Shaman King: The Super Star - Chapter 5

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 5It's everyone's favorite arc! Time for more Death Zero! If you remember back how Flowers ended we got stuck in a Death Zero arc. Well now it's back! But maybe we won't stick around for too long this time!

Did you know that earlier this month a new character book for Shaman King was released!? It's got a ton of great character designs from the original Kang Zeng Bang volumes all combined into a single book. IN FULL COLOR! Plus you can buy it online in case importing it is a bit tricky (but highly recommended too!). The physical copy is in a nice large format too!

So if you haven't already, be sure to buy a digital copy of the character book! It's mostly pictures, so you can get some enjoyment out of it without knowing any Japanese! Here's the steps to buy the digital copy:

1. Create a free Bookwalker account in English

2. Go here at Bookwalker for the "Shaman King Character Book 原色魂図鑑"

3. Add to your shopping cart!

4. Click the checkout and swap back into English for the next steps!

5. Enjoy and show your support for the Shaman King series!


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Yes !!! THANK YOU !!

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Top quality and excellent job as usuall !! Best wishes to you and your families guys

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Amazing stuff as always!

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Muchas gracias!!! Estaré esperando el próximo ^ _ ^

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Someone knows when it's going to publish the chapter 6?

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Probably sooner than later. We don't have a set schedule at this time for our releases.

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Thanks for answering. Do you know what is the number of the last chapter who was publish in Japan? I tried to search it in internet , but i don't saw so much information about it :(
And some page who say this type of things?
Thanks you for your job:)

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Chapter 11 of Shaman King The Super Star was in the last issue of Shonen Magazine Edge. Shaman King Red Crimson is up to chapter 6.

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What an intense chapter!
Sakurai is awesome!
As always, thank you for your hard work!

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