Shaman King: Red Crimson - Chapter 01

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Read and download Shaman King Red Crimson Chapter 1
It's time for some more Shaman King! But before we continue on with The Super Star... let's take a look at this awesome spin-off story! I know what you are thinking... "spin-off stories... those are never good!" Well, you haven't read Red Crimson yet! (But now you can!)

So every month there is twice the amount of Shaman King manga! Each month you can compare which story is better. Pick your favorites and have them battle it out! Unless you are Jezzy, and she'll always pick Red Crimson for the high content! And thanks to dancerladyaqua for providing the translation for this series as well!


But don't forget that you can also buy the magazine and see what's coming up next! For example, Red Crimson chapter 2 and The Super Star chapters 5 & 6 are all in the August issue which is available right now! How can you get it now you ask? (A lot of questions today, huh?)

1. Create a free Bookwalker account in English

2. Select the latest issue of Shonen Magazine Edge from the Japanese site. It's the first one in the list!

3. Add to your shopping cart!

4. Click the checkout and swap back into English for the next steps!

5. Enjoy the entire magazine and your support for the manga series!

It's also really easy to buy the new Shaman King eBooks as well! Volume 24 comes out on August 1st, which was my favorite cover from the original 32. It's important to show your support for the series however you can. Every little bit helps show your support until the series comes out locally for you!


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This Chapter was actually quite nice. Just one question came up. Is Takei responsible for the story of Red Crimson, or is he just listed for the original Ideas of the Shaman King Universe Characters? Like, is he actively doing the story and Kusamura doing the arts, or is both up to Kusamura (was, or is, he a assistant of Takei)? The Artwork seems very close to Takeis old style, during the original SK. Especially how Hororo is depicted reminds me of the older days :).

Do you know, how many chapters are planned? It looks like it's part of the SK Flower of Mace Universe, so kinda related to it, hence canon, right?

Well, some more questions came up anyway. Good job and thanks so much for your efforts and love to the medium! I'll check out the bookwalker soon, I do speak some japanese, so I'm probably able to understand at least half.

torajiro =)

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jun looks smoking hot in that dress

i hope this arcs off into it's own subplot tying into the main story somehow.

P.S thanks for the effort

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This chapter was better than I expected it to be. This jet guys artstyle is extremely close to takei's so that's really cool. Despite being a talk spinoff, it's looks like horo is getting the most screentime. Really wanna find out the backstory behind the mysterious new character and hopefully this part will expand more details on what happened after the original so and before flowers.

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Is it weird that I liked better Red Crimson than the Super Star chapters? I mean, I like Alumi, but I wanted Shaman King to come back because of Yoh and the ganga. Since TSS seems to be focusing more on the new characters, Red Crimson really blew my mind! Plus, the plot seems really interesting!!! I'm so excited for the next issue!

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Amazing Chapter... !!

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Thanks for the great work!!!
This spin-off was really good, better than i thought it'd be xD
The art was great too, it reminds me of the original Shaman King art.
I'm looking forward to Red Crimson next chapter,
PS: I agree with Horo Horo, isn't that just red twice? hahahahaha...

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Glad to see him again

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I seriously didn't expect to be so good! Thanks a lot and can't wait to read the second chapter!

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It's refreshing to see other original SK characters.
Horohoro looks pretty cool here than his appearance in SK KZB last chapter. The first chapter is really good.
Thank you mankin-trad for this.

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I think that too many small arks is not a good thing. Why not make a solid ark with substories tied together? The only solid one was Flowers. Red Crimson, The Super Star and all the other seem a bit un-interesting. I get that the series need to come back on its feet but so many years have past since a good and solid story to follow. But thats just me.

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Shaman King: The Super Star Chapter 3 will be coming out soon.

As a heads up, we're also looking for an additional translator to help with Super Star and/or Red Crimson so we can get those chapters out faster.

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Please update shaman king red crimson chap 3 in eng

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Well, we got Shaman King Red Crimson chapter 2 out now. We are working on chapters 3 & 4 as well. That will get us caught back up with the Japanese releases.

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