Shaman King Flowers chapter 28

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Read and download Shaman King Flowers Chapter 28

And here's Shaman King Flowers chapter 28! Next up on our releases will be a new chapter of Shaman King Zero! We're already into the "Quality Check" phase so, more stuff is coming soon.

Also, the final Jump Kai comes out in a few days! We'll find out where the series is moving! Exciting stuff! Be sure to check out Patch-Cafe for the latest Shaman King news!


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That was an interesting chapter. I'm looking forward for the next. Thanks M-T :)

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Don't lie to us! They will be no information. We'll have to wait.

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Probably we'll have to wait until the new volume is published.

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Takei surely has been stalling the plot for some chapters. It's not that I don't like death zero but it's at 10/28 chapters and nothing has really happened. I hope we'll get to know his guardian ghost next chapter.

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great chapter, thx MT! I sure love this arc and expect great things in concerns of Charakter growth for Hana. Hope the next one will be another great work till Jump X closes it's doors.

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Sorry... I really hate the "Death Zero arc"...
I think that I simply don't like Hana that much : P

But sill, if the OTHER Shaman Kings show it will be worth it (I want to see Jesus and Buddha and the great Ol' God) :D

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I just love the pic of Hao and his kitties...

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death zero looks pretty bad a**

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@Mankin Fan
Cool your friggin jets. This chapter was posted around 10:15pm ET on 10/8 - BEFORE the Flowers news was released. So no lying occurred.

You're free to apologize at any time.

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thanks a lot!!

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@jezzy I apologise if I sounded like a jerk.
What I mean is that Andy's been saying for month that SKF would be moved, but it was mere speculation. And that speculation was proved wrong (like some people forshadowed)

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@ mankin fan

burn heretic burn !!!!! thou shalt not offend thy best scanners in existence !!!!!

hehehehe massage your family jewels and chill dude, wasn't necessary to go all rambo on the team for 'speculation' >.<

anyone else wish for more (read: decent) shaman king related figures and statues ? we only got that one of yoh which is like $150+ >.<
would love for them to release a series of all the OS characters in their iconic poses or just poseable figure forms :3

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Yeah, I actually DO like the Death Zero Arc.
If Takei wasn't doing anything of the sort, everyone would be complaining that Hana's not getting any character development.

It's such a shame the story is entering an hiatus =(
I hope it'll be back someday.

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hehehe just wondering if people are actually reading comments and not just hit and running >.>

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ryu emote wont select... WTF?!?!?!

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there we go :3

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Dude, keep it PG-13. A ton of Mankin fans are under 18.

Go to bed u r drunk.

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I love the shot on Hao xD

And no... I don't think I actually like the death zero arc... Sometimes I feel like I'm just reading flowers because of some duty/obligation as a fan of SK (and also to catch those occasional shots of Hao and Yoh hehe)

I'm just looking forward to the hopefully big talk between Hana and Hao after he breaks out of the whole hell thing. Though sadly it looks like that time is still some time away...

And most importantly, thanks for the chapter MT!

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hehehe c'mon jezzy, i bet you would be first in line if they released a tao ren... toy hehehehahahahaha >:D :P

it turns out you admin are the only ones that actually read other people's comments, you guys are also old enough to understand my filthy filthy language ;D

9am... i'm going for another drink *thumbs up*

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Is that the infamous Hao's "Star of Life" symbol in Sakurai helmet????

An instant death, people!! An instant death!!!

That's remind me of shun goku satsu from street fighter.

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told you jezzy, no one reads comments that aren't green :P

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False statement.
I read the comments that aren't green. I read all of the comments!

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A question for you, Andy,
Do you clean by only using brush/pencil and the leveling tool or do you use filters?
I once compared one of your chapters to the way official published Manga looks (not the same chapter/series, just in general: it was a new Jumbor chapter with the latest English release of Ultimo) and your scanlations look like the real thing: I sometimes tend to get the feeling with other scanlated manga from newer series that it just looks to smooth to be like real manga, in a certain way.

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And I found the reason of the double post:refreshing the page after you've posted causes it (if you haven't found out yourselves, of course).

Sorry for triple-posting, I gave myself the new title because of it.

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I clean with a combination of filters, leveling, and brush redraw. How I do it changes vary on when I did it, and what medium it came from.

Even the KZB chapters we released could look alot better now. So the most recent stuff has gotten a bit better. One big impact is the quality and resolution the chapters are scanned at (thanks Jezzy!). Basically, by scanning at a level that starts to grab the paper grain, we can really clean up the releases in a way that make them look really great. But then you start running into the paper quality and the ink quality.

Here's a quick rundown of the best quality paper/ink (as comparable to size, ranked best to worst):
1. KZB volumes
2. Danball volume
3. Jump Kai
4. Standard volume print
5. Remix volumes
6. Ultra Jump
7. Jump SQ
8. Corocoro G
9. Weekly Shonen Jump

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@ andy

staff don't count :P

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Yup, and already posted on Patch Cafe yesterday (with some more specifics).

Plus the Projects page has already been updated on Mankin-Trad since yesterday with our new projects!

Don't worry, we stay ahead of the curve!

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@ andy

great, so you'll let us know when those shaman king flesh lights hit the stores ?

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@ jwalka

I don't think there going to make those

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shaman king is awesome.

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shaman king is awesome.

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@ night

like andy said "Don't worry, we stay ahead of the curve!" so if they do, he'll let us know ;D

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@ jwalka

alright good luck I hope u get your wish ;)

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Hey Every Body I Mean All The Team Thanks Very Much
I want To Know The Future of The Franchise Especially After The Last Rumors We haven't Even known All The Members Of G8 and the Main Event Flower Maize
To Be Honest 10/28 Death Zero Arc It's Very Much For A Monthly Manga And ANdy Please If You Can Tell us The Date Of release Zero 09 Or At Least The Period
ANd Good Luck In Your Next Release.

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@ night

it's not a wish, just speculation as to whether or not there will be shaman king toys... for adults hehehehe ;D

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I'm sad now... I will miss FLOWERS and ZERO :'(

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Release Status
Shaman King Zero chapter 9: In QC2 (specifically re-draw phase). Sometimes you just get a chapter that is a pain in the butt... this is one of those chapters...

Shaman King Flowers final chapter: Second Pass Cleaning (translation done)

Shaman King Zero chapter 10: First Pass Cleaning

Jumbor chapter 9: Typesetting

Plus a bunch more stuff in the works... No ETAs on any of those releases yet. Just got to work through that "burn-out" from Zero chapter 9 first...

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wait what, flowers is ending ?

seriously wtf is up with takei's things getting cancelled all the time ?!?! i bet if he spent less time with garbage filler issues and just stuck to it this wouldn't be happening >.<

flowers was a pretty meh series b/c that main character is a little b**ch that barely grows or changes... he's just an annoying little s*** that i lost interest in after a few issues (i only bothered reading the series b/c of the art and designs in all honesty).

this would all be fine if he had the fan base of something like one piece, where the characters have been the same bs since day one (despite many time skips which they've grown in power but not personality), b/c he would be making a ton of cash of the idiots that wouldn't want the characters to change.

takei is in a sense an indie writer, which means you either put your a** into the story, characters and world or you bite the dust real quick (which seems to be the case here).

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Wait a second
So there's no more Shaman King Flowers after this chapter? At all?!

Well that sucks! I thought the story was actually gonna go somewhere after they show Sakurai about to fight!! Unless you mean the final chapter until Takei can publish it in another magazine, then I can understand. Still though I'm pretty sad about SKF goin down, it would've been cool seeing what the FoM was like and such :/

Ah well, no one has any real control over SKF except for Takei himself so I'm not gonna say anymore than I should. Great work as always guys and hope to see the final chapter soon :)

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I guess some of you don't understand the situation. SKF is not going to end at all! Look at patch-cafe. It's just that the magazine it was published in, ceased in October, so we have yet to wait for a new home for the series =)

and to jwalka. Takei is someone who pays a lot of time for character growth and story pace, what is good. He won't overrun Hanas growth, he also won't overrun the story either. Take your time with Hana and SKF, Sakurai and the Asura Realm Arc are there to get Hana to be more like an adult and not to be spoiled brat anymore.

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@Roberts thanks for confirming that, I misread what was goin on. Woops ;

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O.K. I see a lot strange news being thrown around.
So, Shogakukan (Shueisha's mother company?) makes a new manga magazine called Corocoro Aniki and Takei is going to help the magazine start up: did they also make a clear distinction between Hiroyuki Takei and HIRO? Will the sports spinoff be made by Takei or HIRO? Or were they just trying to debunk the "myth" that HIRO is Takei?

I guess he will still find a way to change the cars into mechs, one of his staples (X-laws angels and most oversouls after, Ultimo turning full mecha and Jumbor being mecha by itself), even in a childrens series.

Shogakukan and Shueisha are basically the same company, so at least we won't get into copyright hell with Mankin (pfeeew).

Now, about the Jumbor and Ultimo thing: no idea if it's a "good" thing Jumbor is ending, but my God, Ultimo takes an incredibly bad turn after volume 5/6 and just doesn't get any better after that point. He should put his time into something else. It just doesn't deliver the hype the one-shots brought with them. I hope Jumbor/Ultimo will be the first Takei manga released under his own name that will be concluded the "natural" way, with no sloppy endings.

Now, onto my theory. Let's say Takei had a release schedule of 2,333... chapters of manga every month (wasn't the space between Zero and Flowers split?), which are all 2 times the length of a regular, weekly chapter). He now has 4,66666... weekly chapters of free time! A month has 4 weeks, so Shaman King Flowers confirmed for Naruto's successor in Weekly Shonen Jump! It comes at a decent time in the story as well (Hana just get's his new oversoul and the overarching plot can be explained pretty easily). It will blow Bleach, Naruto and One Piece (the big three from the same era) out of the water and will be known as THE BIG ONE.... On a more serious note, with all his assistants and his newfound free time, I think he might be getting that weekly status again, but probably not in WSJ (not a lot of free space, harsh competition). I just really, really, really, really hope he will not give us another reason to call him the Axedmaster.

Didn't Flowers carry Jump Kai sales?

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Yes for now Flowers is finished. And Shaman King has a strong fanbase in Japan still. At least compared to everything else from that timeframe (like comparing to HxH). If you still have fans coming out of the woodwork for reprint after reprint... you're doing fine.

@ThatOneShaman & Robert
Correct it's probably the last "Flowers" chapter. That doesn't mean that there can't be a sequel to Flowers though that just continues the storyline! However based on all of the other mangas moved to another magazine and continueing with the series name... it's highly, highly unlikely that Flowers will continue after chapter 29. (Unless there is an epilogue/chapter 30 in the volume release or something)

Shogakukan isn't Shuiesha's parent company. It's more like Shuiesha's little brother. The parent company is "Hitotsubashi Group." So it's still bad to jump ship from one company to the other (for anything major). It's not as bad as say going to Kondasha. But it's still bridge burning. So yes, portions of the Shaman King license will be messy for a while. "Flowers," "Zero," "Jumbor," and "Ultimo" will continue be published by Shueisha. About 3-5 years after it's been out of print, the rights then go back to Takei. But how Takei contracted out "Shaman King" those rights could already be back in his hands (for the original series + KZB).

Takei will probably not go back to weekly. Between Jumbor, Ultimo, and Flowers/Zero, he was already doing weekly. He'd have to really kill off all of his series to do weekly again. And he wouldn't have the sweet contract he probably already had (which was a yearly contract, which basically overrides whatever rankings mean).

He might cut back a couple of his Assistants (Team Barrel Roll) for the next couple of months, but it's not like he had that many noteable ones that were exclusive to Flowers/Zero. Most of them worked on Ultimo and Jumbor actually. Flowers did carry Jump Kai sales. Just the same that early Jumbor chapters also carried Ultra Jump for several months too in the beginning (before Jojo came back).

And Takei's new "racing" manga will very likely be a very "non-Takei"-like series. It's going to be much more like "Danball Senki: Kaidou Jin's Story." The target demo is 6-10 year old boys. So don't expect something that you would see Jump Kai.

And remember... mangaka aren't suppose to jump ship... so HIRO is basically "Hiroyuki Takei." However, one of his assistants also uses the name "HIRO" as well. But the "spirit" is basically the same. But in Corocoro Aniki he used the full Hiroyuki Takei name and logo.

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mother f***ing publishers >.>

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First of all... Thanks team to give us yet another chapter!

It was interesting and really left me wanting more, so the news about SKF ending just did not seem fair... Hopefully, at some point we may see a sequel or something... (pleeeaaaase)

That said, I just hope that the last chapter be big and concrete enough to not let lots of things just hanging... like: what is going to happen with Tamao, Redseb, etc.?

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There'd be another thing if it went weekly...
I'd probably impossible to keep it up scanlation wise... If I can do anything to help you, give me a message :p (I'm volunteering in advance, if there would ever be a need/ if you'd actually want more people to join; you'd have to learn me the ropes though, I can't even clean half as good as you do: truthfully speaking, most scanlation groups can't). I can speak Dutch, French, Portuguese and would even be able to help in Latin, but I guess there won't be any manga released in the last language any time soon and there isn't anything Takei related being released in the other ones. It's really quite sad, I bought Shaman King Volume 64 in a pre-release in 2006 in Sao Paulo, good times. Sad the manga fandom died in Dutch and is probably dying in Brasil as well: there used to be a truckload of manga in the newspaper stands on the corner of streets, but I don't know if there is an abundance of manga like there was (it's been some time since I went to Brasil, trying to become an engineer sucks here in Belgium, we get one test and a retry in our summer break, so that one's fucked if you've some problems during the year; being with 400 students for all classes doesn't help either). I think nothing has been released in French that hasn't been released in English or scanlated.

Whatever, it's quite strange that Takei says that he only had to work 3/4 a week for Shaman King when it was in WSJ. Compare that to Oda, that guy has like 5 hours a week to spend with his kids or so.

I partly blame Shueisha for not giving Takei like another full volume for the KZB release, it feels super rushed. I think he could have made it feel a lot smoother if he had some more space to do those fights in the underwater continent thing. Well, they screwed up the pacing by telling him he only had 32 volumes in the first place.

Anyway, thanks for scanlating for us and keeping us informed mankin-trad! Let's hope Takei will deliver some quality manga in the future.

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Well, don't worry. Even without new Flowers/Zero chapters... we still have alot of other releases planned. And some of those are in the Shaman King universe!

Yes, if there is a weekly Takei publication, we probably wouldn't do weekly scanlations. Getting raws would take too much time and cost too much money.

Actually there is 2 things released in French that were never translated in English (or officially released). Have fun on that treasure hunt! (Not counting Jumbor Angzengbang) Plus in France Takei has visited twice... so that's something!

And for the KZB... they kinda did. Mentalite was Takei's extra volume (which required an additional agreement). Which that was used as the launching platform for him to move into Jump Kai. So 6 volumes of Flowers and 2 volumes of Zero is still pretty good for a "dead" series!

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Well, happy birthday and thanks for the lengthy replies!

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happy b-day mofo ;D

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Happy Birthday Andy! Hope you won't have to much work on your honouring day! Keep up the good work, celebrate and stay healthy =).

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HAPPY B.DAY ANDY!!! :) we love u! thanks for your awesome work

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hey EveryBody perhaps I will Perish Without Even Know Spoilers About SKF 29 Where Is IT Please Share It With Us And What About The Future Of SK Series
This F***k Takei What does He think!
And i Must Ask You Why The Other Teams Translate Their Manga Very Fast Like Naruto The Difference Is 1 Day At most And You With My Respect Spend One Month Working Only In One Chapiter I am eager And Addicted SK And Especially Your Works Andy And All the Members But The Truth is The Truth be it Bitter Or Sweet

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@Nightmare: if you want to read SKF29 so badly to the point of death, then why don't you just go buy the magazine! And MT is kindly sacrificing their time to scanlate it for us. So be grateful for whatever you got and quit asking for more! Also, how can you compare scanlation teams?! The way each team functions is different, and if you want to compare, the least you could do is compare them to some team that has gone on hiatus/mia and be happy that MT has been around for so long! In any case, the current speed is already considered quite fast! There are tons of groups out there that take months to do a chapter, and don't even give updates or answer our silly questions (Thankyou MT for being so nice! ^^). Lastly, this is FREE. You don't pay for their time, so you have no business to demand anything from them!!

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Happy Belated Birthday Andy! (>^-^)># (gifts virtual waffle)

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@panda no one speak with you at all that's first
Second I don't Complain About Them (Great MT Team)
But I want To Why Patch Cafe spoilers About SKF 29
And 9 Zero were not posted yet.third You Must Choose Well Your Expression When You Talk With Your Master
And I Think That Andy Doesn't Assign You Like His Advocate And Please You ARe Rude So Shut Up
And One Last Point Maybe You Are American Although You don't UnderStand The Context Even With This Shame And DisHonor You Dare To criticize Me STupid B******h.when I say I perish I Mean I will Die Without REad THe Chapiter And Know The End Because One Can Counter Death Neither Me Nor You And I Was Just Kidding About Buying The Magazine I can Buy You And Your Country Without Any Problem When I Want To Courage The Team When I Say What I Say And Which Unfortunately MisUnderstanded I Know That They Can Do Much Better Than This I Believe That is not Their Place In The Ladder The Must Be In The Top ANd Beat All The Others.about The Last Chapiter its Translation A Bit َAmbigeous Because I Face Problems When I Translate It To My Mother Language That I Don't Face In the 27 previous Ch;And ZEro And Jumbor
@Andy Happy Birth Day And God Bless You Keep Going
And Present US The Best Thanks.

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I Look Forward To Release The Truth About Death Zero
Good Ch.By The Way Takei Ruin The Manga He Only Focus In Team Hao And YVS Where are The Other Teams
Where are G8!!!!!

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Have you ever considered that:
- other teams may have raw sources right in japan while M-T have to order the magazine itself, so it takes time
- M-T may have less time to work on the chapters than the staff of other teams
- they just take their time to give us the best release they can

Do you think YOU "understand the context" of THIS situation? (I don't think anyone but the team fully does; they have their reasons and it was discussed multiple times)

Also, you seem to pay a lot of attention to Patch-Cafe. Not paying enough, though, since (!!!) the reason for not posting the spoilers for SKF 29 is right in the comments there (!!!).

How come something puts you in charge of showing others their place?
"Maybe You Are American", seriously? "Shut Up"? "STupid B******h"? Those are some "well-chosen" expressions right there, "Master".

Yeah, no one assinged anybody to be anyone's advocate, You surely have the right to want to hear the answer straight from the team.

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و الآن هذا يكفي سئمت من ثرثرتك من الواضح أنك تعانين امراضا نفسية خطيرة
حمدا لله أنك اعترفت بأنك مخطئة وقتي ثمين لأضيعه في الرد عليك
مرة أخرى أجدد شكري للفريق العامل باركهم الله في إنتظار القادم تحياتي.

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* Я тоже могу в другой язык, это делает меня круче? Серьезно? Кто-нибудь? Наверное, мне надо прекращать глотать наживку. *

Really mature of you. Really.

I am a different person from the one who replied to you in the first place. Now what, are we all here "mentally challenged", as you are trying to imply? Whoa. Guys, can we form a club? We tottaly should.

I did not "admit" that I was wrong. I said that I cannot take away that right even though you are the one being rude and the one who don't even read the team's comments about the spoilers.

GR8 B8, M8, I R8 8/8

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Panda and Dokusai already kindly said what needed to be said, so I won't repeat myself here. I'll just add that most speedlations are released within hours because 1) they use public raws, so no need to buy the magazine and scan the chapter and 2) they have a bunch of translators, typesetters, quality checkers etc. working on the same chapter at the same time. We're just three + no public raws.

Now please stop being rude to others
Thank you.

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Thanks For The Explanations
Unfortunately There's Nothing New In Your Speech
Anyway Thanks For ((Ultra Super Mega Polite Reply & answer))But it's Too Late
(I am Just Kidding)
About What You Say ((Rudeness)) I try not To Understand It This Time I Will Overlook it.Good Luck Translator .
We will wait Your Next Projects.
Thanx And
Merci Beaucoup d'etre Gentile Avec Moi. Bonne Chance A Votre Prochains Project.Traducteur .
شكرا لردك و كونك لطيفة معي
بالتوفيق في مشاريعك المستقلية يا مترجمة

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@ nightmare
modar jende' don't abuse people in farsi when they may or may not know how to speak or read the language, it just makes you come across as weak >.>

i know english isn't your first language (i hope for your sake), but that doesn't mean you can go around abusing people >.>

anyone needs me, i'll be at moe's*

* simpsons quote.

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Jwalka I'm surprised you aren't angrier - dude's stealing your schtick. >_>

Here's the answer from the raw provider: I give zero fucks about how others feel about how fast we do things. Never cared, never will.

Also I don't remember anyone giving you permission to use our releases for your own. If you're using my scans, and didn't ask permission, you're a rude mofo, plain and simple. You've made it clear you have zero respect for what we do. A winrar is you.

Also, I, at least, am American. I'm also one of the most straight laced and hardworking, ethical person you will ever meet (scanlations aside). I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish, but you just look like a fool tbh.

Your attitude isn't new. In fact, it's staler than hardtack from the Mayflower. Please find a better use of your time. Tyvm

Posted on

@ jezz

why don't you guys just watermark releases to stop f***ers from re-using your scans on other sites etc ?

i personally at first (as you guys would know) was a giant doucher about slow releases BUT have since realised that whilst we can get quick and dirty scans (like the weekly jump releases), the extra time you guys take equals in better sexier scans and better translations :)

drinks are on me mofos :D

Posted on

It's not like anyone cares about watermarks anymore.
You just can't stop them.
They'll just put a bigger watermark over yours.
I've uploaded myself things to Batoto, and I've found them in many other sites (where I didn't upload them, they did it with no consent, and they didn't even credit)
Some international translators are the same. Sadly the only way to stop them is to make them realize it's almost robbery. But the odds of them giving no fucks are pretty high.

Posted on

@Angry Ren
They don't even care what they upload though, I think they use bots to download everything they can find that is new. I have scanlated 1 chapter of manga in my life of a series called "Traumeister". It was horribly done (like legit shit, please don't look it up) and not even resized so the images are like 1700x3100 or so (it was my first and only time scanlating, pardon me). In less than one hour after the release of this +-130 Mb piece of shit on batoto, other sites had already copied it. Like the images are too big too read and it's a series that was last updated like in 2010 or so. For me personally it's funny (well, I'll never be able to delete this mark of shame) but I get that other people get angry over the fact that some random Chinese businessmen are making buck on their hard work.

(Holy fuck I just noticed I placed a certain page two times... The only QC was a mate just hastely reading it and it was done in like... 10 hours total? I translated it from Spanish without actually speaking the language: actually only used Google translate and knowledge from 2.5 other latin based languages.
If I ever find somebody that speaks Spanish that wants to do this, I'll redo it.)

The real answer to Nightmare's question (why is it so slow zomg) is probably that Andy redraws, cleans and typesets everything by himself: I probably spent about 5 hours of those 10 trying to redraw things (I was totally unhappen about half of them so I ended up doing it the lazy way (aka putting a black or white rectangle over the image and slapping text over it). Andy does this on at least the level of stuff like Red Hawk scans: and they use multiple people for the same stuff. It's way more work than just slapping some text over the page and cropping the image.
Be happy we get extremely high level scanlations from these guys, these scanlations probably surpass the magazine editions.

TLDR: scanlation is a lot of work, and my personal shitty try at it got copied over to a chinese owned manga site within an hour.

Posted on

@Norix My Brother At Least You Understand Me
Your Reply Was Wonderful Amazing My Tongue crippling In Describe It Thanks Thanks Very Very Much
At last I Find Some one Who is Wise.
@Angry Ren and Jwalk No Comments (farisi Your are Wrong It's The Mighty Arabic .The Suite Of Reply Doesn't Posted You Can Ask The Admin To Let It know It .
@Our Dear Raw Provider I am Not A theft Like You Say
I Just Want to Help (Although Yo don't Need My Help)
Don't Worry Your Rights is Reserved (Clean Type Raws Translation: Andy Jezzy And Dit Respectively)
I only Say the Translation To Other Languages Is Mine That's All no less No More .If You Want Me To Send You link Which Prove My Claims I will (I know Maybe You Don't Care And No one Request That From Me) The Same For You The Suite Is In The Comment That admin didn't post it.
Thanks Good Luck.

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Does anyone have Ultimo 10 already?
Looks like Takei wants to speed up.

Posted on

Why can't we be friends?

Posted on

So wait, what happened to they were going to announce where it was moving?

Posted on

So wait, what happened to they were going to announce where it was moving?

Posted on

Sorry, but I have a question, Andy and Jezzy are a couple?

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