Shaman King: Red Crimson - Chapter 04

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Hello, everyone! Been about 10 years since I made a post, but this is a special occasion! Happy New Year, and more importantly,

That's right! Today, Jan 1, 2019 is our favorite gold-eyed, purple-haired, milk-obsessed, tiger plushie owning, haughty, badass of a Chinese stud, Tao Ren's 33rd birthday! And what better way to celebrate such a special day than to release a chapter of Red Crimson in which Ren himself appears?!
So feast your eyes on this specimen of perfection as he works hard to bring home the milk/bacon with the help of Men! Jeanne's even making cheesecake to celebrate! As a die hard Ren fan, I cried many tears while QCing this!
So from everyone here at Mankin-Trad, we wish you and yours the happiest and SAFEST of Ren Days! Keep your loved ones close this year!
And don't open doors to strangers!


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Thank you!!!

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Thank you!

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muchas gracias!!!! : HaoPrincess:

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Thank you for your hard work! Love for Ren!!

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Somehow, i always imagined Ren's wedding to be like that xD
Happy Ren Day!
Thank you for your hard work!

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thank you for your hard work!! aaaaaah, what a chapter

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Waahhh!! Thank you mankin-trad!
Such tragic

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Thank you!! I have been waiting for this chapter for how many years just to see her again..

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Thanks you!

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Been 76 years since I last commented but holy cow... Jeanne was one of my favourite characters and did she deliver it!

Thank you so much Mankin-Trad team! You have always been the best source for Shaman King infos! ♥

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@andysislands Appreciate the update, I'm on the edge of my seat

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