Shaman King: Red Crimson - Chapter 03

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Read and download Shaman King Red Crimson Chapter 3
As promised, here's the next chapter of Shaman King Red Crimson! Don't worry, more Shaman King: The Super Star is coming up next!

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OMFG ! This Chapter is amazing ! Thanks a lot for your hard work on this (and previous chapters, and for the next). And thank you for the advices on Book Walker - I purchased the last issues (so happy I could cry). Nekogahara will be one of my christmas present as usual - I can't wait to see the final part of this stroy (and have the complete collection on my bookshelve).

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As always, thank you so much! Although I almost can't wait for new releases (and I do hope, SK Red Crimson, and also SK Super Star will get a releas, at least in english), I'm kinda patiently awaiting your scanlation!
Good Job Andy and all of the Crew!

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Thank you Mankin-Trad for this wonderful chapter!

The chapter full of action.
And now we know where Jun and Ren got their marvelous genes... although I've seen their mother in SK before, she really looks amazing in her combat attire here in Red Crimson :)

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