Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 1

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Shaman King Flowers Chapter 1

Once upon a time, Takei wrote Shaman King. Then it got cancelled. Then he wrote some more. And ended it quickly. Then he tried something else. And failed. Then he went back to Shaman King. He created several wonderful volumes. He finished with the story. But he forgot some details. So he created the "Mentalite" fanbook. He created Snake's Legs to introduce us to information we basically already know. But he knew that wasn't enough. No. He couldn't stop. As a result...

Shaman King: Flowers -Hana's Epoch- Chapter 1!

This is the true sequel to Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang. Originally published in the Mentalite fanbook, this is the start of the sequel. However, there are no plans yet for when chapter 2 will be released. Or even where! So we just got to hope for it!

When it appears, we'll be ready for it! Enjoy this chapter!


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イタイッテェ σ(TεT;) I have a headache

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'Tis finally here~ Thank you Mankin-trad team for all your hard work on SK and other Takei-related stuffs~ :'D

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YaY! Thank you so much for bringing MORE Shaman King to the fans!!!

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Men is a brat. Ren and Jeanne spoiled him way too much, seriously. He needs to get spanked.

And I hope that Blocken, Bill and Ming(?) are getting good money for having to control that monster, though knowing Ren, they probably aren't paid at all. -_-

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the post was a mouth-full to read.

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AWESOME, dudes! Thanks for posting this up!! b^^d

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Though it kinda irks me just how much Hana's "future girl" looks like his mom...PLEASE don't let this be another Tsubasa!

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Thank you so much!!!*______*

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even if I spelled a hundred thousand 'thanks', that wouldn't be enough.

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Oh My GOD!!!!!!!

Is this for real??? An Update?? Coool!!!!!!

Once again, not for the last time hopefully, thank you all Mankin-Trad staffs!!!!!!!

Lurv u all!!! btw, keep up the damn good work people!!!