Shaman King: The Super Star - Chapter 4

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 4Did you know that Shaman King The Super Star is the true sequel to Shaman King Flowers!? I know Red Crimson is great and all, but we got to stay on track with the main story too. So let's continue on with that story before we enter the next story arc.

Of course I need to give a huge shoutout to our translator for this chapter mjolnir114 who previously helped out with our Yahabe release! Thank you!! 


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Oh blllblllbllblllbllbllb... My gosh ! It's so awsome ! Alumi is so sweet, cute and fun - I love her !
Thank you a lot for the translation - it made my day !

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Thats what I was missing so far! Up till now, the story seemed to shallow, but now, that Sakurai gets his debut, I can't wait to see, how the story evolves :).
I really like Yoh and Hao chatting, as well as there design. Thanks for your efforts Andi, as always. I bow my head also before mjolnir114!

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Muchas gracias por todo su trabajo y esfuerzo! Son increíbles!!!

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Ah yes, that's I love this series. There's finally a reason for Sakurai, there's finally some sense to all the demon stuff, & then you have Morrison on his way to the X-Files. Odds he'll become a party character?

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Fuckin A, thank you so much for this

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Thanks you so much for all the hard work :)

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Thank uuuuuuuuu!!

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Cuando subirán el próximo capítulo? Me gusta mucho la historia.. gracias por traducir!!

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Thank you so much for translating

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you guys ever gonna finish the kang zeng beng extras?

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Thanks for doing this, was starting to think this manga wasn't ever going to get translated

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Yesss, thank you for your hard work!!!

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Thanks for the chapter, & Merry Crhistmas to all the folks at Mankin-Trad!

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