to see what’s actually happening with the FOM. And I miss the old characters so much! Well, Red Crimson has been GREAT so I have nothing to complaint!

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Thanks youu!!! We love us so much for this job :) <3333

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Hilarious and awesome Chapter! I cam to really love sakurai. He is a great guardian Spirit for Hana, who awakes with an omnious grin on his face. Just needs to get his real body back and than the show must go on :). Any updates for the next chap?

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Thank you as always for the chapter

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