Shaman King: The Super Star - Chapter 3

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 3Welcome back to Shaman King The Super Star! We continue our story with Alumi and Morrison and see if there is another way to get into that safe! I have confidence they can do it! Maybe in the next chapter....

Speaking of which, if you've been buying the most recent Shonen Magazine Edge magazines... you know that we a couple chapters behind. So good for you on buying the magazine and supporting both Shaman King series (The Super Star and Red Crimson)! But you probably want to read them a little faster. For that reason...

Mankin-Trad is looking for Japanese to English translators to help!

With 60 pages of manga a month... it's hard to keep up! So if you are willing to help translate Japanese to English, shoot us an e-mail on our Contact Page!

Dancerladyaqua is still helping out, but if we can get another helping hand... that would be really helpful! It may take a little bit before we can get the next chapter out, so don't delay and send some help our way! Thanks!


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Thank u guys for the amazing scanlation
If it wasn't for u i would never be able to read any of Takei sensei's manga's (my country has some backwater restrictions on what is allowed into it online or physical)
I truly hope u find someone amazing to fill in whatever roles u need and may this site last for as long as it makes u (and us) all happy.

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As always, amazing stuff, keep up the good work! I wish I could help, but I don't know the language...

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I'm so sad it was so short T_T
Amazing work as always guys. Thank you so much.

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As a huge fan of this franchise returning again when I heard its going to be continued, I can only thank you for bringing and translating the chapters for us <3 !

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Great work as always!!!
Thank you for your hard work!!!

I wish i could help, but i don't know japanese

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Hope everyone likes Red Crimson... since we're working on the next couple of chapters of that... right now!!

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umm...YES ? I am so excited for Red Crimson!! SK: The Super Star is fine, but I need the old gang ! Thank you guys for all the amazing work<3

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Estoy muy feliz por estas nuevas historias... Me encantan shaman king: the superstar y red Crimson. Ojalá puedan traducir todos los capítulos pronto!

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Thanks so much for putting in the effort of translating them!!!

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Been waiting for Red Crimson's new chapters

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SK is still amazing. I'm lookin forward to read next chapters. BTW there is RAW version of chapter 4 available. Are you going to translate it?

Do you happen to know how frequent SK: The Super Star cahpters are published in Japan?

Thanks for Your effort put in translating SK for us <3

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Shaman King The Super Star is released in Japan monthly in "Shonen Magazine Edge." Typically it's one or two chapters a month. You can buy the manga digitally as well (no region blocking). Currently 8 chapters of The Super Star are out in Japan, and we'll be catching up in time. Our next release will be Red Crimson chapter 2, but we'll be continuing with The Super Star too!

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