Shaman King Flowers chapter 27

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And here's Shaman King Flowers chapter 27! In Japan there was also a brand new Shaman King Zero chapter this past month. So we'll be working on that chapter next. It's just as short, so look forward to it!


Also... today is Jezzy's birthday! So be sure to send her some happy birthday wishes! Happy Birthday!


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Happy Birthday Jezzy!

And thanks a lot for the release, guys!

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Happy Bday Jezzy! And thanks M-T Team for this chapter :)

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Happy Birthday to you Jezzy! Stay healthy and have a nice party =). Also thanks to the M-T Team for this Chapter!

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I just wanna thank you for your hard work.
So - thank you - mankintrad team!

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Happy Birthday Jezzy!
I've admired you since I read your commentary in this page
Thank you all for your work, It's really appreciated over here.

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Happy Birthday Jezzy!
Great work on this chapter.

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Thank you so much for the release of this chapter guys! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEZZY! :D

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Thanks for the chapter

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Epic chapter great job in the releases guys keep it up. Wow hana's oversoul looks beast!!!!! can't wait to see it in color!!!!

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And awesome new chapter for SKF! We finally get to see Sakurai in action which, in my opinion, is super wicked! Can't wait for the next one and thanks again guys :D

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Happy Birthday Jezzy !!

Thanks a lot for all your work, your releases make me euphoric every time.

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happy b-day jezzy :)

short chapter is short :/ i just want the 2 guys to bond and for the pilot to become hana's new OS already >.<

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happy belated birthday jezzy!! o/

thanks mankin-trad for the chapter!!

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*falls over from all the love*
Oh wow thank you guys all so much! (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

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Heyo, its a little belated but happy Bday Jezzy dono! Dont forget the most important thing is the heart.

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Status Update
Shaman King Zero chapter 8: Currently in Typesetting. Should be going into QC (Quality Check) soon. So probably will release in the next couple of days. Look forward to that!

(And there should be a new Flowers and Zero this month in Jump Kai as well.)

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