Shaman King Remix Track 5

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Read Shaman King Remix Track 05 And we are back on track with yet another great Shaman King Remix Track release! This time we get the inside look into Hao's storyline. Remember, Hao can read minds, so the true question is, did he know he was being recorded at this moment? Can he hear the narrator's voice in the margins!? All these questions and more, won't be answered in this Remix Track!

One of our upcoming releases will be Takei's interview in Pafu! It's going to be a super huge! And it will be released in a .pdf format for download. (Online Reading format may be in lower quality, so you should really use the PDF) If you have read and enjoyed "the Last Words" then this interview is something you should really check out. Shaman King, Ultimo, and Jumbor are all covered in this really great interview. Check back soon to read it!

Also, Shaman King Remix Track 6 will be released next week on Sunday 8/14 in English.


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I have a question.
I saw this scan somewhere else
and I was wondering... isn't that from this one??


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I have a question, I have seen this pannel around;
and I thought it was from this one, looks like I'm wrong, so, which one is it?

Take care and thanks

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lolololol sorry, I saw it!!
sorry sorry

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this...this is really sweet...
Oh, man. for some reason, i feel really sorry for the guy now

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hi , guys , i'm really happy about that , and i hope that you make a good about hao , cause i really love that person , he's so cute , he should be the hero of the manga and the anime shama,king , please could you tell ma when do you make it , or could you give me your site .by the way hao is a male is in it but why do you tell him princess

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Is it me or this chapter seemed to be colored and then tonned down to the gray scale for its SJR release..

It just feel like one of those pages you read in a normal tankobon and immiediately think was in color on its weekly serialization, something about the shadows/screentones that looks like it was colored rather than screentoned.

Maybe Takei had this chapters since the Kang Zeng Bang but decided to wait for a second reprint (SJR obviously)?

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yeah a story on him

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yeah a story on him

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Wahhh~~~ Hao is sooo cute. He's so much like a child~~

Thanks to the staff for these scans and translations that you provide in such great quality!!!!!

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Woww! These stories are so funny Love it! I am a great fan of this series ^___^
Thank you so much for your hard work!

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Y-yoh.. I always knew you were that kind of person; ALWAYS

Although I had always thought Hana was born because they needed a heir

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Ahhhhh! Hao!!!
It's not fair he gets a bed!

Thanks you guys!!

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So what was keeping Hao from meeting Yoh before?

Cuz if it was anything less than the threat of a million volt lightning spanking, Zeon says shut up.

MT team:


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So what was keeping Hao from meeting Yoh before?

Cuz if it was anything less than the threat of a million volt lightning spanking, Zeon says shut up.

MT team:


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He was busy globetrotting. Not lazy like Yoh.

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Great :)

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I did always wonder why Hao didn't meet Yoh before. Or better yet why didn't he take Yoh with him as soon as Keiko finished giving birth? I'm sure Yoh would've become much stronger if Hao had personally trained him.

But back to this track. Hao is soooo cute!!! Feeling excited because he wanted to meet his brother. Awww

I love these tracks.

Thanks to the Mankin Staff!!

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And really, do you think the Asakura family would welcome him with open arms?

"Oh hay, I know you're the scourge of the universe bent on killing all of humanity, and we *did* try to murder you as soon as you came out of the womb, but welcome home, son!"

He was busy preparing himself for the Shaman Fight, and, as Andy says, gathering minions. I don't see him having a very brotherly bond with Yoh so much as loving his other half/seeing if he turned out the way he wanted him to.

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It's awesome to still have more Shaman King :)

Are you still going to translate the KZB Extras?

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I don't think He ever really wanted to take Yoh's soul. He wanted someone to understand him and be on his side. He might have need some minions to atack yoh without revealing himself but otherwise i see the whole clique pretty unescesary, by reading relax and the information in the kang zeng bang extra thingy we can see they all had a grudge against the world as it is. maybe reading the thoughts of his devoted ones was reassuring to him? well that my interpretation of Hao's character ^^

is the pafu release reported? to when?

thanku for your work

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oh maaaaaaan.. these new chapters make me crazy @w@

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Thank you for the chaps, Andy <3

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"Remember, Hao can read minds, so the true question is, did he know he was being recorded at this moment? Can he hear the narrator's voice in the margins!?" LOL

by the way, looking forward to the Pafu Interview!

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what's Pafu mean ???

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this is like the 4th time i try to post a comment, it says it works but i doesn't...

could we have some updates on the pafu interview and just to be sure the extra remix chapter wil come out tomorow?

thanku :)

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question: how did Opacho enter in SF?? I know he(she?) can read minds, but he is still a child and his OS is not so good

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Question: how did Opacho enter in the SF? I know he (she?) can read minds, but he is still a child, and his OS is not so good...

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Yes, but remember, she (I prefer the 'she' version, personally) can kick Ryu into space with just one kick, so... xD

Umm, I've got a question: Remix track 6 will be submitted tomorrow, but when exactly? Because I'm going somewhere for a week tomorrow morning and I seriously can't wait for it. :3

Also looking forward to the Pafu interview!!!

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I'm not sure if that was really ever specified. xD I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure that it was not. I like to think that Hao might have threatened severe burning or death if her opposition didn't forfeit.

On the other hand, perhaps she really was strong enough to defeat the weaker shamans matched up to fight her in the early elimination rounds.

Also, thank you Mankin-Trad team for releasing all these tracks! c: I really appreciate your hard work. <3

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Yep, it's a girl. She got rescued by Hao from South Africa when she almost died of famine and vultures eating her. That's when her strong shamanic powers appeared. Also being one of Hao's most trusted comrades... I assumed he would at least shared some of his Furyoku with her.

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Well, the answer to your question is simple. She entered the Shaman Fight just like everyone else. And there is proof of 's fighting power...

So... a one-hit-kill on a Patch (powered by the Patch Song)... is proof enough to join the Shaman Fight when it started.

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I love Opacho
But she doesn't seem to be a girl...

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i really like asakura family's :Amidamaru:

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i curious who is ren's wife?

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Ren's wife is Iron Maiden Jeanne
Men has the same hair and eyes color as Jeanne

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It's IMPLIED it's Jeanne. Takei hasn't said it outright. Frankly, I choose to disregard relationships that aren't fleshed out since failure to do so implies laziness and desperation on the part of the author.

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Yes, it's implied. And there's no other possibility besides Jeanne U.U
Takei wanted the readers to discover thw "truth"

Or that1s what I think... Since I cannot question him directly


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