Shaman King Flowers Chapter 5

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Read and download Shaman King Flowers Chapter 05Everyone's new favorite character is here*! But yeah, Anna's lines this chapter were really good. I normally like Takei's writing for his manga (who would have guessed?), but this chapter is really good! So thanks to Dit for her awesome translation, and Jezzy for providing the scans to put them on! So enjoy!

Mankin-Trad Mailbag and updates on our next releases coming in a little bit. Check back for updates!

*May not be your favorite character.


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And hey, they actually addressed the issue of how young the first characters were when they got married and had kids!

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well all that last drama and the chapter is out the very next day LOL, it may sound cruel but why didn't you make them wait another week just for the lols?

hehe Hana likes dem busty girls, cool dude this one, but is gonna be a difficult relationship because you see she IS in fact flat chested, acceptance woman acceptance is the first step...

ok now back to the important serious matter, the epic shaman fight just sounds pointless now, i hope he doesn't ruins the whole point just to show off the new kids which already sounds doubtful in itself, man i want this guy to do atleast 2 things to get me happy, he needs to die at least a 4th time so krillin from dragonball can began to see a competence, become deaf-mute with Anosmia again on top, that way we can have the first black character in manga that experiences the world strictly trough vibrations, once that is done make him suffer from insensitivity, making him experience the world trough a shaman plot device, he makes that and any clusterfuck (being this one, one of those) i will overlook.

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Will this publication still be monthly??!?!? Takei needs to release it weekly. It's getting to good to only be serialized once a month.

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Thanks M-T team!

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thanks for the chapter, we see that Hana will be the antisocial and Anna will be the popular girl xD

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Welp I guess that about wraps it up for A3's character development; she's sooo badass, look how badass she is ain't she just the badassiest. Throw in some contrived childhood trauma and instant best character EVAR.

It seems the only point to characters like Ryu is to just flat out tell the reader what opinion they should have on other more important characters and events.

"...12 disciples of our founder..."

Hao is not a Christ-figure. I wish Takei would stop trying to paint him as such.

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every week, are you serious, you want him to write and draw 30-40 pages PER WEEK, just for you. do you have any idea how much time and planning goes into this sort of stuff, if he released it every week it would end up like one piece of bleach - 20-30 chapters of straight filler b/c the authors are clueless chimps.

great stuff guys, will comment on the chapter once i read it (i know the quality is top notch hence why i'm kissing your feet now) :P

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how the hell was that ryu wannabe, is he somehow related to the real ryu or is he just a wannabe ?

it wasn't the best chapter in the SK series, but it wasn't the worst either, i would have preferred more consistency with the explanations and less humour, but it is what it is :)

looking forward to what comes next, and as usual a great job :) keep it up and take your time /c you guys always release the best scans :)

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i meant who the hell is... anger and excitement raped my button pressing skills :P

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thanku very much mankin team!
so much noise around this chapter, you deserve some aplause

toooooooo much questions in this chapter!!
the drawings... it feels like takei was in a rush... or maybe his style is evolving that way? the colors are'nt the same either, they are brighter
i thought it would be more like the hospital chapter from SK, but it's actuly very diferent and there is so much stuff, so much questions.. I wanted a little more time before the big deal comes up, but i understand takei needs to get reader's atention and it's the best way to do it.

(ps: han_gumi, page 28)

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/flips out

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thanks :D

btw, dont you want to release SK zero chapter 3 :3

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Thanks for the chapter

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Thanks !

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OMG YAY THANK U THANK U THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (sorry i get really hyper when a new chapter comes out)

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Can someone name the three Annas? Because I don't understand who's supposed to be the 2nd.... :/ And after reading Hana's comment 'Now that he's our god...' I can't help but feel that something reaaally special is going to happen! Can't wait for him to appear again! :)

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Once again:

Anna I - Butsu Zone Anna
Anna II - Shaman King Anna
Anna III - Flowers Anna

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@jwalka that Ryu2 is a wannabe, just think about it, it would be too much of a character grow and page consuming attention to go and give Ryu an unknown out of nowhere son, also he has devolved from wannabe womanizer to eternal bachelor, he would lost nothing if he decides to start seeking now a carer as professional WOW player... hell he might even find a fake virtual girlfriend that's in reality a guy... oh Ryu what happened man hehehe.

@kuroganezero yeah he is gonna be the excluded one, who is also hated because his girl is the queen of the place, his cousins are the top students and his only friend is gonna be his side quick Ryu2 and the gang that doesn't know why Ryu2 follows him.

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O_O wow I thought you would corect it in a second version but you did right away, that was funny XD

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THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! A flawless release, guys :) Omg am I the only one that kinda starts hyperventilating when some character talks about the old ones? Like, when Anna III said talked about Yoh like, in 2 lines, I couldn't stop smiling... OH MY I still missing Ren, Horo and the others though... Well, lokking forward to the next chapter. Again, THANK YOU MANKIN TRAD ;;

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I am pretty sure that at the 40th page the one that says"Tamao what the hell are you doing in Kyoto" is Anna prepare for a big surprise in SKF Chapter 6.

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Thanks a lot, Dit! :3 Sorry for asking again, but I couldn't find my previous comment. :B
But... why is Butsu Zone Anna the first Anna? In Takei universe terms, I can understand, but what about the Shaman King universe? Is Shaman King Anna related to Butzu Zone? o.O

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thanks for your hard work Mankin-trad (:

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No problem! :)

About the Annas... Well, Takei seems to enjoy making little crossovers between Butsu Zone and Shaman King. Like Sachi being young Sati. For the same reason, BZ Anna seems to be a friend of Kino's in the SK universe.

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Thanks mankin team! That was a great chapter. Excited for Flower of Maze battle. Hope to see Yohanne in next chapter too. X3

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Oh, I see... x) Thanks a lot, Dit! :)

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@doomroar. if you saw the chapter 6 and I was not expecting much in hana school xD
no me esperaba muchas de las cosas que iban a pasar en la escuela de hana

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Nice chapter, i hope takei dont make shit of the of the serie or the original characters too. And what the hell is that flower maze battle... If hao have peaple to work to him in the Shaman fight why this guys dont fight too.... I hope the news vilains dont be a aliens like a rutherford spirit, in the power of spirits then try somefing like that and dont be so nice... more inportant if hao have the powerful furyoku and the strongest spirit ever why he need help to oppose anyone, putz in the orinal serie all of the characters agree with hao are most powerfull with all shamans of the tournament combined imagine now, but in the end i always think what the hell are the destruction of the stars of the beginers come to the earth, but, if the olders ( and powerless) shamans kings can win hao go kick the ass of whatever come to the earth.....

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@Kuroganezero no man haven't seen it yet, it was just a blind guess XD (pero leyendo los spoilers aparentemente hana sera amigo de yohane)

@Me (the user) come on man you know is gonna be an intergalactic battle with aliens and stuff shaman kings from other planets and why earthlings are still enclosed in little big blue, the question here is how the hell is Hana going to steal priority to the Shaman King Hao?

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Use spoiler tags Taodammit.

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*~Please~* :D

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Am I the only one in the entire fandom that thinks flowers is really random and forced and it's making no sense at all?

I used to be all excited with the news of flowers and all, but things are going just too far and I see all this story so SO pointless that's not even funny!.

And everything, and everyone is so rude that makes no sense and the atmosphere is so dense.
It's not even interesting.
I know "it's too soon" to judge, but I got into the fandom seeing just ONE anime chapter and then I just needed the FIRST page of the manga to be into shaman king...

and now what?
It's frustrating. Hiroyuki Takei has lost his touch.

Shaman king is so damn done right now...
All the magic it had disappeared and Takei is ruining it, in my opinion.

But since I'm the only one here who thinks that way..*sigh* maybe I'm just a bitter human being.

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Thank you MT!!! I love Shaman King SO much! I hope there is lots more Hao in the future! <3

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I like the world and mythos of SK it's the jerks currently inhabiting it that bother me.

By chapter 5 of SK Yoh had used his abilities to help multiple people while in chapter 5 of flowers Hana is still moaning about "nothing to do" so yeah I can see your point. Also true the characters are VERY unappealing at this stage, it's like your supposed to think 'hey that's like character from the first one' and just coast on that, but they have don't have any of the charm and for someone like Anna (who had none) that's saying something.

I know it won't happen but my hope is that the first few chapters act as sort of a prologue and then fast forwards to flower of maze to focus on new non-legacy characters.

Or Hana and Anna both die in a way that renders them unreviveable. Either or...

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Hey... at least it makes more sence than Ultimo!

I think it's more that Takei has to work with both new and old characters. He can only do so much with his old characters, unless he goes the Tamao-route and just completely change the character. I think his new ones are doing just fine. And plus, Hana's character began many, many years ago...

Also, if you want your questions answered in the "Mankin-Trad Mailbag" use the Contact Us form. I think there was like 3-4 e-mails that I got over the last week I'll put in. Expect those answers tomorrow!

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jezzy, taodammit? seriously?

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i agree with andy it does make more sense then Ultimo

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Well, Ren's the closest thing to a god I believe in so....


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no i'm not mad

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@OTL yeah man im also a little disappointed but what consume my guts is the ominous feeling that this guys are gonna use the all that past was for nothing you are now useless new-generation procedure.

and no to say at least is not ultimo doesn't make it better, because hell it is ultimo, i mean just look at that shit, the main character has time space powers from point A and the other guy is nihilism, and yet that shit is not over, yet with time travel and other senseless BS, i just want to blame Stan Lee.

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I dunno, you seem pretty pressed. Some things in life aren't worth getting up in arms over. Me using Renalogue is one of them.

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No harm done. Just kidding around. :3

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i thought you were mad at's official, i hate my keyboard

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