Shaman King: The Super Star - Chapter 2

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Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 2 Now it's time for the 2nd part from the inaugural issue of Shaman King: The Super Star! Yup, there was 2 chapters in the same issue. Plus the next issue of Shonen Magazine Edge contains chapters 3 and 4 of The Super Star along with the new spin-off series Shaman King: Red Crimson. That's a lot of Shaman King!

So you want your hands on almost 100 pages of Shaman King manga right now!? Good thing you can quickly and easily buy the magazine (in Japanese) right now with these steps! 

1. Create a free Bookwalker account in English

2. Select the latest issue of Shonen Magazine Edge from the Japanese site. It's the first one in the list!

3. Add to your shopping cart!

4. Click the checkout and swap back into English for the next steps!

5. Enjoy the entire magazine and your support for the manga series!


Pretty great that the new issue is out right now for you to buy! It's also really easy to buy the new Shaman King eBooks as well! Show your support for the series however you can. Every little bit helps show your support until the series comes out locally for you!


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Woohoo! It's so nice to have mankin back. Keep up the good work! ^^

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You are heroes. Thank you so much for everything you do for this franchise.

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Thank you guys so much! This is awesome <3

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Thank you very much for this!!!
You guys are awesome!!!

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Thank you so much! I hope Takeis artwork loosens up a little more, to be more similar to the original one.
But anyway, nothing much happened in this chapter, hope to see the plot evolving soon :).
Thanks for your help mate!

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Thank you for all your hard work!!

I'm about to purchase the ebooks, but it appears is not accepting paypal right now. Do you guys know of an alternative website to buy the ebooks? Somewhere that accepts paypal would be awesome <3

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Most Japanese websites don't support Paypal. The service never really took off there. So using a credit card directly is often the best bet. It sounds like does accept paypal though (thanks Jezzy)!

If you happen to buy a lot of manga (in English) from BookWalker, you may be able to get a bunch of their "coins" which can be used internationally. Somehow I have 500 coins saved up, so I could spend them to buy the volume for free. But that may not be a good long-term investment!

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that was a fun read and the lore expansion was really neat. i liked the concept of all the different gods (religions) existing together and making decisions together, seems like a real relevant things given the state of the world and how 'god doesn't help his people in need' etc.

excited to see where this goes :)

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Thanks for the info!

I did some research, and along with Neowing it looks like ebookJapan also accepts paypal. This makes me so happy!

Thanks for your help. Looking forward to chapter 3~

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Thank youuuuu so much! Didn't really follow the news after the announcement at the start of the year so was a little slower than the rest in getting onto this, but I'm always grateful for you guys to be around to be counted on for any Shaman King-related news!

You all are the real Shaman Kings!!

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So happy

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Will you translate chapter 3 and 4?

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Yes, but we are going to do Shaman King: Red Crimson chapter 1 first, which will be our next release. Please look forward to it.

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Good job so far !! looking forward to the next ones :)

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