Shaman King: Flowers Chapter 1

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Shaman King Flowers Chapter 1

Once upon a time, Takei wrote Shaman King. Then it got cancelled. Then he wrote some more. And ended it quickly. Then he tried something else. And failed. Then he went back to Shaman King. He created several wonderful volumes. He finished with the story. But he forgot some details. So he created the "Mentalite" fanbook. He created Snake's Legs to introduce us to information we basically already know. But he knew that wasn't enough. No. He couldn't stop. As a result...

Shaman King: Flowers -Hana's Epoch- Chapter 1!

This is the true sequel to Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang. Originally published in the Mentalite fanbook, this is the start of the sequel. However, there are no plans yet for when chapter 2 will be released. Or even where! So we just got to hope for it!

When it appears, we'll be ready for it! Enjoy this chapter!


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イタイッテェ σ(TεT;) I have a headache

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'Tis finally here~ Thank you Mankin-trad team for all your hard work on SK and other Takei-related stuffs~ :'D

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YaY! Thank you so much for bringing MORE Shaman King to the fans!!!

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Men is a brat. Ren and Jeanne spoiled him way too much, seriously. He needs to get spanked.

And I hope that Blocken, Bill and Ming(?) are getting good money for having to control that monster, though knowing Ren, they probably aren't paid at all. -_-

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the post was a mouth-full to read.

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AWESOME, dudes! Thanks for posting this up!! b^^d

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Though it kinda irks me just how much Hana's "future girl" looks like his mom...PLEASE don't let this be another Tsubasa!

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Thank you so much!!!*______*

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even if I spelled a hundred thousand 'thanks', that wouldn't be enough.

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Oh My GOD!!!!!!!

Is this for real??? An Update?? Coool!!!!!!

Once again, not for the last time hopefully, thank you all Mankin-Trad staffs!!!!!!!

Lurv u all!!! btw, keep up the damn good work people!!!

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It's never the last time.

We'll always have more to do! Just keep watching!

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[SPOILER] Anna the 3th is the disciple of Anna the 1st.. probably he taken her as a model >_> Is strange that an American indian has blond hairs, or Anna 3th's mother is blond... mistery of live XD

POOR Hao! Ahahahaha XD hana is great XD
No one noticed that hao is so sexy?xD [/SPOILER]

Cool chapter XD

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I will repeat my question about next things coming about SK. If I am right, SK will have more... Extras(in some way)-as it was in previous news and comments, in Metalite is a mandarin saying "See you again", and then, on last page "A new surprise this year". Or was it only rumors?

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We already had the surprise, unfortunately. It's a Jumbor oneshot that no one is going to care about. Poor choice, Takei.

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Oh, believe me. For some reason, the Japanese are crazy about that oneshot. They really loved Jumbor! (it's often out of stock)

More mankin would have been better, though.

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For some reason pages 17 and 28 aren't working for me...

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@Jezzy & Dit
Oh, whatta surprise. It hurts me badly. But I thought that it would be SK... hmm... But, hope dies last. (and its mother of stupid). Takei is a bit busy roght now with Ultimo project. Maby some time in future... In one of chapters(reliesed by you too) was something that he would come back to SK...
Ehhh... I'm to stupid to believe it is the end XD But, seeing the sales of Metalite... Its often out of stock, I've tried to order it with KZB vol 26(from yesasia), but an e-mail with information "out of stock came. And I saw the numbers of it too. Its preety high.
Who (really) knows whats on Takei-sama head?

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For some reason pages 17 and 28 are down for me as well.

Also, I totally dig that "defeat me - marry me" thing between them. Very in-style.

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It's pain to said but I don't like new characters of this brilliant series.
Yoh was unique. But Hana is a typical character of shonen manga series.
The same Men: I thought Ren was change. So why he is treat his son like his father treated him?
And what's with Hao? He is now a matchmaker?

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I know people already said it, but pg 17 and 28 is down for me too

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anyone has a clue as to what happened to Opacho... i mean, she was sucked by the black hole... but... she wanted to stay... so i guess she is with Hao in the GS? would that be an accurate guess or am i missing something??

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And where the hell are Anna and Yoh ???
And who is this girl that looks just like Anna???

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I've emailed Andy, who probably won't get around to it for another 2 hours. Just sit tight, guys.

Men: I liked you more when I didn't know what the hell you were saying. Bad mom, Jeanne, bad.

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@ Jezzy

Yeah, totally uncute. It doesn't make sense for me. I know the care of future Tao's descendants is important but, in fact, after this brutal training, which Ren had, his furyoku was the smallest.
And why, for a God sake, Jeanne is the mother?!
Zero sense. Zero.

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If you can't see the pages online, try downloading the chapter. It worked to me ^^

Hana and Men are like the most spoiled manga-kids ever. Me not like D:

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I'm fed up of the cannon bashing.

Think about it, Ren said he'd like a girl stronger and short, and didn't talk much.

Jeanne is very strong, and both have been though hell and back because of the shaman king turnament, not the litteral meaning, which they did, but the training and pain thye both went to.

Takie's vision was Jeanne and Ren, so suck it up and show sapport for Takie by respecting his manga and visions.

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I just try to tell myself that Ren was busy being head of Ton-Gari Elect and the Tao Triad (as I call it), so it's not his fault. I don't really think Ren treated Men the way that En treated him, I just think that either he or Jeanne doted on him too him (probably her). Some kids are brats by nature, but i think this one really may be about environment.

I mean, gosh, what'd they do to make him like that?
I'd be livid if my child was that bratty.

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@Jezzy and @Gabriel

totally agree

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Jeanne defenetly is a bad mom... I mean, ok to be cute an carring but.. Don't know, I expected a behavior of a King not a spoiled child...
Oh my God...
Hao: dis you call me?
jeje, really loved how Hao entered on scene...
Hana = another spoiled boy... don't know...
and new Tamao is just too much like Anna too much I guess

Thnks guys for the post!!! I be waiting for the next one, you ARE REALLY awsome!!!!

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We're not bashing canon. We're discussing.
Bashing would be "OMG TAKEI IZ DA SUXXORZ 4 DOING DIS 2 US Y TAKEI YYYYYYYYYY????" We're disagreeing with his decision. It happens in all fandoms. A lot of Harry Potter fans were unhappy with the epilogue JKR gave them. People are going to feel that way when Naruto ends (probably next year), or when ANY other story ends.

I respect that this is Takei's story and he's seen it through until the end. I don't agree with a couple of his decisions, including pairings and children from those pairings. As a fan, I have every right to think that and express my displeasure. I'm sorry that you feel differently.

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This exceeded expectations.
I did think Hana was a little bratty though. "I can't call this place a home!" Way to overeact. And Men was a little mean too. But some of the things they said were hilarious!
maybe takei will soften them up in the next chapter. Who knows.
Anyway, good job mankin team!
That duel me and you can marry me thing was cute though.

Andy, I heard you were feeling sick. I hope you feel better.

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You don't have to take it so seriously, it's not real. It's his visions.

And, I think Men will be doted on, of course. Ren was treated poorly as a child and Jeanne never had perants, and when she did, her mum and dad were Marco and Luchrist. Not the most loving perants.

So, I don't think they would treat him like thye were, but gave him alot of love and affection, making him narsasistic and bostful of his strength, a young child at his age controlling a Kami class, obvously knows his strengh is good and could get cock.

I love Mankin, and thank you all for translating, but the thing down here saying "Jeanne is a bad mum" and "Ren married Jeanne?! Nuu". Are just silly, we haven't even seen Jeanne, or how Jeanne and Rne act together, give it a chance until we actually, if ever, get to see them together and the benefit of the doubt.

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@ Jezzy

Maybe you're right, Jezzy.
But I also think - maybe Men is admiring his dad very much and he copies his behaviors. And maybe Ren shows Men a nromal training and normal relationships with ghost. But, like his dad, he looks down on people however, in reality, he would be a loyal friend.

Agh, I don't know! I think too much about it!

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Thanks for the scanlation once again guys <3.

You know, strangely I like Hana's hotheaded personality after reading this chapter, idk why |: maybe because he abused Amidamaru countless of times with his feet *hates Amidamaru*.
Fingers crossed Takei will one day show us Chapter 5 years time lmfao.

& about the whole RenJeanne issue. I'm quite happy with the pairing but I'm kind of sick of the bickering thats going on about it on here lately, it's gone on for months. I know it's a shocking pairing to be put together but it's canon so we have to get on with it and respect the decision Takei's made. That's my view on it really 8D;

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'kay... I usually don't comment, but I have to say this...

about ren and jeanne, don't blame takei... it's hao's fault!!

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It's mean to say Jeanne is a bad mom.. Sure, she probably dotes on him and spoils him, but that's not necessarily being bad. I think he's so bratty cuz of more than just mommy. Think about it, he's probably treated like a prince... He lives in the Tao castle, has parents who probably want to give him a better life than they had growing up, has personal servants/body guards.. And he probably is spoiled and gets whatever he wants. I also agree with Chiisai that his strength and ability to control such strong spirits has something to do with it.

Just my opinion! :) We haven't got to see Jeanne yet, so I think it's jumping the gun a bit to say she's a bad mom.

And I think that if Flowers continues, Men may get changed a know, one of those stories where the bratty character has something happen so that they...get a little less bratty? lol I think it'd be cute.

& Thank you very very very much M-T!!! You did such a great job as always!!

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Thank you, we need to just wait and see to pass judgment.

And, Ren was a brat, he turned out "good" (Less bratty), it said at the end of the chapter, "men followed Hana and gets lots/" Tenner says he probably does something less bratty out of fear. He's about 9, he's just begin a little kid, frankly, he's much like my cousin, and he's very narcissistic at 7 because he knows how good he is, he knows he's smart, and he knows he's cute. Men is the same, up bringing has to do with it, but not poor upbringing.

Oh yeah, did I mention these aren't real.

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I agree with the TheSmai. I like the RenJeanne pairing and am tired of seeing the bickering.

As for the chapter, it totally exceeded my expectations of what was going to be in it. I just don't like Hana and Men though, they both seem so bratty.

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Damn, Tamao is HOT. Why didn't Yoh get with her? lol.

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Bickering and discussing aren't the same thing. If anything Chiisai, you started a whole new line of bickering by letting the opinions of people over the internet get to you.

No, seriously, if my opinion or me saying that Jeanne is a bad mother (albeit jokingly) bothers you, then you need to take a step back from the internet. You seem extremely uptight and protective of Takei. Do you get mad every time someone criticizes your favorite movie too? Welcome to the real world.

I really don't get how you can't see the difference. Yes, I'm aware it isn't real. Very much aware. I think you need to be aware that you can't control what I think about things.

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Hana's a drama queen, Tamao has been infected by Anna. Did I miss a subquest somewhere? This reeks of bad end.

Good job M-T but man...

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Omgomgomogmomg. Thank you guys soooo much!
Oh and just wondering, but approximately how old is Hana and Men?

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this chapter was pretty good, but hana and men are the biggest brats on earth. tamao acts just like anna which is annoying,well whatever. i can't wait till the new chapter comes out

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i think men is 7 but i don't know about Hana.

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According to Mentalite, Men is 7 and Hana is 13.

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Whaay, I'm back.

I'm bickering about bickering, but the thing is. I hate Takie. I really really do, one of the WORST writers of all time, I beleive Mankin was a fluke, but, it's still my favorate manga, and I'm gonna say it too, anime. Even if it's wasn't true to the story.

So, you can't really say I'm over protective of him, I just don't blurt out when I hate things about someone or someones manga, I hate people who do blurt out what they hate about something. It's rude, so I snapped when Jeanne was getting bashed when she isn't even in this part, it's not really nesasary.

Keep it to your self if you hate Ren Jeanne, it was his choice. Just blut out what you like aout it.

Say you like his new drawings, rahter than saying you hate how the story ended.

Say you like his story, when you don't like his charactors. Don't bash, it's annoying to people, say the posative.

I held my tounge to the bashing all the wya touth this, but it's really annoying me now, bcause it's pointless, if you wanna descuss something, they should re-do the fourm.

Fourm need to be re done so the comments about the chapter, don't get spammed by rubish.

And, yeha, I'm aware you pobably hate me now, ut, I'm brutally honest, and have to stand up for Takie when nobody else is, even though you all claim to like him and his creation.

Annoyed at me, find me on dA, I hardly ever come on here, only for the scanlation I'm on here, Thanks by the way.

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thank you very much for the update; you guys always outstands!!!!

I really enjoyed the chapter, but I think there were too many complains from both Hana and Men, I mean, what´s with them?

If Anna the 3rd is Hana´s future girl, that might be a little disturbing, but we will see what happens after they fight

I do not get why Hao had to match them up... it is a little weird...

I would like to know what has happened with Yoh and Anna... they have hardly been seen or heard...

Again, thanks a lot!!

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Thank you M-T for your GREAT work, perfect as always.
It was a good chapter, but I would like to know what happened to Yoh and Anna...Where are they?
Anyway, thanks again.

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Had me going there for a while.

A+ Troll
(・ω・)b ナイス♪

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For a few reasons I can't download the chapter. I'm gonna have to wait for the pages to be fixed or something.

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OMG!!! I am SHAKING!!!!


Going to read it now * 3*

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I want to be shaman king too! And have hundreds of cats following me * 3*

I like Hana =D
He is so much like Anna and Yoh xD

And W00T!!! Old bad guys are good!!

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OMG! thank you! I loved how hao appears
"did you call" xD hanna just call god lol "Are you ther god it's me hana asakura" XD

amazing as always mankin-trad you rock...
now yes.. it's true those 2 are but maybe if this continues we will see some character development... now we only have to wait *pray* for some more chapters of flowers xD

stupid question because I read the answer a while ago but I totally fogot T_T!!!!!!!!! -fue hace tiempaaaazo asi q me olvide T_T- so if you could help me... mmm she's anna the itako the third right??' so... who's the second??? and the first is the Anna we know in shaman king right...????????
-disculpen x la pregunta quizas tonta pero quiero saber T_T-

thanks again mankin

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First Anna is from Itako no Anna and Butsu Zone, 2nd Anna is Anna Kyoyama, and 3rd is of course Silva's daughter
(I wonder what the mother thought of him naming her child after another woman. I for one would be pissed.)

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I think the scanlation for online reading is missing a page now between 27-28...or around there...or was it taken out because it was too graphic XP

view spoiler

(no really was it?...I mean ponchi and konchi looked pretty bad...)

ok...I'm still Anna the Itako the lst trained Anna the Itako the 3rd?...shouldn't it be the 2nd training the 3rd?...and the first training the second?...I thought Anna the 2nd was trained by Yoh's grandma...or is Silva's wife Anna the 1st?...I kinda doubt it, but does anyone know who his wife is? @_____@ much confusion @_____@

finally, I forgot to mention this before, but thanks for the scans! I luv it...and Men is so cute! XD...even if he's a bit bratty, must take after Ren ^-^ Please continue the hard work

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good chapter

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They didn't train each other.

And Holy Hao we're having shitty times with Online Reading this chapter...

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>__<...sorry if I caused trouble...I just have the mentalite...and I know there was a scene...gomen

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Can't wait for Takei's next project

"Join a young girl named Anna, her friends, Anna, Anna and Anna as they discover their amazing powers in the harrowing battles against villainous forces lead by an enigmatic leader known only as...Anna. Coming soon Anna: the Anna Anna.

Seriously though, I know she's his "ideal female", but is four characters really necessary? And it's not even the character that bothers me (much) It's that EVERYONE loves her. So what, in the S.k world people like being constantly put down and condescended to?

And with Anna the third...She's older than Hana right? So that means that she was born and presumably given a name before Silva ever met Anna. So the S.F. happens, he gets all twitterpated, comes home and just has to (re)name his daughter after her because she's done so much so that it earned a tribute through name?

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Thanks Mentalite, good job with the amazing quality!
Jus wondering, since the next chapter isn't up yet, are u guys gonna scan something else now?

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Thanx Andy for that reassurence
Yeah, agree with you all.. But Hana and Men are kids of this generation.. They are brats you know.. Unlike our times... lol

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Added that missing page.

Don't know why that one didn't upload. That's weird. Well, enjoy again!

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Thank you MT for this lovely scanlation! I have just finished all 300 chapters of Shaman King not 10 minutes ago and I was thrilled to see this chapter! Well done!

view spoiler

I think it is too early to judge Hana 's character -- he is indeed very bratty! I would think that this is one of Takei's plot devices -- I'm interested to see if and how Hana would grow out of his hot-headedness. Knowing Anna and Yoh's character, the apple should not fall far from the tree. :) I think the Jeanne/Ren pairing is very sweet! I would not think of a more brilliant match to be quite honest! As for Men's characterization, Ren was pretty much like that when we were introduced to him in the early chapters of Shaman King so I was quite pleased that some things do not change. XD I'm sure Men's brattiness was meant to be a very humorous!

I am so excited with Hao's appearance in this chapter! I am very much looking forward to the next one!

Cheers form Perth, Australia!

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thanks a lot for the chapter!!!!!!!!!!

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Please STHU Jezzy.
Shut. The . Hell . Up.

You Annnoy me.


I can't believe all these people are up your arse, I can't see where they end and you begin sometimes.

That is all.

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Thanks for uploading those pages, Andysislands!

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Dude, nobody in the SK world loves Anna. Well, Yoh does, and I love the couple, but the rest of the characters either fear or respect her or both. That's the reason Silva named his daughter after her- after a strong woman.

And no, she's not older than Hana. Where did you get that?

@Chiisai: Take a chill-pill or something, you're starting to contradict yourself. Just don't read the comments if they bother you, but you can't tell other people to only say nice, fluffy things.

And people, it's canon. CANON. Cannons are other things.

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Anna III is older than Hana..Mentalite says she's 15, Hana is 13.

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Cool story, bro.

Posted on

Hao has mellowed. I'm surprised.

Hana is so unlike Yoh...and yet so unlike Anna...

Men is a jerk.

I am starting to think Takei is pro-teen marriage.

Posted on


I didn't mean IN love with her. It's just as you said "the characters either fear or respect her or both."

I just find it weird that everyone find someone that is domineering, emotionally manipulative, arrogant, anti-social and just plain mean...strong.

but then again apparently everyone thinks an unrepentant mass murderer is fit to be god, so maybe I just don't "get it".

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thanks guys for the chapter...i luv it, i hope that takei make chapter 2

I got a question

view spoiler

why yoh left hana with tamao?...i know he was traveling around the world, but when yoh was a kid, he was missing his dad. In one chapter he said to manta that he didn´t see miki like his father because he was away for long time.
so why yoh does the same thing to his son?

sorry for the english

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I hate Hana for reasons I can't explain.

But Epic Hao is always Epic.

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Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!

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I hate the fact that Hana refers to Tamao with that word!
I hate Tamao!!!!

The part that Hao reminds Hana of Yoh is great! XD (or something like that... Did I write it well....???? XP

I want to see Anna!!!! I can't wait to see the next chapter, and I hope she were there.......

Thanks for the update!!!

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I don't hope this stories continues.
But if it does, I DO HOPE, Takei changes the horrible first impression he gave me of Men and Hana, the most likely main character -_-

And I hope Lyserg, Choco and the others will appear.

And Moar Hao-ness of course

(and I secretly want to see Tokageroh again ;___; )

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Loved it! Thanks so much ♥♥♥

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Great chapter! I just love this series :D

But there's just one little detail that kinda annoys me... where the hell are Yoh and Anna????
She's my favourite character ever and I haven't seen much of her lately :(

Posted on

It was so long, but it was so worth the wait ;D
Thank you for the new translation, much loves <3

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Did anyone else see Hanas Oedipus Rex theme??? i just thought it was weird. and didnt silva stay in the GS with the rest of the patch? how could he have a daughter? and why name her Anna? i liked the story though. i wanna see how it plays out. We should play "Misery" w Takei xD

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Thanks Andislands!

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finally!! another chapter!! :D

view spoiler

men is such a spoiled brat!! how come he could use Shamash just like that?!!

And where the hell is Yoh and Anna?!

Men got some weird hairstyle like his dad. xD

Posted on

M-T, I fucking love you.

Posted on

Thx ^^

Posted on

so beautiful ToT

thanks a lot ^^

Posted on

Yeah, the fact that Men can already use Shamash is concerning. He's a GOD CLASS! Either this kid spent about 5 years in hell, or he's the reincarnation of someone very strong.

Posted on

...Are you insinuating that Hana killed Yoh and slept with Anna and had a kid with her? O.o;;;
I'm not really seeing the Oedipus theme...

Posted on

men tao i awsome, but not like ren
good cap, i wait for the next ^^

Posted on

xD About Silva's Daughter: She born when Silva was in Tokyo, she is 2 years old than Hana.
He simply given the name of the most powerfull woman that he met =P That's the reason of the name XD he simply has a big respect for Anna (But i think that he is also scared >_> Who isn't?)
But i have some doubts about the mother, probably she isn't a Patch because.. Patch are a Native Americans,, they have black hairs O.O So... or her mother is a simple American women, or Anna coloured her eyes XD (I dunno if i said it XD) I think that she follows Anna 1° as a model, for clothes and behaviour.

I think that Hao si so sexy >.< and.. i wanna all his cats >_> I have one but.. i wanna another! xD I love cats but now i have also a doggie... aaaahhhh what i can do now?>_>

So.. Tamao became a singer? I like her :) Above all when she was a little shy girl XD

Posted on


You know, I wouldn't give up the idea of living 5 years in hell... after all, how do you imagine Ren/Jeanne regular life in the Tao mansion with all the weirdo arrogant relatives and tons of spooky zombies? It's a hardly regular family.

Posted on

@ Jezzy
When a guy (Hana) is "in love" with someone (Anna 3) who resembles his mother, it's called Oedipus complex. Thats what he meant.

Posted on

I think that Anna 3 doesn't look like Anna physicaly...

I wonder how Anna would react if Anna 3 goes to their home and says "I will marry your son"... I think that, maybe, Anna would like to punch her..... jajajaja.. Like... "He is MY son, go away!" or something like that.... That would be great.... XP

Anna..... Where are you.......!!!!????

Posted on

Hao is mankin's greatest mazakon and you know it!
He used to think that Anna was his mother's reincarnation and yet he wanted to marry her :3

*mazakon = mother complex = Oedipus complex

Useful Japanese lesson nº 784651

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I know you have read this lots of times but... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE CHAPTER!!!
I wish to know how many Mentalite chapters have been released?

view spoiler

I love Horo Horo's appearance, haha... He's still very funny!!! >.< lol

I just wish the other guys still appeared... u.u I WANTO MORE LYSERG!!! YEAH!!

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reallly..Men was awesome.he can use Shamash at 7...I WANT REN!!!!!!!!

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GREAT chapter keep them coming

Posted on

Thanks again MT team! n_n

Posted on

I, for one, enjoyed this chapter xD
Horohoro is lulz xD

and the Hanagumi and Tamao got so pretyyyyyy~ ;~; <3

I want to see Ren and Jeanne T___T

Posted on

thanks for the chapter MT team ^^
it seems as if takei doesn't want Shaman King to end. xD
It's cool to see the new generation of shamans. ^^

Posted on

Eh... One point to make.

Anna the Itako the Third means she's a Third Generation Itako. The first Anna is the Original Anna.

i.e. The order goes like this:
First generation - Kino
Second Generation - (Kyoyama) Anna
Third Generation - "Patch" Anna

In other words, bad phrasing is the root of this mess. Takei is probably hinting that the Asakura will have 3 consecutive generations of wives that are Itako. Mikihasa isn't a wife, in case anyone wonders about consecutive.

Posted on

Oh, and Mentalite gives "Patch" Anna as 15, while Hana is 13. In other words, Hana's younger.

For that matter, the Original Anna was older than Yoh - by 3 years, to be exact. Tamao's uniform entry in vol 6 character files state as much.

Posted on

I'm confused... wasn't Anna the first the one from butsu zone???
I don't think the ennumeration (not sure this word exists haha XD) has anything to do with being an itako wife or not.
I believe it is:
First Anna - butsu zone
Second Anna - Anna Kyouyama (best character ever!!! I insist)
Third Anna - patch Anna

And another thing... Anna's older than Yoh???? (Kyouyama, obviously)
I've always been under the impression that Anna and Yoh were about the same age.

Posted on

They are the same age.

Posted on

Meh... I made a mistake. What I meant was:

Yoh and Anna are assumed to be the same age (since her birthdate is not known), but "Patch" Anna is definitely older than Hana.

On the Anna business; it's not a matter of what you think; that's the truth of the matter. The japanese has it as "Saindaime no Itako no Anna", or "Anna, 3rd Generation Itako".

The confusion stems from the following sentence, where a reference is made to "Shodai Anna" - the original Anna.

In Mentalite, Kyoyama Anna is referred to as "Nindaime no Itako no Anna", or "Anna, Second Generation Itako".

Since the Anna from Butsu zone is considered to be an alternate version of the SK Anna, it's not quite right to consider her as the first. Besides, BZ isn't SK - how would she train "Patch" Anna?

Either way, if one assumes that the numeral applies to the generation of Itako, things work out neatly. Therefore, I consider it to be right.

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A 100 Thank You's M-T staff <3

I personally loved Hana, he is truly a combination of Yoh and Anna. And I don't really consider him a brat- just an irritated teenager . I don't care much for Men, I think he's very arrogant, Tamao is too similar to Anna (we've got enough Anna-type characters in the manga now, Takei-sensei ), I actually really liked Ryu in this chapter, I thought it was nice to see the Hanagumi again, I loved Hao in this chapter, I can't wait to see Yoh, Anna, & the gang (along with Redseb and Seyrum (sp?)) in the future, and I HATE Anna 3 (I absolutely LOVE , but I can't stand Anna 3).

That's about it ^^

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Did u notice that anna 3rd actually says that she is the best disciple of anna the first?? Could it be true that she surpassed anna the 2nd, or are all disciples of kino very arrogant??

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that is a good chapter when the new chapter is coming??

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I still have my left leg!!!

this reminded me of Anna when she slapped Hao !!! :D

kawai~!! love it!! :3

i want to see Yoh and Anna!!!! and the gang as well, of course. :D

Craving for !!!!

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Iwant to see Lyserg again!! >.< Can't wait... well... Of course I can wait forever but... I want to see him now, hohoho.... When is next chapter comming!?

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It can be read either as 'best' or 'first'.

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And, where is Yoh and Anna?
They are not a good parents, je.

I want to know the relationship between Anna-san and her son. because Takei doesn't explain that. Also, I want to know what think Hanna about his parents.

@Are u going to translate the Shaman Files? =)

And I don't like Tamao-mom!

Thank you very much for translate all Shaman King, really, you are the best of th best!

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@Emilly & Diethel

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that was a pleasant surprise and i can't wait for the next chapter. when is it coming?

i think it's gonna be great if it ever continues (god i hope it will)

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and they thought they got rid of hao, haha....
.....after all he is the real king

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oh, yeah

i almost forgot

Thank you Mankin-Trad Team for your hard work and for bringing us new sk chapters.

Keep up the good work!!

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Okay, let's try to clarify this!

1st Anna - Either "Itako no Anna" Anna or "Butsu Zone" Anna (I can't remember which one wanted to live in Los Ángeles, but that's her. I would say it was the one from Itako no Anna..,) She's an old friend of Kino's. Read shaman file nº 123 for more info :3

2nd Anna - "Mankin" Anna.

3rd Anna - "Flowers" Anna. 1st Anna's best disciple.

Or something like that, since all those Annas are driving me crazy (?)

ps: my roommate's name is Anna as well .__.

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about the file 123, did you mean about the senior itako of los angeles that sended info to the Asakura?

so, Anna 1 is the first Anna that takei draw? I read about Anna in butsu zone, but I cant find Itako no Anna =(

Soo, Anna-chan (kyouyama+asakura) didn't entrain Anna III... oooooooooooooooooooooooooohh

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thanks for clearing things up Dit!!!

apparently all annas are quite ambitious...

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No; that Itako's name is never given. In any case, BZ/InA Anna is never reffered to specifically in the manga, just as Sati cannot be said to be the Sati of BZ, no matter what the similarities..

In any case, Anna specifically mentions the "First Anna"; not the First Generation Itako, Anna. It's a fine distinction, but I 'm not going to debate semantics.

In this case, misguidance through misinterpretation.

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Thx for da chap.! Itz really good!!!

I laughed when hana kick hao and he says "i still got my left leg!" Hahaha LOL!

men is cute, but he's too arrogant. poor zang ching, bill, and blocken...
hana, hana, hana... i like him. he's so damn funny

i want to see ren and jeanne!
btw, wtf is fresh marimo???
and what the hell is magazine that horohoro read?

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Ok... sorry again because of my posts... u.u

Ok... Now I have another comments.
I don't have things clear... (but I won't start again the Annas speach).
Ok.. First... Hanna thought that Tamao was his mom?
(Yeah... Im dumb)
Second... Are they supposed to live in the Funbari Onsen Anna wanted??
Third... If the answer for last question is "yes", WHERE IS FAUST!? T^T He was supposed to work there....

view spoiler

Even he had already died... T^T Isn't he??...

And... how many chapters does mentalite has been released? (Not translated)... Thanks... Hope I don't really bother you that much... hehe.

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If I remember correctly, Faust wanted to stay in the Great Spirit with Eliza.

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I'm not too sure, but if I remember correctly, the Hana in the FunbariNoUta thought that Tamao was his mom when he was 6 years old, and apparently she replaced Anna as a mother. Back then, Hana still doesn't know who were his true parents.

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QUESTION. :D Where's Yoh and Anna anyway?

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[i]CAT PARTY[/i]



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Good question...but apparently nobody knows the answer...

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Looks like Hana inherited Anna's (his mother) "Legendary Left."

Thanks for the release!

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Out being bad parents and ignoring their child. You know, the usual.

I know I joked about Jeanne being a bad mom before, but seriously, Yoh and Anna aren't winning any parenting contests anytime soon.

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And when I say "anytime soon" I mean "never".

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i like how hao looks like...but i would like to see him 21...i think he would be so sexy....

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It was surprize to me

domo domo domo arigato

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_________ ________
____O____ ___O____
: :
: :
: :

WHERE THE FUDGE ARE YOH AND ANNA?! have my utmost respect, really...but this...this....

T_T *speechless with devastation*

P.S: Though I do appreciate your hard work guys! Thanks a ton!!!

(But the whole Anna-and-Yoh-are-off-to-save-the-word-for-6-years-while-Tamao-and-Ryu-look-after-Hana-and-Hana-still-calls-Tamao-Mom thing is REALLY rubbing me the wrong way)

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Well Anna is a pretty bad mom considering that hana thinks that tamao is his mom. oh yeah and that is so lame that Anna the third is older than hana by 2 years.

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I can't wait to see Yoh giving some genuine piece of advice to his son in the next chapters and proving you all that he actually is a fuckin good daddy! I already see him teaching Hana how to seduce Anna the 3rd!

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I think that Anna and Yoh are bad parents because they never had a good parents, Anna doesn't have and Yoh never saw Miki when he was little.

Poor Hana-chan.

I think that hana knows who are his real mom, but Tamao cared him when he was a baby, sooo He used to call her MOM, anda he loves her soo...

Anna bad Mom
Yoh bad Dad

Tamao good Mom.


sorry bad english =(

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Hao is hot in nearly every times he appears in the manga =))

For some random reasons i don't like both Men and Hana, it just a feeling without logic, but still i don't like them. I wish for more YohAnna, but...oh well

And for one more thing, luckily i've got the raw of mentalite, and it has some stuffs other than these two chapters (the bonus and Hana's epoch), so I'm wandering if your team is gonna translating those stuffs too, i'd be very happy if you do ^___^

Like always, thanks for all the good work. You did a great job ^___^

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Ooh... I REALLY didn't like it! How come Hana & Men can both use Armor Oversouls and kick others' a**es around if they're nothing but spoiled brats?? Man. That 'old', lazy Yoh had to go trough really harsh training and one scary cave just to get his oversoul #2. And Anna the third... maybe she just thinks she's Silva's daughter? (impossible, I know) But sorry, Patch brand clothes doesn't make you an Indian.

Heck, the only one I really liked about this issue was Our King Hao and His cats. Thanks for impressive scanlation, anyways.

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¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡LUVE HAO-SAMA 4EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey guys!
thank you very much for your very good scanlations, you do such a good work!!
will you also scanlate the missing sk kanzenban-covers?
greetings <3

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I'm growing impatient to see the next chapter.(Takei is expected to make it after making this. And I believe that he isn't that so bad man as someone who runs away after making people curious about what he's doing ^^" ) Thank for all the things you've done, billions times!

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Oh god. An update.

I love u guys.

view spoiler

Oh my god, i couldn't understand what Men said when I got my Mentalite, and I liked him a lot better! He's so bratty!! And Hana.. well, I knew it anyway. He keeps shouting. At first, when i didn't understand anything, and just looked at the pictures it was so funny, because you see this angry kid screaming and kicking stuff.. lol

Oh mai, Hao is so sexy owo

Anna, Yoh, you're being really bad parents!! Leaving your kid like that.. And Tamao got bitchy, i don't like her that much anymore, i mean, getting stronger is one thing, getting bitchy is something else. Geez, Takei..

It was nice, but I expected better..

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Anna 3rd IS older than Hana. She's 15, Hana's 13

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@ M

hahahahaha... I don't like lizerg either!!!
I love and and and I like almost everyone in the series, but I really really really really really dislike that english boy with green hair... In fact, I was very disappointed when I realized he was one of the 5 legendary warriors.. but anyway, the rest of the series is pretty good!!

by the way, it's just my opinion... I don't mean to upset anyone from lyzerg's fanclub ok??

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It's great!!!!! Takei is pretty good mangaka, no.... He's one of the best!!!!
Tao Men & Asakura Hana is good continue of Shaman king's story

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I used to hate lyserg alot, but the grown up lyserg is much better.. lol

I think he is kinda cute, gentleman and nice contrary to .. lol

I still like both tho.. except the younger lyserg was such a jerk

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i didnt hate Lyserg who i hate in sk is

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If the japanese readers have reacted like the most of you towards this chapter, we can easily guess that it will be the last.

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HOW CAN YOU GUYS HATE LYSERG!!!! ???? He's so adorable and a gentleman!! He's always been smart and sexy... ¬¬ he's not a Jerk... I love him so much!!! >.< ... Yes... I know you already know that... Anyway.. I hope we can see more of him on next chapters! I REALLY WISH TO!! T_T

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Love it!!

This made me lol so much. Thanks a lot for this! ^^

Hao fell for it again! "I still have my left...!!"

I like the Hao parts. "Uncle Hao... Don't call me that!"

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could be normal and made friends with and others?
and Anna III might fall in love with ... or something

and ... when will appear the next chapter?
I was very surprised when I saw that started a new series of Shaman King

send me a reply e-mail:)

sorry for the grammar

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I wonder how the fight battle : Hana Vs Anna. Who win?

Posted on

wow. thanks for answering my question. :] whoever who did it. :D

i hope that in chapter 2, and will appear. ;] awww. thanks mankin-trad for this!

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@ Jezzy

Ren is your favourite character, right? What do you think - Why he is so angry and irritated all the time? Maybe he is protecting against feelings? Maybe he is always sleepy because of his nightmare (like Gaara)?

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thank you u guys for itt...... u should totally give urselves a break :) omg u should have a hana emotican too! x

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i h8 men rite now too he is as spoiled brat gah i love hana he's so cute and smexy

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The best part is when Hao-sama and Hana are talking.
I've loved this sentence: "I'm the thousand winds that embrace this world. Which means that what you're looking at is only a small fraction of me, nothing but an illusion."
He is AMAZING and the best king that this story could have. :)

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Oh! I wanted to post this link once the chapter was released... but I totally forgot.

Thanks for reminding me, PiyoKo

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I agree that I really thought Men would be less.......early-Ren, more quiet and polite (influence from his mother if nothing else), but I was more or less expecting that personality from Hana and it doesn't bother me much. He should tone it down from time to time though... his reaction to meeting anyone is scream and kick them in the face. bit too extreme
I also agree I don't like the direction Tamao went.... I understand getting rid of her shyness but now she's bitchier than Anna
I hope Hao is a main character in this

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well shaman king wiki said something about men...he has the same brashness from ren and the same haughty attitude from iron maiden lol

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I still don't get how Men's name is combined by Ren and Iron Maiden Jeanne.

I know it's the en from Ren.
But is the M from Maiden?

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Funga fufu funga fufu...

10 years or 20 years... will past and i ll never get tired of the "fufu funga" stuff..

thanks for every thing guys...

Some time we have to make a big world mankin dinner...

hmm.. in france (H) its a good plan...

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Pleaseeee, answer me!!!!!

thank u.


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How about this: You guys shut up and stop asking questions that have been asked and answered 333 times in previous posts that you're obviously too lazy to look for, and instead wish our Fearless Leader Shacho-Chan Andy a happy 21st birthday?

Yeah, I like that idea better. (・∀・)ニヤニヤ

Sorry I didn't post that picture like I said I was going to, Andy. I figured the leechers would freak out and wank about Pin-Mei being there. Maybe some other time.

But for now...


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Oh, hey cool! It's Andy's birthday today? Or was that yesterday? Hmm.... I guess it's too late to greet him, huh?

Anyways, awesome chapter guys.

Men's a little bratty though. Could be because he's the first son or something. And Hana's much too angsty. But maybe that's because he just reached teenhood, hence the start of oveproduction of new hormones or something.

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Haha, read this the day it came out in my science class, my teacher came over and asked me to close my laptop because I obviously wasn't paying attention..
And here in Norway you can argue with your teachers, so I ended up having the laptop up with the pages with Hao & Horohoro (He's the BEST EVER).

Haha x) Made my day, even if I didn't ay much attention rest of the day, telling people there's more to Shaman King is fun :D

I hope will be in it more, he deserves it >>

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It's today, the 28th, so let's get on with those greetings \o/

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Happy Birthday Andy!!
I hope you have a great day and thank you so much for all your hard work! You are a very nice guy.

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Happy birthday Andy! I wish you the best for your 21st year.

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Happy Birthday, Andy! :D

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No one ever looks at the forums.

Im making a Shonen jump card game( if anyone is interested. i have the SK starter deck up and the rulebook. Its a funbari onsen starter which means mostly faust yoh and ryu (no ren yet. sorry jezzy:P) i need to know if ppl will play to decide if i should continue working on it.
[Also, matamune should have been in this chapter:(]

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ALso, Happy BDAy Andy!

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happy birthday!

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Happy bday Andy..i was forgot writing the name..sorry

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i wonder how hana's supposed to fight Anna the lll, if he didn't have amidimarou with him? please answer me.

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YAYYYY HAO! <-- only part she paid attention to :P. Andy dude where have you been lately? I never catch you online anymore.

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Happy... erm... Day-After-Birthday, Andy!

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Sorry for the delay, I got really into this...

view spoiler

Ren's anger and irritability stem from how he was treated as a child. Think about it - children are often the product of their environment. En wasn't Father of the Year by any means whatsoever. He exposed his children to death at an age that most kids don't know how to cope and deal with it. Furthermore, they probably weren't given a decent explanation as to WHY these people were dead/"had" to die. That's scary. It can scar kids depending on their ability to deal with such things. It would seem that maybe at this time, Ren could not.

Next point: Abuse. While not much is shown of Ren's childhood other than bits and pieces in volumes 7-9 of the original manga, we can use those tidbits to infer not-so-far-fetched details. The emblem on Ren's back symbolizes hate. It was carved into him (ignore that in the anime the animators got lazy and did away with it at the end of the Rescue Ren arc) when he was a small child. How wouldn't that fuck anyone up? I don't imagine him getting a lot of love from either En or Ran. While Ran isn't as bad as her husband, the fact that she allowed her children to suffer lead me to believe that she did very little, if anything at all, to show her children love. Imagine growing up in a house where your parents don't show you that they love you on a regular basis. Even if one parent shows you this love, if the other doesn't, especially the father, it has an immeasurable impact on you, whether you notice or choose to believe it or not.

Children mimic their parents. That's why alcoholism and physical abuse run in families. If your mother grew up around an alcoholic, chances are that she herself is going to marry an alcoholic and continue the cycle. Your parents teach you how you're supposed to be treated. If your father physically abuses you, you're going to think nothing of hurting other people. Violence begets violence. You can tell so much about parents by the way their children act. If the child yells, curses, is violent, and isn't good at showing emotion, it's a sign that maybe the parents weren't the best parents they could be, and didn't show them as much love as they could.

Going back to Ren on this one; He didn't get love from his parents, so he wasn't preconditioned TO love. Many times, people with a childhood like his don't know *how* to love people to the extent that many can. Jun is a special case. What do siblings do when they're in pain and feel they have no parents to turn to? They turn to each other. Jun showed him kindness, and that's why Jun has always gotten the sort of love that he was capable of giving at the time.

With a horrible childhood comes an enormous amount of emotional pain and hatred. People deal with pain differently. Some cry, some hold it inside. As a child, Ren might have cried visibly, but told to shut up by En and be manly or something to that extent as a Tao heir should be. So he kept it all inside. Keeping such pain inside you and never expressing it is exhausting. Some anger can come from that. A more understandable approach is that with no one to cry to, those painful feelings finally overwhelmed him and made him resentful. Not only that, but how do some people protect themselves? By pushing others away, something that Ren's temper accomplished very easily. I think the anger and irritability really come into play when Ren, at some age, looks around and finally realizes just how lonely he really is. Cue frustration and violent outbursts.

So, let's review:
1. He was born basically for the sole purpose of becoming the Shaman King and continuing the Tao family's legacy of hatred.
2. Had the family emblem carved into him at a young age, something that would leave any child traumatized unless they mentally blocked it out.
3. He doesn't seem to get love from his parents. No hugs and kisses and such. We don't even know how kind Jun was to him, or if it was even enough to impact his personality (ie, make him a COMPLETE homicidal maniac incapable of change)
4. No friends except for a floating purple ball and a stuffed tiger. Hobbies include a forced interest in the Kwan Dao and smelling dead, rotting bodies. Studying is inferred.
5. Dead people...just...dead people all around. Death should not be such a familiar thing for the child in that flashback, who was only three years old at the time. I still get a sinking feeling when I watch that scene. He doesn't understand what's going on because no one cares enough to explain it to him. It's so sad to me.
6. Though Ren becomes much kinder in both canons, he has a lot of trouble expressing it. Even as a father, though Takei says he is "very devoted", he isn't hugging and kissing his precious son at an age that is so vital and impressionable. My mother once told me that without love, a baby can die. Ren survived, and Men does as well, but the love is not there, even after all the change Ren has gone through.

TL;DR: Ren's angry and irritable because he was emotionally and mentally scarred as a child. Though he became kinder, he never fully recovered from it. If his parents had been loving and doting, then he would have been as well, but would cease to be the character that I love and relate to SFM.

Hopefully that wasn't a chore to read. I got carried away XD

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Wow...that was long.

You really like Ren don't you? lol

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Thanks for this!

view spoiler

Gotta love Hao and his cats

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:anna:Thanks Mankin Trad for this Chapter!!:anna:
:yoh:I hope Chapter 2 will be released soon!!:yoh:
:hao:Happy Birthday Andy!!!!:hao:

view spoiler

Are Redseb and Seyram still alive?? please answer me!!!

:yoh:I hope Yoh and Anna will be on the next chapter:anna:

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I'm SOOOO happy that there's a sequel to Shaman King. It may not live up to the first Shaman King, but I'm enjoying anyways.

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They combined Men name from katakana. Maiden in japan is read as meiden. They taken kana me from maiden, and kana en from ren. So together it's Men! They're not too creative isn't it? LOL
Ren is always want to win against Yoh, so his method to named his son is as same as Yoh. LOL

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That was....interesting....

I really loved Shaman King, but with Flowers it looks like he's just trying to outdo hiself hith Hanna.

view spoiler

Seeing as how he has the same Type of OS as Yoh did by THE END OF THE SERIES, it's rediculous. I really miss Yoh, not having seen him this chapter. Lets hope he'll appear in chapter 2.

Also, Hao FTW

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@ Big Big Fan:

view spoiler

They were revived and adopted by the Asakura family. So, add "Asakura" to the end of their names.

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I really hope that Yoh will be the main charcter,i dun wanna see anymore talented main-characters,i want a character like Yoh which has no talent,calm and relaxed and constantly slacking.Hana would be a good character but he is like any shonen main character with lots of talent at birth and hot headed and rash.

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Thanks for the awesome scanlation! My feelings are mixed on this one; there was some good, and some very wrong. Namely, why does every other character in this series have a mother complex? MEN IN SHAMAN KING: PLEASE STOP BEING ATTRACTED TO PEOPLE THAT LOOK LIKE YOUR MOMS. I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU HAVE MOMMY ISSUES, BUT YOU ARE SQUICKING ME OUT.

I completely thought Tamao was Anna. Can't we just see what Anna and Yoh are up to (apart from being awful parents)? I'm sure it's much more interesting than watching the brats duke it out.

Ren's kid pretty much seems like a carbon copy of Ren at the beggining of the series. But given who his parents are, how could he NOT end up a spoiled brat? Was probably pampered to death by mom and given a huuuge ego by dad.

Posted on

view spoiler

At first I was freaked out that Hana had the hots for someone who looked and dressed exactly like his mom, and even had the same name, but then I typed it out on this comment thing and realized that "Anna the Itako the Third" looks like "Anna the Itako the Second" because they're both itakos, and that their hair styles and eyes are very different. They also don't act similarly at all. I miss Yoh and Anna. How come Ren's the only guy other than Yoh who got hitched? Spread the love, Takei. Get Tamao with someone other than her work. I'd even settle for Ryu.

Posted on

Thanks for the chapter~ and happy belated bday to Andy =3

view spoiler

The chapter was pretty good, although they kinda dumbed Hao down a lot. It's kinda sad he went from such a bad ass to a match maker =x

The whole Anna-thing is kinda weird. I assume Yoh and Anna are absent again b/c they're trying to find a way to save the world; they should learn to schedule quality time with Hana too >.>;;

Men is kinda spoiled, but you can't really blame him. I don't think Ren or Jeanne are bad parents. Like it was mentioned by Jezzie, Ren had a pretty shitty childhood. Moreover, Jeanna had the same. Added to that that Jeanne got knocked up when she was like 14(?), so it's only natural she and Ren would dote on their son. They want to express (or at least try to) love for there son, as they themselves were never really loved as children. I think this could also be why their pairing was made; they both were damaged goods. In terms of shitty lives, no one could compare to theirs.

Posted on

Hurray! I didn't even know Shaman King would continue like that! I like that gathering of old characters as well.

Feels like history lookping back on itself though...

Posted on

The best part was the "UNCLE HAO?" HAUAHAUAH

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view spoiler

or maybe this pairing was created because Takei-sensei really want Ren to have family quickly. So he choose Jeanne because there's no other one suited to be his wife!

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When is chapter 2 gonna be out? Its been a month.

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Read newspost

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Can I have the link to the newspost? I don't know where that is..


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omg u ppls cant stop this!!
yeah its confusing but ONLY 1 CHAPTER CAME OUT!!!sheesh (no offense)

Posted on

Thank you!

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happy belated birthday to Andy!!

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Can anybody tell me how much has the manga sold,has Shaman King sold more than 1 million copies?

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Yeah I just noticed.

Whenever Takei makes someone stronger, they come with a "New and improved" attitude.


The inner mechimations of takei's mind are an enigma.
*Spills milk*

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Happy B-day Andy, mah man!

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If only instead of another "Itako no Anna" we were given "Otaku no Hana"...

Posted on

Please join the new FB petition group to get the Shaman King anime remade the right way.

Every person counts.

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...sure they do...

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i feel like such a dummy.
i was thinking that hanna's name was hao and anna combined. also thinking that it was yoh who was sitting on the hill as a spirit. the reason is that they never said his name. and kzb 300 pg 24 looks like (what i assumed to be) an older hao, with the 5pt star on his belt. hao was the main one wearing those all the time.

but reading through hanna's epoch, i see that SK (uncle) hao was watching over them in spirit form. so when i looked back at KZB300. i realized pg 25 had to be yoh, wearing matamune's necklace.

but again, looking at it, it didnt make sense for everyone to be getting along so well with hao in the end.
i feel like such a dummy.

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Soooo is this actually going to be a new series or just a couple of chapters? kinda confused right now but liking the style of this chapter

Posted on

the manga is great just continue watching it,i don't think Takei will dissapoint his fans.

Posted on

I don't know if anyone else got this impression, but Hana seems to act more like a cross between Horo Horo and Anna, and Men is just Ren with blond hair >_>. As for the Anna personality thing, We have seen no sign of Patch Anna resembling the previous Anna's personality so far (in fact it's quite the opposite if you look back at the Osoresan chapters), In Tamao's case she seems to only be rough on Hana because if she didn't Anna would anyways. As I said that was just my impression. I can certainly identify with many of the complaints I've seen though.

That said thanks for the scans guys, quality is 5/5 as always.

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view spoiler

Hana would be screwed if the O.S. Men used when he attacked was Shamash and not Bason! Then again, I don't think Men has the furyoku required to control the O.S. long enough since Shamash is pretty much a God level spirit...

I want to see how Hana would fight Anna the third when he left the Futso no Mitama Tsurugi at Funbari Onsen along with Amidamaru!

Posted on


I kinda have to agree with you on that one. Yoh and Anna doesn't act like that in their teenage years.

Posted on

I am wondering if you guys would continue to translate the rest of Mentalite to English ???

Posted on

When I pass my College Algebra class.

Posted on

does anyone feel like the new characters are all the exact same?

talk about deja vu

Posted on

LOLs. i just had a funny thought!

if and gave birth to Hana, then what will the childs name be if Hana got tohgether with Anna the 3rd?

Posted on



Posted on

Hana II or Anna IV.

Oh God it never ends!!

Posted on

I know it's not completely SK-related but when reading chapter 7 of Takei latest venture, Ultimo;

view spoiler

There is a little girl named Koganei Hana, who looks exactly like 6-yr old Hana.

Also on Ch. 10 there is a Karakuri that looks alot like Tamao.

Personally, I think with Ultimo going on, if Flowers is going to happen, it's gonna be awhile. I think he also could be doing it in his free time (whenever that is lol), and may not be consistent.

Plus, Flowers would technically take place in 2014. Which of course, hasn't happened yet.

Posted on

Sorry, but character look-alikes don't mean much. A couple of the karakuris even resemble Butsu Zone characters, the manga Andy says Takei still loves the most, but really has no chance of ever finishing. And if you think about it, many of the characters, especially the female ones, look like Mankin characters. Hell, even a character in the Jumbor oneshot looks/acts like a Ren-Anna-Marco lovechild.

And really, don't underestimate Takei. Ultimo is monthly, so much different than doing Shaman King weekly. If he really wanted to/was able to (aka Shueisha would let him), he would do Flowers.

Personally, I'd just like to screw it all and have a new animu, but Takei makes it seem like that's not going to happen. Or at least any time soon.

Posted on

What was that? I like accidentally double-posted, I'm sorry.


I know that, I just wanted to point it out lol.

Actually, I'm kind of been pleasantly surprised with Ultimo.

Also I didn't find Hana to be bratty, just kind of like every other manga lead male. Just a tad cliche. Hope he can put a twist on that.

Posted on

Does Takei have a say in there being a new anime or not? I assumed that the studio would approach him, or something like that. I didn't think a mangaka could say he wants his manga to have an anime, and get one..

But it's not like there can't be a new anime and Flowers! The anime just has a lower chance of happening... ;-; It needs one though! Totally!! Maybe one day it will happen....

Posted on

Didn't mean it like that. I just know things you don't. Hurrr.

Posted on

@Jezzy - a bit offtopic
So you're in linear algebra?

Posted on

view spoiler

ITT: Bitches and Whores (IE: Jezzy)

Posted on


Didn't know you were blowing anyone for ~super secret information~

Honestly though, I thought Dia's comment made perfect sense and if you really are on to something and "know more" than her, it would be just peachy for you to clarify to us lower beings instead of being so damn haughty about it.

Posted on

I agree with sharon !

Posted on

Mankin be srs fkn bznz
You really need to stop taking what I say so seriously, especially when I said it lightheartedly. I mean, most of you guys obviously hate me, so why pay attention to me? I know I've learned to just brush off what people on the other side of the monitor think of me. I mean, if you saw me on the street, you wouldn't be so direct. That's the magic of the intarwebs. Chill out. Life is entirely too short to get mad at a troll such as myself.

I'm not a whore though. You're wrong on that account.

Posted on

It's actually just called "college algebra", but yeah, we do that stuff too.
Or we did. I'm so done with that class. Now I just need to write essays and stuff.

Posted on

Actually, it may just be because I'm a bitch myself, but I AM that direct on the street if someone is being rude to someone else on no grounds. I'd hope that you don't strut the streets wielding your almighty knowledge that you still haven't shed any light on, but given that you seem to have paid no acknowledgment to that coming off as completely arrogant and abrasive, I imagine that that hope would be in vain. If you want to play some sort of victim card and say that we all hate you or whatever then fine, but the truth of it is that we ARE grateful for what you and Andy are doing here. What pisses people like me off is that you're the only scanlator I know who also seems to think she's some sort of goddess of the series with the right to sneer at anyone in the message boards with a question or opinion she doesn't like. Your comments back to so many fans here just reek of self-entitlement and contempt and of course no one's going to respond well to that.

Posted on

XDDD Dear lord, the comments. CAUTION, THERE B TROLLZ HUR. It's like an endless cycle of people bitching about Jezzy, then being bitched at by people worshipping Jezzy, then bitching at the people worshipping Jezzy, then...


Posted on

Y so srs?

I don't know. But I do want to know what possibilities a new anime has, if at all.

Dammit, I should have studied japanese when I first wanted to. :/

Posted on

First of all, there will not be any personal attacks anywhere on Mankin-Trad, at all. This, of course, includes Jezzy. Do not continue. This is for everyone. If you have a problem with this, please contact me. There is no reason to start any of this argueing, and should stop now.

Second, there is no new Shaman King anime planned. There are no plans for Shaman King: Flowers chapter 2. Basically, there is no new news for Shaman King in Japan right now. When there is, it will be reported on Shaman King Nation.

Posted on


Don't forget about the poor invisible translator :'(
Just kidding x3

*runs away to finish her never-ending Japanese renshuu*

Posted on

hey where did my comment go ? hehehe damn andy did you really have to go ahead and ruin my fun heheheh just kiidin, its about time someone told everyone to stfu and behave good on you

it sucks how SK keeps coming on and off damn takei should just make up his mind as to whether he's quitting or not

Posted on

well, i do believe that though we are 'fans' and 'supporters' we do NOT have the privilege to call takei any of those rude names. if he doesn't want to create a new anime or remake it, we can't complain about it. it's entirely his to begin with. if he will ever make this oh-so-awaited-remake then let's thank him for that.

dont be goddamn arrogant people.

Posted on

@Dit: Of course not, dear~ We all love you~

Posted on

aawwww.. just when it was getting good!!!
hahaha... it's just so fun to read all kinds of arguments here XD
but really, don't take everything so serious!

Anyway, I just thought it was time for me to, once more, thank you Mankin Trad team, Dit included of course :P, for all your hard work scanlating this series :)

Posted on

@ Jezzy

Thank you so, so much for your comprehensive statement about Ren's behaviors. I also thought about it for long time and my opinion was similar. And I'm glad that someone's way of think was the same!

And I was wondering about one thing:
do you think, Jezyy, he could accept his feel of love to someone or accept feel of love which would be given him by someone with that condition of psyche?

Please, forgive me for my english, I know it isn't good enough.

Posted on


There's nothing wrong with your English. lol

If Takei does plan to do Flowers, I have a fear.
As a general rule, the plot of a sequel cannot work if the threat isn't bigger, badder, or more powerful than the last one.

At the end of SK,

view spoiler

Hao becomes the Shaman King, and is basically commanding god-like powers, or speaking at a god-like entity (I'm Atheist so I'm trying to be careful how I say this) or something of that sort.

What then, could be possibly more threatening that that? I mean
view spoiler

he is basically, on their side, or atleast on the side of the well-being on the world.

Maybe he could come up with something, but I have my own doubts.

Posted on


Flowers doesn't necessarily have to have a big baddie to fight. I think that rather than something such as that, it would be a series following Hana's(and Men's??) growth. They could become stronger, learn things, become better people, etcetc.

At least, that's how I'm thinking Flowers will be if it continues..... I think it could be a really nice series, knowing Takei he could definitely pull off something wonderful. But I also like Hana and Men, so maybe those that don't wouldn't care for it..

&I would hope Takei would show us lots more of our beloved older characters!! x)

Posted on

I would personally prefer a compilation of short stories (like one or two chapters each) rather than a traditional battle manga.

Have you guys read Midori no Hibi? Well, I mean something like that... (spam: If you have not, then what are you waiting for? It's great! x3)

I so want to read one-shots about the visionz warriors and their families... buuuh :'(

Posted on

There is something interesting in the title of Flowers...

"the door of the soul world will be opened again, THE ONE WHO LINKS THIS WORLD WITH THE OTHER...HANA ASAKURA"

Does anyone know what it means?

Posted on


I assume because the name Hana means "Flower".

Maybe that is only part of it though.

Posted on

Actually, now that I think about it. There are Two seven year time skips. That's a lot of time, 14 years combined is still well-over half my life so far.

Maybe he could go back and forth between events in FunbarinoUta-->Flowers and then events in Flowers.

Posted on


That would be so lovely!! I want to know about what happened with all of them so badly. I can't read the visionz profiles in KZB27 because I don't know Japanese, so it's very depressing. And even then, a little paragraph tells only so would be great.

Flowers has so many possibilities! I hope that we see more of it soon, whatever he decides to do with it.

Posted on

Ok... I got lost with all that comments and confused me. Takei made the anime??
... And... Flowers has been stoped??.... What happened?... o.o

Posted on

No, Flowers hasn't been stopped. As of now it is only a one-shot, which means that no more chapters are coming (damn!)

Maybe in the future, but not anytime soon I think... :(

Posted on

And the shaman files, are u going to translate the shaman files????

Posted on

Yeah, we're going to! I promise!
Just be patient, ne? x3

Posted on

@ Dit

oyes al igual que tradujeron los capitulos de kzb al español, tambien lo haran con las shaman files?

Posted on


Not rushing you guys or anything. But I also notice only the KZB extras up to Volume 14 are up and translated. You guys gonna finish those some time?

Posted on

Ah I see, you're a freshman in college?

Since the Shaman King Tournament is over... what is Hana planning to do?

Posted on

wait does this mean mankin is kinda dead atm until something new comes out ?

Posted on

They are going to translate the SHAMAN FILES!!!!
Just be patient...

Posted on

@Sara Ringo

I know, I was talking about the extras in Vol. 15-27. Not the Mentalite Files.

Posted on

To any staff members who work on the forums: Can't you guys put in place some sort of security measure to keep out spam bots like a CAPTCHA? Normally there are spam bots advertising products and services but right now there is some pretty sick shit going on.
To anyone else here: Don't visit the forums or the feds will be knocking at your door.

Posted on

Jezzy, could you send me your fan fic pen name...?
ow o;

Posted on

to staff mems: hows the progress going towards those scans?
i just want to know because im going away for a while and i dont want to miss anything (the arguments included ;-) )

Posted on

Good Going Andy!! I hate it when people fight on the internet.
There's something so infuriating about it, like you can't fight fairly becasue you're not face to face.
I never really got the impression that jezzy was all that mean.
Hm. Oh well.

Good job you guys, take your time Mankin-Team!
BuddahtheBob knows how to divide my attention!

Posted on

Привет всем) Выражаю благодарность от лица русских фанатов манги Shaman king, хотелось бы увидеть последние главы на русском если есть такая возможность, спасибо

Posted on


I concur..............................................................................................................................................................................................................what?

view spoiler

I don't get it...

Posted on


view spoiler

Use the translator to understand that the Russian person wanted to tell ХD

Thank you mankin-trad for your work )

Posted on

Спасибо за комментарий! Я рада, что вы понравились, но не знаю, если она переведена на русский или другой Языки. Извините, я говорю плохо...

Posted on

I'm shocked you even DO, Dit. Was this an autotranslation?

Posted on

I started Russian as elective subject last year :X
It kills me, but it's fun!

Posted on


Hana has nothing to do with his shamanic powers. That's why he's so frustrated in this story. I'd behave pretty much the same way if I had kickass powers and could not use them :/ that's why I don't think he's a total brat.

Posted on


That also makes sense now that I think about it. If you think about it, there a ton of intertwining reasons to why people behave the way they do.
So sometimes you really can't judge some people unless you know alot about them.

Posted on

hey!! are you going to translate the Mentalite files??

i've seen it already.. but it is in Japanese sooo.. i didn't really understand a thing. :3

Posted on


view spoiler

Yes, they will translate the Shaman Files soon.

Posted on

Just a friendly reminder that:
Shaman Files =/= Mentalite

Shaman Files = Volume Extras
Mentalite = Mentalite

We'll be translating both soon enough. Thanks for your patience.

Posted on


Your welcome.

view spoiler

L4D2 is ossum.

Posted on

When will be next chapter?

Posted on

Anyone who can read Japanese care to translate this for me?


It's something about Samy's/Mamy's oversoul. All I got out of it was

view spoiler

their spirit is Ashura from the Butsu Zone manga.

Posted on

Aww man, I feel so bad for him.

The user of the irregular strategy that in eighth section groups of people [Ashiyura] of one body (spirit power 400,000) O.S it does holding spirit with [mami], and two people in combination with one body of the remaining eighth section groups of people to circumstance, O.S it does in weapon type and can give in Asura and fights.

Posted on

You've already posted that link. Please don't spam the comments. Thanks.

Posted on

Eh, it's been awhile but I see your point, i won't.

Posted on

Ya know, the more a re-read chapters. The more I see...maybe not a rush job but like moments where I feel Takei was like, "Damn, I wish I could put more here".

The ultimate example for me are the Gandhara, we know alot about them, Mentalite filled some voids there, but I felt like they were kinda skipped over.

And what about all those other minor teams? They have little importance I know but. I really want to know who T-Production is and what is the guy with the fishhead icon in Fight.

And when Hao tells Ren he'll try to recruit him again l8r. That subplot was never brought up again.

I know a little bit about publishing comics in the US, and it doesn't seem to be that hard to squeeze some stuff in.

Does anybody know more about the publishing process in Japan? From what I know, it's a bit harder to maintain any serialized material.

Posted on


Yes, I know how to use Babelfish too.

Posted on

I read somewhere that in japan, the publishers/editors/executives/whatever have much more power over what goes into the story and what doesn't, besides the fact that popularity is also very influential. That might have had something to do with the missing stuff. There's also the time crunch; from what I understand, american comic artists take their own sweet time while manga artists sometimes work under very strick schedules, which means less time to storyboard and generally plan ahead.
I wish that Takei had had time to develope more of his ideas too, but I don't mind the exclusion of minor teams. I always get bored when having to read through the first time BoZ showed up, or about the Ice-team (or whatever. I don't even remember their names right)

Posted on


thx. I read the interview with Takei they did at SDCC, whenever the publisher showed up, it was apparent to me that he had a fair bit of control over the content.

The first thought I had was "This guy seems to be abusing his position as publisher/editor (watever)".

But from what you say, it seems like that's the norm over there.

When trying to Explain SK to someone unfamiliar, I usually say this in general opinion: It is one of the most original manga ever...and one of the most cliche one ever.

Posted on

yeah cool but i want to sleep first wwkwk.. you to moron.. so small:Ren Manta:hahaha YaTa.. hohoho

Posted on


If you need any help w/Russian, just mail me. Would be fun to help :)

Posted on

@ShadowTyrael and Jezzy

thanks! i can't wait!

Posted on

Something like "Her guardian spirit is one of the Hachibushuu. Mamy and Asura (spirit power 400,000) form an O.S together, while the other seven Hachibushuu turn into weapons for him to use. Thanks to this, they can perform a wide variety of techniques when they are fighting"

Hachibunshuu (meaning The Eight Legions) is a group of Indian deities that protect Buddhism. The eight groups are the: Devas, Nagas, Yaksas, Gandharvas, Asuras, Garudas, Kimnaras and the Mahoragas.

And yup, Japanese editors are more fearsome than angry Ren and Anna together :)


Posted on

I'm planning to go into the comic buisness when I grow up. I now know that its even better to be in America. I don't like it when people butt into my stories, you see. Not that I was planning to go all the way to Japan to publish them though.

I've always wanted to ask;

Why do you guys need our e-mail addresses when we comment? Does it have to do with spamming?

Posted on

So that if you act like a jerk I get to submit your email to a spambot.

Yes, it has to do with spamming. Plus sometimes when you guys ask more personal questions and such (like when people ask for my fanfiction), it's just easier to contact you guys directly. No foul play here.

Posted on


Atleast I tried

Posted on

Shaman King: Z

it roooocks

Posted on

Thank you Dit.

Damn, and to think we never got to see As(h)ura in action. Not ever concept art for the OS.

I wonder if Takei has been working on Butsu Zone in he wanted to finish it just for his own benefit. If so, we should steal it.

Posted on

There are a ton of factors. First is sales of volumes. The more your series sells in volumes, the longer you live, and the more flexability you have. Second is editors. They help determine where you are placed in the weekly magazine, when your volumes go on sale, as well as guide the plot. My suggestion read the Bakuman manga, it will explain it ALOT better and in more detail. Also, MANY people look up to Takei, editors, mangaka, other staff. So, he can get away with some things that other people can't do.

About Takei at conventions outside of Japan. The first rule placed is, not to cover story or details that aren't published in that country. AS mentioned above, the editor basically controls all PR for the mangaka, so, stepping in is important. Also, mangaka rarely make public appearances.

In the age of the internet, countries don't matter too much. But, age still does. The best way to go is web comics and attend conventions. Artist Alley tables or vendors. Local newspapers are also a good place to start. Do lots of research, look at convention videos about other people who got published and how they did it.

Yes, Butsu Zone was cancelled. But, Takei did later create 3 Drama CDs. These contain an alternate ending from the manga. Maybe a more detailed, meaningful ending. He never added more to the Butsu Zone story after that, so in his mind, with the Drama CDs, the story is complete.

Maybe new banner soon. Tradition tells me I should.

Posted on

Drama CDs of the ending eh? *goes to Google*

The internet pirates of the world have failed me!

Posted on

Takei was one of the main publishers behind it. He'll probably make more money behind 1 CD sold than 20 volumes of KZB sold.

They are a bit pricey, but worth it.

Posted on


Are conventions a big thing in Japan? The only one I know of is TGS, (which on a worldwide level in even bigger than E3).

I'm saying from the perspective of someone outside Japan, it seems like if I were a mangaka, I'd be open to ideas, but if the editor is being intrusive to my story, I prolly don't wanna go with that editor.

I'm not saying the editor (Names? I'm clueless) did that, and I have no way of proving his influence anyway, thats just the impression I got.

And even tho I want someone (prolly Viz) to sell English versions of the reprints, (seriously enough with the old editions, it's not even a complete story there) I don't support printed-media so I completely agreed with you about web-comics.

Posted on

Conventions in Japan. Basically, none. TGS is a tradeshow, which is different from a convention. Convention -> general public awareness. Tradeshow -> media awareness. Yes, general public can show up, but it's really a media events.

However, "gatherings" or "meet-ups" are much more common. They are single day events, held in cities in a large room. They are often for very specific reasons. Like a certian pairing between two characters (Horo x Yoh), or based around a series or author, or other type of fandom. Most of them are a single event, though a few are repeated, but often renamed. Often planned months in advance. It's like a mini con, some small games are played, people come in cosplay, douji are sold, baked goods, fan art, .etc.

As a mangaka, the biggest and most important choice you can make is which publisher you want to work for. Once you are hired, you are there until they fire you. Basically no second chance. The choice of editor is basically up to them. They want the mangaka to succeed, so it's not like they are trying to hurt them... but an editor also works with multiple mangaka. So if he might not be good with all, but they just need to deal with it.

For outside of Japan, published manga-style stories, Tokyopop is the best bet. But they cut back ALOT. Viz might get into it, but it will be very limited. Both are print medium companies, so selling books is the only way to make money. In the next 5 years, pay per chapter may become more established. However, Viz might not be leading that and there may be newer companies that could support that kind of distribution system.

Posted on

Thanks for the reply Jezzy. Thanks For the advice Andy! I'll try some of those. I just have to get my comics ready now. When I get them published I'll let you know, if, you know, want to read them.

Posted on

@andysislands Who's publishing the 32-volume set now? it just says Shonen Jump on it, they actually print volumes? i thought that was a 3rd party...

Posted on

In english, Viz is printing the original 32 volumes, with up to Volume 25 currently in stores. New volumes are released Bi-Monthly (that's 1 new volume every 2 months).

Posted on

thats wat i thought, i never understood that, i can't imagine Vis media doesn't have the resources to get volumes monthly.

lack of interest? perhaps, i dont think it hit as well here... i blame the anime.

I know a good few ppl who say they'd love to get into SK, but they don't liek the manga format. Which is kinda sad on two fronts.

Posted on

They could release it monthly if they wanted to. But they can't flood the market. I don't have $100 a month to spend on manga. At best (when averging it out), for every "manga fan" (for any series), they will buy two volumes a month.With Viz being the biggest publisher of manga in the US, even if they only release 3 volumes a month (of any series), your average person might only buy 1 or 2 of them. If Shaman King is released monthly, thenit could be that series that people don't pick up.

Also, Shaman King, worldwide, is a "B-rank" manga. It's not on the level of "A-rank" mangas that always sell (like Bleach, and Naruto). So it rarely ever makes top 10 sale charts. But it always does well enough to keep publishing worldwide. France and Italy are the two countries that it is considered an "A-rank" in terms of sales.

Posted on

Beyond the 32 original volumes, does anyone know if they would release the KZB volumes? I really don't want to spend my money on an incomplete set if there a chance I could get the KZB.

Posted on


Me neither.


I think the fact that mangas like naruto and bleach are ongoing has alot to do with that as well.

I agree with you on what you said, but I think the time between releases should reflect the total number of releases. At this rate the incomplete volumes wont be finished until early 2011.

And why are they bothering with the incomplete set? I don't think any SK-fan is out there going "The Reprints suck!". And I bet anybody would choose the reprints over the incomplete set.

Posted on

What I'M wondering about is why they change so many thins in there (The english volumes, I mean.)
I know they do it to remove profanity and stuff, and know that SOME of the names are different from the translation because of the pronuciation, but most of the time I shake my head.
Take X-laws for example. Meene's name was Minnie. Only recently has it been changed.
Then Cebin. They've dubbed him kevin sometimes.
And Dobante(I think.) Porf, and Larch have been changed to Dingbat, Poffe or something like that, and Lucky.
And Redseb and Saler are now Ludsev(which is okay.) and Salerm(SO not okay.)
Then some speech bubbles aren't even filled in.
And when ren and Horo Horo argue in the Golem saga, it just says"Yap yap yap." What is that? the shapes were much better than that.

Sorry. I got off on a rant. I'm glad Viz is around, but I hate some of the things they do.

Posted on

Guys, calm down.

We don't know yet if they're doing KZB. I think Andy might have said something about Viz mentioning it, but I'd rather he say that, lest I be mistaken.

Also, please remember the simple fact that when Shaman King began running in Shonen Jump USA, it was March of 2003, more than a year before it was prematurely ended in Japan. Viz had no idea that it was going to be "incomplete" as you call it. And it's Viz's nature not to just drop manga. And I really doubt it's possible for them to just insert KZB now, anyway. We'd probably have to wait for something similar to a VIZ Big release...or that crappy One Piece thing that's out now.

Posted on

Seriously Seyram is easier to pronounce than watever they came up with.

I think it was bcuz Redseb and Seyram are apparently (news to me) cigarette references. Which is bullcrap cuz their dad is still Camel in the viz version.

Posted on

Seriously. Live with it. It's not the end of the world. They're still giving you Shaman King in the US, giving you every opportunity to buy it and support the manga who love/like/enjoy/read in passing.

Posted on


lol, I'm not mad. Sorry if I come off that way. I'm just saying what I'd like to have happen. If it doesn't, oh well. It'd be nice to have a physical archive but if not, I guess I can just live with digital media. :).

Posted on

You just unleached my inner hate.

Viz's editing is really bullcrap imo. I bought the volumes for some time, but then stopped when they just kept on changing things. I mean, comon! It's a damn manga for teens.

Does Chocolove's name really offend that many? Why in the world are the X-Laws names changed so much? Peyote becomes Tecolote? Choose an effing name for "Redseb's" sister already. They changed an already english name oversoul from "SOS" to "SOTS" (I personally hate the "The"). Mana is such a lame and general "energy" word. Furyoku's much better. Flasher? Just say Perv. Seriously, Viz doesn't know how to leave names alone.

End of personal rant.

Posted on

1. Viz is in talks to get the KZB. No word on release fo those yet. But there is no word on release for them anywhere outisde of Japan anyways.

2. Ongoing has nothing to do with it. Early 2011 is saying "Shaman King will be finished within the next year." That's good, not bad.

3. Names are names. Most of them are nicknames anyways, not real names. You say "Horo Horo" then you are incorrect. The official spelling has been "Horohoro". So, what you think they should be just doesn't match with what they say.

4. Otherwise the translation is excellent. Some terms were modified, but that's called localization. It happens, it's to make it easier for you to read. We do it too.

All in all, there is nothing to prevent you from purchasing the manga right from Japan.

Posted on


From Japan? Yeah I order the Mentalite online. (Know full well I can't understand much in it)

Posted on

Yes, Shaman King comes from Japan.

Posted on


I knew that. lol.

That's not what I meant. I was confused by what you said and tried to respond with what I took it as and it turns out that was wrong.

Posted on

Seriously, if you got a problem with or whatever you call this site, just LEAVE. you don't help anyone here by saying your nasty and rude comments. Should you have to write a comment, make it pretty nice and friendly. you just go rant and rant and rant all the time. okay? It's such an irritant to see you guys commenting and whining. If you don't like SK, fine. If you love SK that much and you think this site or whatever editing company is screwing SK that much, then go find another site that offers the services that will satisfy your soul. ayt?

--yea i'm pissed. isn't it nice to see that there is someone giving us SK? yah. that's also my rant. live with it.

Posted on

Anyone wondering how Naruto would look like if Takei drew him? (L)

Source: futaba (a.k.a 2chan)

Posted on


Sweet find. I like it better than the original actually.

Posted on

Question to andysislands, it really makes me wonder how so few mangas actually make it to actually being known out of the hundreds of them all. Does it have to do wit how you do your manga oorrr...

Posted on

I have Andy's permission to answer this one.

Because a lot of them are bad. Yeah, I know. Manga can be horrible. You can either make it or break it with a cliche, or try a more outside the box idea and not have it be accepted or latched on to.

Some people can't tell a good story. Some people can't draw to save their lives. Some let the story go on too damn long. Some don't have believable characters that readers can relate to.

Being in a good serialization can help as well. Just saying.

Posted on

anna the third and hana are the same age(there's a site containing information of all animes , especialy shaman king, made by it's creators)

Posted on

@Asanoha douji

Sorry, but that site, wherever and whatever it is, is wrong.

[ages are in brackets]

[consider this a preview of the Shaman Files I'll be resuming before the end of the year...though we'll be back at 15&16]

Posted on

I like that Naruto, haha.

I also find it hilarious that Dit's translation of Mamy and Samy is already on the SK wikia. Hilarious in a sad way.

Posted on

I've been reading Zatch Bell. Having read shaman king, it seems like a total ripoff, but I'm kind of enjoying it.

Zeno is like a six-year old Hao without all the smiles. lol.

Zatch: I didn't do anything!


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It's amazing how many references Takei put in name-wise.

The X-Laws and the Munzer family are named for cigarette bands.

Hanagumi is named for pot (Cannabis, "Match", and Marijuana)

The Asakuras are named for hemp.

Lyserg is LSD.

The Icemen are named for Papico ice cream products.

The Niles are named for Pocky-like products.

Gandhara is named for companies and supermarkets.

Haiti 800 were named for herbs I think.


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@ Jezzy

Jezzy, my encyclopaedia of Ren!
So: in manga Jun said once Ren was, as a child, kinder and sincier than anyone. Do you think, Jezzy, it's possible for Ren to return to his earlier 'form'?

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HELL. ****ING. YES! I have been waiting so long for someone bring up Zatch Bell.

I wouldn't call it a ripoff, more like the two authors drew from the same inspirational well, just Takei got there a little earlier.

The premises are the same but the overall stories are much different.


view spoiler

Zeon has just the tiniest bit better motivation than Hao for the jerkiness. It's resolved in a manner that's way more satisfying as well.


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Yeah I agree with that. I haven't finished Zatch Bell, but I know that.

But can we agree with condemning that Takei can draw better than Raiku? Especially that chick with Brago, her eyes are WAY too wide. Or her face is too narrow, I'm not sure.

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WoW you guys talk a lot, that's great! ^^
Loved the Naruto pic!

I'm glad to hear there'll be new releases on the Files, the huge poster has so many characters I'm not familiarized with...

Thanks for the nice scan of Mentalite's page Jezzy, great quality is great XD

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Does anybody know where the Munzers are from?

I thought I saw it somewhere but I can't remember.

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Don't forget Amidamaru = Amida, which is Buddha :)

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Well, yeah, but I didn't feel like putting every single name reference up.

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@ Fomalhaut

wow! I wasn't aware of any of those name references! except for the Munzer family but that's just because someone mentioned it earlier...

Is there any reference to Anna Kyouyama (however it is spelled)??

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Kyouyama = Osorezan
(same kanjis --> 恐山)

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I'm assuming nobody knows then?

(Refer to #324)

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That was like my 5th guess.

I was confused bcuz the map in the mentalite (which I may be misinterpreting since i cannot read the text around it) shows Redseb and points Saudi Arabia, and shows Seyram and points to America.

Then that chapter in the Golem Arc, is titled "Forbidden Finland" and I still can't figure out why.

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Manjien says Middle East. Didn't see that coming, though that would explain the Hebrew letters and the whole Golem thing... But since Chocolove killed Camel in NY and as you say Seyrarm points there as well, let's assume that they moved to the US at some point and she was born there...

One day I'll read the whole book, I promise D:

Also Finland is where Mikihisa and Camel met, I think.

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I claim comment 333 for everything awesome and Taotastic in this universe.

Namely my boyfriend and Ren. And strawberry Calpico.

Yeah, I'm done.

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Gah, your all so reliable! Who to trust!?!?!?

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"Forbidden Finland" is a health center where Miki and Camel were in chapter 202.
According to Miki, they met each other on the mt. Kailash +)

if you don't mind, I'll give you a proof link =)

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Okay I wasn't meaning to start a whole slew of hae comments for viz. In fact, I'll list all the things I love.

1. they edited out chocolove's lips
2. they changed chocolove's name to Joco
3. They make some of the explanations alot easier to understand
4. vol.24 and 25 are the best so far in my opinion. They look alot more cleaned and organized. Especially the characters page.
5. no foul language. ( I can tolerate bad words, but I'd rather not have them at all.)
6. that they dared to translate it.

Most of the grieviances I have against Viz are really because I like the way things are worded in the translations. And the names.
I'm sorry, I'm never going to get over that.

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BTW Naruto looks WAY cuter when takei draws him. Has he drawn anymore characters from other series?

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R U Kidding? I hated that. They are completely ruining Takei's art. If there was an actually kid named "Chocolove" people wouldn't start calling him something unless he wanted it, and if they did, WTF?

Foul words are an expression of dialogue. And it's not like they were overloaded with them originally. Characters represent people, and people cuss. I'm sorry if it offends you cuz you were raised to believe it to be wrong. But ppl cuss. It's not the word, it's the meaning behind it. And if you are the kind of person to be offended by that, then I don't get why your a fan of Mankin.

Mankin is full of concepts of the wrongs of society. It's one of my favorite factors about it.

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"And if you are the kind of person to be offended by that, then I don't get why your a fan of Mankin. "

Sit down. You're not the fan police, nor are you cool, edgy, or smart. You're overstepping your boundaries and really starting to piss me off. If you understood just who Viz is marketing towards, you'd understand those changes, and, as a fan, still buy the releases instead of complaining about them. Some countries don't even have legit Mankin. Just sit down, and silence yourself.

I like the fact that Chocolove's lips were edited too. Are you going to start a fight with me as well? Leave people alone and allow them to enjoy Mankin their own way. They don't need your approval, sry2say

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lol. I'm not trying win anybody over. He stated his opinion, I stated mine.

I'm not fighting with anybody, I'm saying that some guy editing for Viz is having to edit those lips, and I think it's un-necessary. I understand why, people consider it offensive. But (again, in my opinion), people who are easily offended, need to relax and get a little more humility.

I mean, Takei drew the lips that way for whatever reason, does this make him racist? Maybe? Idk. I have no way of knowing, I just take it as his art style.

And in my opinion, editing somebody's artwork just so you don't offend somebody, is a losing battle. I personally don't mind either way, but somebody might like the way his lips were originally. (In which case, to those ppl I recommend


I'm sorry if I came off as snappy towards you. :)

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(accidentally press submit, new keyboard is funky)

Basically, somebody somewhere will always be offended by something, so best to just keep it as it is. :)

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hey someday are gonna be able the chapters extras, of the other mangas!? i love to see them!

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Yeah, I gotta agree with ShadowTyrael. Changing art in a manga just doesn't give the same feel when you read it when you know what it's supposed to look like. "Editing somebody's artwork just so you don't offend somebody..." Yeah, that's so lame.

On aanother note, I do have to thank the MT team for this great websidte.

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And, yeah. I may not seem like it, but im greatful for you guys (MT team). You guys are 2 years ahead Of Viz. :)


Well when the KZB was released, they did 2 volumes per month and finished in roughly over a year. how is this not flooding the market?

i dont think americans are suffering for pocket $$$. lol.

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Because we're two completely different countries. That should be a given. They buy a shit ton more graphic novels than we do.

Plus KZB is aimed at collectors, not people just getting into the series. It's not the same target market.

Are you even American? If you were, you wouldn't make such ignorant statements about what people can and can't afford.

You're being silly, stop trying to challenge the way the market is. You don't understand any of it, despite Andy's and my best efforts to inform you. Edits happen. It doesn't excuse you from reading it online and then not buying it when it comes out, which is effectively stealing it. VIZ is not some big bad company for changing a few things, believe it or not. Again, you're not cool and edgy for bagging on them.

It's amusing how you talk so much about respecting Takei's art, but you insinuate that you don't even respect it enough to buy it and support him, no matter what the form. Seems very hypocritical if you ask me.

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actually, I do buy Viz's releases. But only bcuz i support Takei. I'm saying that the things they change are not very convincing to go drop 9$ on something i can get online.

in short, i support takei... but not Viz. Lucky for them, my support of Takei is outweighing it.

And I thank you guys for informing me of how the market works. I appreciate it. I never said you were wrong, i was asking a question. :)

I was born in Canada, spent the first few years of my life, & have lived in the US for the last 11 years.

The thing about it is, I do my research. I learned how the bad anime was (whole nother discussion lol). i learned that the 32 vol set was incomplete, and of the KZB.

I'd assume that most manga fanatics do this kind of thing before buying.

And as a B-rank series, I assume the majority of ppl buying Mankin are fans of manga in general. Where as the mainstream stuff is usually the hook for getting you into manga. Atleast in the US.

There i go again with the assumptions! lol.

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Whoa. These discussions are always so intense.

Anyway, I used to be offended by bad words when I was little, but I'm not now.

To be offended means that something insults you in some way.

I don't like bad words, but this does not mean they offend me. Sometimes I think theyre appropriate for the intensity of a scene.

Also, I'm not offended by Chocolove's lips either. he just looks better without them IN MY OPINION.

( And about his name. That doesn't offend me either. Chocolove always reminds me of Chocolate Lover, and Chocolove does anything with chocolate. But he makes a ton of jokes, so...)

Yeah i probably don't know alot about the market either so...

This is not meant to start the whole discussion all over again. I'm just clarifying my reasons so that I can be understood.

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While reading Shaman King wikia, I found a statement that made me smile:

"After the Shaman Tournament has ended, Tamao is left to bring up Hana and oversee the construction of Funbari Onsen while attending high school. Under tremendous pressure, Mikihasa's death finally causes her to snap: She runs amok and dominates West Tokyo for 3 years straight with Harusame in hand. It is at this time that she gains the training to become an Okami and the Furyoku necessary to summon Dai Tengu. "

Just wondering if this has any fact to it~♥
Also, thank you Dit, Jezzy, and Andysislands for all your hard work. I've never commented here becuase I have had nothing to say, but I've been following you guys for years. Also, all three of you guys have uber awesome pics, especially Dit. D:<

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New Holiday Banner 1 is up (refresh page).
New Manga Chapter release within the next week (in typesetting phase now)
New Holiday Banner 2 will go up around the same time.

And probably a nice round up of news on Shaman King Nation (because, yes, things do happen, I've just been lazy in reporting them) before the end of the year. Think more of a Year 2009 in review. If there is some type of news you want me to report on, please let me know in these comments. (such as Viz volume comparisons, Ultimo news, Ultimo chapter summeries, .etc)

Finally, I'm bouncing some ideas around for a Holiday parody release. But, it really depends on how other things go, and how busy I will be.

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Alright. :)

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Thanks for commenting!
Oh, and that's from -as we call her- Psycho Tamao's shaman file. I don't remember if it was in volume 27 or in Mentalité... anyone? :3

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It's in the Mentalite. :)

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Nice Banner Andy

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I like the new banner, it's just Hao seems a little... out of place.

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Aw. Poor Tamao.

I always did wonder how she coped, the way her personality was at first. A breakdown did cross my mind a few times. She needs a good long break if you ask me; I hope one day we learn more about what happened during all those years... Thanks Dit and ShadowTyrael :D

Also, the banner made me grin, and I'm excited about any update you guys post here, no matter how faintly(or not at all) related to Takei it may be!

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i like the ren banner better but this is cool too haha

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Does anybody know when will the next chapter be coming out?

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Awesome new banner.

Until I see it in the kan Zang beng files or something, I will not concede Tamao had a mental breakdown. Maybe a personality change, or a period of depression for Mikihisa's death, but nothing that extreme. It just doesn't seem to fit. Sorry. I'll believe you guys when I see it in the trasnlated files.

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I can't read the files, but I own Mentalite which has the psycho Tamao file in it, so I can verify that SOMETHING went down with her... She looks reeaallyyyy angry and like she'd slice your throat any second! She also has a sword, which I assume is Harusame.. It also says "yanderu" which sounds a lot like yandere, and if you know what a yandere is...fits the psycho thing.

Plus, being stuck raising Hana at a young age and putting her life and dreams on hold has gotta be rough on a person... With the added fact that it's the son of the guy she was in love with, it doesn't seem too weird that the poor girl would snap.

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I have a question! I have a question!

In chapter where Horokeu fought alone with Hao's mates, Kalim said to his father 'Father'. Are they family with Kalim?

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Ну когда же появится следущая глава после flowers?

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Это никому неизвестно,даже Такею,тк по-сути он еще не создал новую главу...и хз когда создаст.)
Он занят другим проектом- Ultimo.

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They're not family, it's just that his name wasn't revealed until kzb came out (that's why everybody called him "Horo's father" or maybe -I don't really remember- just Father)

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now that you say that, it makes sense. nevermind.

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А, ну тогда всё стало на свои места :3

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hey, can anyone tell me in which volume of kzb contain ren 4 years old shaman files?

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Volume 7

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Man i really wanna know when the next chapter will be coming out.

i really pity Hana for not being able to relax, since he has his parents attitudes... does anybody know what will it be like when yoh, anna and hana are together in that house? like how would hana treat yoh and anna..

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Like very respectful but yet at the same time very disrespectful.... Eh, he's conflicted.

Can somebody explain thru Text, how to pronouce Horokeu? I'm assuming it's pronounced the same as anything else with "eu". Like the amazing film, "Deu Ex Machina", but just wanna be sure.

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I'd like to think the three have a semi-confrontational relationship. They're not constantly hurling insults but at the same neither party will hesitate to call the other out on it's BS.


Horokeu = Horo-Kay-Ooh.

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Thx, that's what I thought.

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can anyone translate the song TOWAIE for me please? i have the shaman king game at PS2

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Currently away from home. But I brought my laptop along so I can get some work done. Until my laptop got hit with a bad virus, and I'm thinking a rootkit too. Kinda fixed it, but anti-virus isn't up to full yet, and for the most part, no internet access.

I'm taking all the steps to fix that now. But, it's just another delay in getting this upcoming relase out. Sorry. I'll keep you all posted when things are back on track.

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On Tamao's breakdown...

In this chapter, Tamao seemed a bit off to me. Does it say in the Mentalite whether she ever recovered from her breakdown?

And, of course, thank you so much for scanlating this chapter.

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great!! delete my comment!! great!! hide the truth to everybody!!

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lol, wouldn't you if you were in their position? Besides, we all know they take a long time. You didn't say anything truly revealing.

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hey wtf, why did my comment get deleted for ? cant you guys handle the fact the well, its a fact that me and Mak are right ?

im going to go look somewhere else for sk updates.. even better COMPLETE updates not half baked cakes.

get your act together mankin otherwise people will leave (the smart ones i mean) and you wont have anyone to produce manga for (not at large at least)

i love your work but enough is enough, if you guys cant last a few months with apparently getting "virus infected" PCs then you shouldnt be doing anything IT related (a sad truth for most PC users).. or get a mac they never get viruses

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fuck dudes,

If u want to go away, go away!

Just do it!

Mankin ppl have life!!

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I find it kinda funny. Since, you don't complain when we don't say anything is coming. Then, when I say "something is coming, but we had a set back," then we are "slow."

It's not like new Shaman King chapters are coming out every week now and we've fallen 12 volumes behind Japan. We work on what we work on, because it's fun, and we like what we are doing. If things come up, then things come up. But, I at least inform you all when I need to modify what I said prior. That's not being "slow" that's letting you have a better timeframe of when the release will be. We've always got new things lined up. Somethings take longer than others, and once it gets closer to the release then I make an update.

Yes, I would like to get back to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly updates. But this takes planning, and some luck, and of course work. Maybe in 2010 things will be more consistant. But until then, just wait and I will keep updating, and we'll all have fun and keep doing what we love doing.

Posted on

Andy, while what your saying is rational and logical, the people who are complaining are neither of those things, so it's really not going to make a difference. Mak and Jwalka were born with silver spoons in their mouths and feel entitled to anything and everything, and a few paragraphs won't change that, sadly.

Thanks to everyone else for understanding, though. You guys rock <3

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you just cant help yourself can you ? even after andy said the EVERYONE that flamming will not be tolerated you have to be the light in the dark are start this shit again well congrats

you praise those that wait months at end for your releases but never (or in this case hardly) receive anything.

i dont really care if you guys dont release anything ever, its the responsibility that you guys have as manga editors to keep your word, honestly i dont come on here much (once in the blue moon to check for real updates) but its fair to say enough if enough

you guys give praise to all those who wait for months and months and still receive nothing, what kind of reward is that ?
if editing manga is a small "hobby" that you guys undertake whenever you "feel like it" then let people know so they dont create a level of expectation as high as say the guys that do one piece for onemanga (they HAVE TO do a weekly scan)

i know the SK series is over but even so letting people know the train is coming along slow...very slow is greatly appreciated (to those of us who have other things to do (im not saying you guys dont btw))

at first i didnt mind that you guys took your time but odly enough it seems now that the manga is over i an anxious for the matalite stuff and other (if any) SK stuff to come out (i dont really know why, probably because SK was and partially still is my fav manga)

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Look guys, I know how hard it is to wait long for something you want (I also read scanlations... actually, I think we all do) but really, we don't make you wait here on purpose! It's just that, as Andy has said, things DO happen.

I used to be part of a Spanish scanlation group, where we were ten. Thanks to that, we could release something new almost every week. Why? Because when someone was ill, or had an exam, or had to work, or had a virus, or whatever, there were other people who could do his/her part of the chapter. That's how big groups work.

Here? We're three. One scanner, one translator, one typesetter. Completely different situation if any of us have a problem. So please, try to understand that.

Believe me, this is not as easy as it may look from the outside, but we do our best so that everyone can enjoy Takei's great work. Sadly, there are not many other groups that care about him...

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@ Dit

appreciate the polite response

im sure there are heaps of people that could help out with translations etc, have you guys asked the "fans" for help, if they love SK (and in some cases you guys) so much then they will help out.

i would love to help out seriously, but my plate is full already, i got game development projects that have started and plans to move overseas for furthering my career, if i had the time i would be seeking people out to help me translate (my jap is very bad)

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i'm not talking about chapters...they are finished!! I'm talking about shaman files...The last raw was posted on APRIL!!!! Is to difficoult to scan some pages and post them? there are groups that every week post every raws from sj, ecc and they are never late...If everybody starts to do like you, we'd have a chapters 1 year later.

Posted on

People people people.

If you want to not wait, just go to the other scan groups you're talking about. No need to keep coming here and slander MT.

Posted on

@ above
clearly people who "hate " mankin come back because the quality and translations are hardcore good (no sarcasm btw), most other scanners dont do as much a good job as mankin (quality is bad, translations are wtf etc)

but even that doesnt save people from the angry mobs that where once fans (both of the manga series and the scanners work)

@ Mak
i suppose now that the series is finished they can take their time with the other SK stuff.

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Yeah, it was back in April, wasn't it? And yeah, that is a long time. I'd absolutely love new Shaman files. It's crazy, isn't it? April? It's like M.T. hasn't done a damn thing in like, almost a year.

Oh right. The finished the series for us. The series that we're all here talking about. The one you're bitching about. Shaman King. And they did it pretty damn fast, too.

So now that the actual story is done, how about we all let this group of -3- people take their time with the smaller stuff. I bet it'll be better with the wait.

Thanks for everything, guys. :) <3


You're a cretin. 'Nuff said.

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There are no other SK groups. Not in english, anyway. That's why you and Mak come back complaining every 3 months or so. :P

Posted on

hi there! I just felt like coming here and say "hi" :)

MT-team: thanks for all your hard work! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to read the end of SK.

To the ones that think they are "slow", if you don't like it, don't enter this site.

Anyway, happy new year to everybody :)

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I thought I read somewhere in the comments that the new jumbor barutronica chapter was being scantalated next.
Can someone confirm or deny this?
I looked, but I can't remember exactly where I found it.

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Happy New Year

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Happy 24th Birthday!
Party on the Internet! lol.

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@ Tsuchi-Saikoro

like i mentioned before, there are something like 2 or 3 other SK groups but their scans are either;
A- bad quality or
B- have terrible translations

Posted on

AND HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY REN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on

Oh yeah! Its ren's b-day!

Happy Birthday ren, m'boy!

(He's my fav character)

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Happy New Year everyone! :))))

And Happy 24th birthday to Ren!

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I already bought the cake guys. No lie.

Happy Birthday Ren, luv <333

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Happy Birthday, Ren!

Banner changed back to the Ren Banner. Since "banner" spelt backwards is RENnab!


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400th Post is MINE! muahahaha.

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happy new year everyone!and happy birthday ren!!!!

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My hope for 2010?

The start of the KZB foreign releases.

Also a war between Uzbekistan and Northern Ireland about something trivial like the current supply of chicken nuggets. lol.

Posted on

Happy new year guys, and happy birthday Ren!! :33

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Mak, I have an excellent solution for you since you are so convinced waiting for SK extras is not humanly possible!

First, go to or your favorite japanese online book store!
Next, purchase the book you wish to be scanned/translated!
Third, go to and order their japanese course!

And with a good year or two of work, you'll finally be able to have your precious and oh so important SK extras!

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Happy New Year!

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Happy new year everyone!! Happy birthday Ren!!! You're 24 years old now!! Love you so much, Ren!! Men is about 3 year old if Ren 24...i love that family... Ren, Jeanne, and Men...

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Happy New Year to you all!!! Thanks for everything you have done for us, it has been a long time since I came here but I do appreciate your scans!!! You are awsome and there is no need for you to waste your time hearing people who is not grateful; drink the milk and then damn the cow... what a shame.... anyhow, my best wishes for you!!!

Posted on

Please... Stop blaming Mak and Jwalka... Even if they showed rudeness and have spoken harshly, why are you playing their game? And after all, when it comes down to it, they're right. :S
As I'm from the French team and I've worked as translator, editor and cleaner, I think I can give an other look on this situation. We finished Shaman King for several months. Now, we have to do Mentalité stuff and SK Extras... I guess it's pretty hard to translate ( I translated myself in French from Dit's English translation, and it took me a looonng time!) so... I can say nothing to Dit except thanK you so much.
Andy edits and cleans... So he can do nothing without having scans and translation.
But, Jezzy... I apologize in advance, because I know that it's quite out of place to call someone's work (or way to work) into question when that person doesn't own you any explaination... But I'm afraid that Tsuchi-Saikoro, you're wrong, and Mak is right... It's been since April that Jezzy didn't post any raws from Extras (I'm not talking about Mentalité), and finally any raws, cause the raws from the volume 27 were not hers. And sorry, but scanning these Extras can't take 3 months... I can tell, because I tried (as you asked me to do if I was not satisfied) to find people who own the entire KZB collection and would be able to scan it. And I found nobody. I even tried to scan myself SK pages to realize how long and hard the process is. And you have to admit that it's not a matter of several months... So Jezzy, why do you make wait them such a long time?
I don't understand you, because I noticed that you could perfectly find time for it, as you find time for chapter commentaries or post complex analysis about Ren here... In fact all that enters in the territory of pleasure... Does that mean that doing these scans is a chore for you? :S
You're the only one who own the entire KZb, and who can make perfect raws. I understood that. I learnt that you don't want to share your scans with other teams.. Why? :( Why deprive foreign readers of SK? I'm beggin you for all of them!
I hope that my post will give you all an interesting opinion, and a chance to make you all think differently, wondering the good questions, without fighting. :)

Posted on

I was about to forget the most important...
Happy New Year, you all!

Posted on


i agree with you (on the commenting etc part) as for the other stuff i dont know what goes on behind the scenes and quite frankly i dont care.
like i mentioned before, if you make a site for manga people expect you to delver ASAP, not 6 or more months after.

i've lost hope in mankin posting anything but for some reason i still come up because theres a bit oh hope left in me that mankin will clean its act up.

Posted on

"Does that mean that doing these scans is a chore for you? :S"

Posted on

@ jezzy
if its such a chore why dont you leave, at least, or give the raws to someone else to scan ?

that way no one will complain and you will be free of your duties, this whole time you've been criticizing people who argue and call makin slow etc but it turns out we were right the whole time
who would have guessed that the very "team player" was the one letting everyone down

Posted on

Finally someone who think istead of insulting me and jwalka. If you watch i have never told anything to Dit (becouse i know that translating isn't fast as you think). I said only that jezzy can't take a year to scan some pages -_-. I was rude becouse i said that and EVERYBODY attacked and insulted me -_-. At least write "i won't scanlate anything", so i'll go away. But in sixth month you did commentaries, and useless things istead of scanning that 3 pages (every volume has 3 pages of extra, not 30000000), giving no news about raws...

Posted on

Extra but otherwise meaningless pages to a comic that's long since ended....srs ****ing business

Posted on

There's something else you two seem to be confused about. Jezzy has absolutely no obligation to scan these pages. If she doesn't feel like scanning, she won't scan. If she feels like it, she will. That's all there is to it, and no matter how much you complain, it won't change her desire to scan.

Posted on

Actually, she kind of does have an obligation. She signed up to do a job, and she hasn't been doing her part at all. She's holding the whole group up by not scanning like she said she would. Dit and andysislands do their jobs in a timely manner, but not Jezzy. She took the scanning job, but she doesn't scan, so people complain. If she did her part and scanned, the fans would be happy, and there would be a lot less drama in here.
Rudeness is one thing. But it's understandable people have gotten frustrated with the slowness. Especially when she admitted to not scanning because she finds it to be a chore.

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Yes, you've got it perfectly. You understood . And you are forced to accept it because you think you have no other choice. And if she doesn't want in 2012, you'll say the same thing. Do you think you're write to act this way?

I sum up the situation: Jezzy doesn't want to scan since April, because it's a boring duty (and I agree, it's very boring...), knowing perfectly that you all are waiting in vain, without feeling guilty at all towards you. I say that because this is the key of scanlation group. Of course, in scanlation, there are tasks very enjoyable (for me, it's translating and cleaning, for example and as soon as I have time, Irush to do these tasks, because this is pleasant for me!), and other which are less. And me too, I consider it like a chore, and, exactly like homeworks or reviewing my final exams, I always try to put it to tomorrow. But, when I watch all the readers posts, who are thanking and waiting without thinking at all that I'm not doing my best for us at all... I feel guilty, and I go back to it, because this is the least I can do for thanking them for not being angry or impatient.
And I understand, Jezzy, that when everyone is that comprehensive and patient just like here on M-T, it's quickly tempting to take advantage of it, if no one's reproaching. Everyone's doing that. :p The point is to stop at the right time. And the fact is that I really don't know when it's coming for you... :(

So please, you all, instead of praising or complaining, help (how? THIS IS THE THING YOU ALL HAVE TO MIND!) our Jezzy to find the power and the envy to do these scans! =D And help me to convince her to share it with foreign readers, not only you in America... ;)


Yes, your reasoning is logic, but all you do saying all she dir these six months is useless... that's stupid, because you'll just dig her heels in. And she enjoyed doing these, and she put time ang energy in it, so you have to respect that... You're not in a strong position.

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You're thinking just like me. Of course I already knew Jezzy considered her task as a chore. I wanted her to admit it. And now that it's done, the situation isn't the same anymore.
It's always been awful to put the all the blame on somebody... :( But this is exactly why I'm searching for an other way to awake Jezzy. ;)

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Jezzy thinks scanlating is a chore?

Shame, guess i shouldnt expect anymore SK scans here =p

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"Yes, you've got it perfectly. You understood . And you are forced to accept it because you think you have no other choice. And if she doesn't want in 2012, you'll say the same thing. Do you think you're write to act this way?"
Absolutely. If I were in Jezzy's position, I'd give up and completely drop it just so I wouldn't have to listen to you people. Be thankful you're getting it at all.
If Jezzy's pace is upsetting you guys so much, buy the books yourself and scan them, see how difficult and monotonous it is. Maybe then you'll understand.

I see your point, but I really don't see how something like these Shaman File extras are important enough to warrant such priority. I could understand why people were getting anxious and upset waiting for chapter 300, but for these little extras? C'mon, they're nice and all, but not worth all the drama being displayed here.
If Mankin-Trad wanted to get these scans out so badly and felt it was as necessary as the actual chapters themselves, I'm sure they would just use some of the several raws available online, as they did with a portion of volume 27, or find another scanner rather than waiting on Jezzy.

@Masta Yoda
Scanning and getting such high quality is a chore. I honestly don't think anyone could find something like that fun. Rewarding, yes, but most certainly not something one would do because it's entertaining. As for the editing and translating portion of scanlation, I don't think that's what she was referring to.

And again, no matter how much you complain, you won't make Jezzy go any faster, so there's really no point. Just wait.

I can't speak for Jezzy or Mankin-Trad as a whole, so don't think that's what I'm trying to do here. I'm just voicing my opinion.

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I suppose they aren't that important. However, it's still the principle. She's not doing the job she signed up to do. Then she bitches at the people who complain. If she just scanned, people wouldn't have room to complain, and she wouldn't be annoyed with them.

I think anyone could get that the job of scanning is tedious and boring. That excuse only goes so far, though. Come on.. it's been MONTHS! I don't think it would hurt her to scan a volume a month, or every other month.

Those extras are part of what Mankin-Trad has intended to release since the KZB were announced. And I'm sure they were intended to be released a lot faster than this. The fans know this, so they want them. When so much time passes without even a raw, yes, people get upset.

I know some people who own some KZB (but not all of them like Jezzy) and who would be happy to provide scans.. They don't think Mankin-Trad wants another scanner though. Or not scans from volumes later than the latest they have here. :(

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With your way of thinking, a scanlation group just can't work at all. Of course there is no REAL obligation, as if they were threatened with a gun, but like Giselle-o-hime-sama said, it's for the principle. I explained that in my previous post. You understand that Jezzy doesn't want to scan for the moment, but it's OK for you cause you don't care about Mentalité and Extras. But if you wanted these, I hope you would try to encourage her.
We don't care that much about the Extras. The fact is that people, till now, had not understand why they were waiting that much. They misunderstood the situation. It was essential to, finally, tell the truth, so we can help Jezzy to feel guiltiness, or pity, or any feeling which would give her the envy for doing these scans... :s

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First of all, why the hell would you want to guilt someone into doing something for you?

Second, who would even feel guilty about "depriving" a bunch of faceless voices on the internet of a few pages for a comic?

Third, do you really think they would provide anything more than a half-assed effort after the fact?

And like it's been said before, if the fans are so desperate for Mentalite scans, then get it yourself. I'm almost positive that the publisher put out more than the one copy.

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Okay. First off, the extras ARE important if not only bcuz they are amazing, but bcuz M-T said they would. A scanlation group, or anybody providing a service or product, should hold to thier word.

If your not gonna do it, tell us. We want to know, and we also wanna know if your taking your sweet time.

But what we dont want is for you to say "We are doing it and it'll be soon". And then go a long time without an update and THEN tell us there is a delay, we wanna know of a delay WHEN it happens.

In casually terms, Dont waste our time. :)

I would like to think that, even if it is a chore, that Jezzy isnt making us wait on purpose or just becuz she doesnt feel like it that day.

Personally, if we get nothing by the end of the month, then It has officially ridiculous and this whole discussion (which I enjoy reading over lunch lol) was for nothing.


Also, fans that care enough to complain are true fans.

Also I typed this entire comment on my Ipod. Lol

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Signed up for a job? What the hell? This is a recreational activity. They do this for fun, when time allows.

Don't like it? No one's stopping you from getting out.

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Off topic, but volume 26 is now out in the USA! They translated Horohoro's name as Horkew Usui... Yuck! I don't like it like that at all... Horokeu looks much nicer. Even Horokew would be an improvement.. But that's my opinion, what does everybody else think? :)

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Okay, that is pure bullshit Viz.

I understand that the english language dosent not have a lot of words that end with "eu", but that is a stupid way to work around it.

Horkew? Seriously? Not even Horokew? Viz, seriously JUST Listen ti yourselves! Horkew sounds lije a baby mispronoucing Cork Screw. Viz, you are NOT marketing to babies. This is a series geared towards teens and young adults, WE WILL LOOK IT UP ourselves!

Or better yet, spell it right and give us a pronounciation guide at the beginning. This isnt hard Viz... Stop being so ridiculous.

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Calm down. Ainu is a very different language than Japanese.
The vowels are not always included depending on the accent, since Ainu uses katakana but Ainu and Japanese are by no means interchangeable, especially when it comes to grammar , and "u" can be used as w as well. Viz has done nothing but written it the Ainu way. They should be applauded, not persecuted.

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The kew part didn't bother me as much as the lack of the second o. In my opinion, it makes it look (and sound) kind of awkward. Also, I know that "kew" is the correct way to pronounce the "keu" part of his name, but it looks odd after seeing it written as Horokeu for so long. Just so you know I wasn't debating it's accuracy. I just think that Horokew or Horokeu would have looked nicer.

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That's fine. I can understand that.
I just wanted people to understand how the language works a little :)

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Thanks Dia & Jezzy for changing the subject!!!
The discussion was getting really boring (no offense to anyone ok?? It's not my intention to start another one)

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Okay, thx. But understanding that, but is that how Takei meant it to be interpreted? Is it Horokeu? Or is that just what you guys said.

How it was originally written is what I go by, not watever localization Viz throws at me.

If it was just this, then whatever, but they do this alot more and I just don't get it.

Redseb and Seyram are cigarette references, okay fine. BUT THEN, they let the name "Camel" get through, which is like a thousand times more well known.

And you let "Lyserg" through, and anybody with a considerable knowledge of drugs knows what it means.

And they are inconsistent, in volume 18, it is still "Redseb" it wasn't until I think 21 that they made it "Ludsev".

The spelling of watever the got for Seyram as also undergone two or three changes.

I'm just saying, this is going to confuse the shit out of newer readers when they come to places like M-T because Viz is so slow at releases (Already discussed, understood but still upset) and everyone is throwing out the actual names and their like "Who's what again?".

And I will, and I imagine a similar fashion, the majority of the fanbase, will not refer to these characters as "Horkew" and "Serlrarln" (watever dumb thing it is) or "Pirka" (What the hell did dropping the other 'i' accomplish?) or "Joco".

And don't even get me started on "Trey Racer"... tho that isn't even related to Viz at all...

Okay, another angle. Imagine you had a kid, and you named him something that was either hard to spell, or pronounce in the culture of your area.

Okay, and now imagine that you AND the kid like the name, and THEN imagine that everyone around him (including friends) called him something else, and neither you or your child liked it.

If you are going to defend Viz on this kind of issue, you have to be able to make that personal comparison.

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I'm not even saying Trey Racer isn't a cool name. In fact I want to meet a guy with that name.

If Takei gave him that name, or anybody was given the names Viz re-named them as, then I'd be fine with it.

But again, it's like calling ppl you know something other than their name and having them not like it.

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The Ainu language is what it is. It's not like me going off to school and having everyone call me Jesse. Look at ANY Ainu dictionary, at least the ones I've looked at, they ALL say "Pirka", which means "Beautiful". Why was it that way? Because Takei, just like Kubo and many other manga-kas, have a hard time using languages they aren't fluent in (next to no one is fluent in Ainu, it's a near-dead language). If I need to provide screenshots of my computer's Ainu dictionary to prove the Pirka point, I will.

There's nothing wrong with this Viz edit. This coming from a purist. The other ones? Yeah, I take issue with most of them. But you're grasping at straws. I know you hate Viz, but this isn't a reason to.

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About the Ainu names...
Viz has a point here, actually, since that's the correct Ainu pronunciation for both words.
Horkew - Wolf
Pirka - Beautiful

As Jezzy has said, Japanese and Ainu are written the same way (though Ainu has some more katakana, just like small ri or ku...) but they're completely different languages.
Fandom and most of the other official translations use Horokeu and Pirika just like they use Ren (His name should be Lián , since he's chinese)

Personally, I like the japanese way of writting the names better... since those are the versions I've been using since the very day I became a mankin fan, I think (L)

It could have been worst, believe me... He was called Hokerou in the French version, and the Spanish version used Ikusupai and Ikpanui instead of Ikupasui. People just don't pay attention to the poor Ainu language I'm afraid e__e

Oh, and...

@ShadowTyrael paragraph 11 and 12
Amen to that. I know first-hand how much it sucks because no one in my country's able to pronounce/write my name correctly at first :3

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The Redseb and Seyram thing is pretty annoying. It's the way they keep changing it more than the weird spellings.

Also, I guess Lyserg's name isn't such a big deal since 4kids let it go through... If I remember right, they just changed his last name from Diethel to Dithel.

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Tell me if I'm wrong: in anime Horo spells names of his attack in different way, right? They don't sound like japanese, am I wrong? Is it ainu pronunciaton?

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Well I'm glad I came here and read about that whole "Horkew" thing because if I hadn't, and I went out to buy the volume, I would've gone on a rampage.

All jokes aside, I guess I really can't form opinions against Viz until I know stuff like this. Well, its not like I hate Viz (For example, I love the FMA translation and stuff.) Its just I guess I've been around the translations for too long.

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(The M-T translations I mean.)

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Woah, sometimes I wonder who the translator is, lol. Any that's great, but what characters are called in thier own country and they are called throughout the entire series is different.

And frankly I don't hate Viz, I just think they underestimate thier own customers sometimes.

Oh and forgot Viz changed Peyote to somthing else, why? Any 3rd grader should be able to pronouce that.

They called him "Technochocolate" or someting stupid.

And in my canadian/US influenced palette, Pirika sounds more like a girl name. Regardless of what it is in a near-dead language(which i have nothing against and wish the best).

By the way, is it pronounced like Aye-nhew? Just wondering.

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This Ainu dictionary says it's written in English "Horokeu". I mean, the "w" is understandable, but dropping the other "o"...

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OMFG A dictionary! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい *tracks down to buy*
Thank you ;_;

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@Shadowy Travel
They call Peyote Tecolote or something similar. Always reminds me of coffe.

Hey, can these comments go up to 1000? Or is there some point where all the comments are erased and we have to start all over?

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That dictionary is from 1905... if you look up the word in more modern materials, the word for 'wolf' always turns up as 'horkew', for all Hokkaido Ainu dialects.

So yeah, this time Viz is right. I still have to see a translation that has Horo's attack names in correct Ainu spelling, though...

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You've got your s.k books? Hm...i'm from indonesia and thats make me sad, they didnt change any name but...there's no kzb yet, mentalite or anything about sk...i'm so tired about naruto, really...

Sorry 4 my english

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OMGLOL how come you're here? (L)
I thought I'll never see you posting!

view spoiler

really missed you these days >_<

As of now Japan's the only country selling KZB volumes and Mentalité, sad but true. Maybe at some point... :)

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First off, it is ShadowTyrael

Tyrael being from the Diablo universe and shadow being just a word.


Why don't we ask Viz? I mean, I would if I knew how to contact them. If they see demand, they'll probably work faster to attain... rights or something. If nothing else it'll tell them that people still read Shaman King.

And they'll go "Oh yeah that thing we got 6 guys on in the basement".

I can seriously see a room in the basement of the Viz HQ, with a sign that says "Shaman King" on the door. But the 'K' is dangling by one nail.

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Ainu dictionaries with free pdfs ftw?

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Sorry, I'm very anal about buying things as opposed to getting them off the internet.
See also: My batshit crazy DVD and CD imports.

But that Dictionary (albeit a later edition) is available on Amazon for about $30. I'll have to pick that up at some point. I'd give anything to be fluent in Ainu ;_;

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man.... i'm so obsess with shaman king right now~~ i keep reading the latest chapter of shaman king.... someone please tel me that i'm crazy! i even dreamed of shaman king chapter 2!!! aarrghh~!!!!

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Hey, i'm from indonesia too and i also in a big despair becoz there's no SK KZB in indonesia.

But more than KZB volume, i want Mentalite better. (mega poster shaman king!!! i want u!!!)

Let's be patient and wait until some indonesia online shop sell it. (since it hopeless to wait for m&c to publish it)

Ok, sampai jumpa!

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@ Aru-chan
hai...ketemu lagi...

nice to meet u.. yeah, i hope mentalite too, at kinokuya maybe...but i think in indonesia, sk fans are not so many as naruto causing kinokuniya didnt selling sk's new books, but i've got man ji en there! but i want mentalite!

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halo... ketemu lagi

Kyaaaa.... you have man ji en??? where did you buy it?? I want it too.... Btw, Where is kinokuya?

SK fans in indonesia is not as many as before, becoz some of them already forget it! They think SK already ended and don't know there's already a sequel. Well, isn't that just sad.

I like SK really much, so to make sure i NEVER forget it, i want the mega poster from mentalite and hang it in my room (and stare at it everyday)

See ya!

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Funbari Onsen:

The Ren:





Nostalgic things a bit

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I am extremely sorry about that. I usually just glance over things, and it usually looks like Travel to me.

Sorry again.

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Lol, it's okay.

Also, it had now been 3 months any release of any kind. Just pointing that out.

Oh and over 9 months since the last extra was released. Great job! lol, jk.

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Right... So when's the next scanlations coming out?

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We can only hope!

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Question to all wise cosplayers/anime goers: if I went to a convention cosplaying as Horohoro, what is the likelihood of being glomped?

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Depends on the convention and the effectiveness of the cosplay effort.

Since overall it appears to be (assuming you live in the US), a rare gem and not a major mainstream series. I'd say you'll get minimal glompage, but you'll probably get asked who you are alot.

But it won't be like the chick who did some kickass Gaara cosplay and couldn't move 4 feet without having somebody tackle-hug her.

If your serious dude, I wanna see pics when your done. lol, I only have one really good cosplay pic of Mankin.

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As someone who has cosplayed Ren for the past three years, I'll say that if your costume is good, you should expect more pictures than glomping. I was asked for a few hugs, but mostly pictures.

If you hang around a con that has a large teenage fanbase, you might get more seeing as how Mankin was on FoxBox etc.

My advice is to go somewhere like or and study cosplay there. You can also find tutorials for props (which I highly encourage you make your own - and make it light!) on various websites.

I agree! When you're done, I'd love to see as well!

Good Luck!

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A large semi-transparent Nipopo Punch oversoul made of fiberglass, lol. I would hate to carry THAT around all day.

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Lol I was planning on taking the lazy way out and buying a custom-made Horohoro costume off ebay. Although I was planning on trying to carve out an ikupasuy...

Good. Minimal glomp is preferred. My friends were trying to convince me to be Shino from Naruto...yeah, never happening due to relatively high glomp chances.

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OMGGGGGG I'm just dying to see the next part of flowers do you have any idea of when will Takei-sama continue the series?

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well, this is off topic but, is it possible to remove the ads from the forums? can you do it? I think it is a little bit annoying.... thanks!

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Jumbor is being officially reserialized in Ultra Jump starting next month.


.. what about Flowers, Takei? XD

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Posted on January 20, 2010, 12:32AM
Jumbor is being officially reserialized in Ultra Jump starting next month.

Can I get some sauce with that?

If it was mentioned in a previous post I am sorry for not bothering to read (there is just so many). Although interesting Ainu information.

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I'd rather have Flowers as well D:

Yeah, it's true! They announced it on Takei's staff twitter (which is It has also been commented for a few days on 2chan.

Also, a new oneshot's coming before the serialization (which I think will start in March)

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hi! I know it's quite off topic but I wanted to share this with someone... and who would be better than the people at Mankin Trad.

I was doing some tourist walking around the old town in Stockholm, and I found a supposedly science-fiction library. The weather was a little cold so I decided to go inside, warm up and have a look around... There was little sci-fi and lots and lots of manga, and something caught up my eye... yes, it was Shamang King... in swedish... I just got very excited to see that swedes are also fans of Shaman King. I even took a picture of the shelf where they had the manga :D .. Sadly for them the latest release was volume 27, and I could not find the Mentalite.

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Wait KZB in Sweden? Was it in Swedish?or just imported?

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no no no... I think I didn't explain myself entirely.. I didn't say KZB... just SK
They have the "normal" Shaman King manga up to volume 27 (or 25... I don't remember... it's the one with Sathy and Yoh on the cover) in Swedish and in English... No KZK and definitely no Mentalite

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How big is Mankin is Sweden because I wasn't aware anywhere but Japan was that far.

What bookstore was it?

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Why didn't you tell me that twitter feed is in Japanese?

I mean I should've seen it coming but still...

btw, I wanna see "Teh Wrightnoughs" as a full-length show.

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is there any news for when the new updates are coming out?

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Andysislands, I sent you an e-mail a few days ago using the contact form. I haven't heard back from you so I wasn't sure if maybe it didn't send.

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finally people start wondering when there will be a new release hehehe you guys catch on pretty slow, incase you didnt read a few posts up Jez is to lazy to scan the raws, and doesnt give them out to anyone else to do so its a double screw over.

i've lost interest in SK not only because of takei (however you spell it) and his lack of attention to SK both before and after his "departure" from the series) but because some people cbf posting the little things that in a way matter

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To those who read the latest ULTIMO chapter,

view spoiler

does anyone know what happened to Patience?

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@Cooler-Aid13, Ultimo 12 related:

view spoiler

Ah, he died. Along with the other douji and their master. After the earth collapsing, when will hyakki eikou occur?

Geez, what part that I hate from Ultimo is their serialized monthly. I hate to wait a month for every chapter

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About Ultimo 12

view spoiler

Man, Yamato's got to feel like crud now. Thinking he started Hyakki...uh... however you spell the last part.
I never expected for all the good douji to die so suddenly. We never got to see half of them in action. Such a pity. Though sloth looks awesome! A pro golfer was unexpected as a villain too.

Anyway, Mankin-Team! You are still awesome!

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Ultimo 12 spoilers:

view spoiler

I hope Sopia didn't die when the clutched his head, he was my favorite. Why is everything going so fast in that manga? It seems like a big climax already and its only chapter 12.

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Please use spoiler tags next time. Thanks.

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Oi! *facepalm* Sorry bout' that.

But I just noticed the blue policy box says "based on USA releases" so wouldn't that mean that mentioning anything about Ultimo counts as spoiler? lol. Atleast for now.

btw, does anybody have a pic of the cover art for the new volume coming next month?

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Wrong. Ultimo is being serialized in Shonen Jump USA, currently on chapter 8, so it's not that far behind, hence why we aren't scanlating it.

This isn't an Ultimo discussion forum. Please go somewhere else for such off-topic conversations. Thanks.

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i was wondering... why isn't there chapter 286 for SK?

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Because the numbering was shifted when Takei added two new chapters in KZB 24, and removed the original chapter 285.

Original 284 = KZB 286

Hope I explained that well enough x3

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Oohh~ okay. So any idea when the next chapter will be out?

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Sorry about that!

This wasn't answered last time, so I doubt it will be answered this time, but, didn't someone say you guys were scanning the new jumbor oneshot next?

If your're not thats okay. I just need confirmation.

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Yup, it's in typesetting right now I think :)

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We didn't say anything because we wanted it to be a surprise.

Oh well.

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*slams head against wall*

Nice way to delay extras.

Now excuse me, I need to go get some of my birthday cake...

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After shaman king, Jyuki Ningen Jumbor is my favorite takei series!!!

Thank you for answering my question mankin-team!!

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If it really is your birthday, then happy birthday!

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That is one surprise that would have made me punch through my monitor.

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No! Thats a good suprise!! This is the only place that scantalates anything like that! Keep it up!!

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oo! oo! when will the next shaman king chapter be coming out?? HANA HANA HANA HANA HANA~!! XD wonder where yoh and anna is?

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i live in malaysia and there's a big surprise when i went to a shopping mall just now! I went this section where it has japanese books and etc.... then i saw Jyuki Ningen Jumbor!! XD and it's in japanese!!


i bet many people have been wondering the same thing.... but you can go to and check it out...

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Whoa, i just read jyuki ningen jumbor as soon as i saw this post, AND IT'S AWESOME!

view spoiler

but, i think it's kinda looked like ultimo. The difference is they're reborn human, not karakuri.

Btw, sorry about before.

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@Mankin Staff

Though yelling at you guys is not the right way to go about things, at times like this I feel like I am close to.

Jumbor is cool. Let's get that straight. It's great and we're all glad your doing that. But in all fairness, the site is called '' not 'jumbor-trad'.

This simply implies that your focus should be Mankin.

And I would think full-on chapters are a bit harder the scanlate than neatly organized blocks of text on the extras. (Scanning is the same process, but I mean the typesetting).

Can you tell us, once and for all. The current status of scanlating the extras?

Are you 'working' on it? Or are you planning on 'working' on it soon? Or are you 'working' on 'working on it?

Or are you just not doing it?

Seriously, it's January 30th. Statistically nothing will come out from you tomorrow so that is another whole freaking month where you have not released anything.

I try to cut you slack, (i think we all do). But why do you say that "extras are coming soon" and then switch to "We're doing Jumbor, sorry"?


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Yes, the 24th was my birthday. :)

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im turnin 19 tomorrow, can i haz peyote banner? lol

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Not to be rude... but... almost everything you said was wrong, so it's kinda funny.

Our name has nothing to do with releases... I'll place this quote here from our site mission:

"Mankin-Trad is a manga scanlation group. The series we scanlate are series that Hiroyuki Takei has done himself or has worked on. This means series such as Butsu Zone, Shaman King, Funbari No Uta, Smash Bomber, and Jyuki Ningen Jumbor. By no means is our group limited to these series. In the future, we may choose to do other series and may create a new group to do so."

Actually, all parts of the scanlation process are easier doing chapters. Extras are extras. When you buy a videogame, don't play the game, only look at the art gallery. Make sure you unlock that first.

The status of scanlating extras? We'll scanlate them when we have the time. We have a schedule for 2010, so when we get to KZB extras, we get to them. Simple as that. We have some other things we would like to do first. We have alot of interest for them, so we are going to do them.

Also, forums are forever dead. I broke it, so, no more posting. Sorry.

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Glad I could humor you. :)

"We have a schedule for 2010..."

Does that imply that you didn't have a schedule for 2009?

Also, what is Smash Bomber? Sounds like an NES game.

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Oh, we had a schedule for 2009 too.
And 2008.
And 2007.
And 2006.
And 2005.
And we will have one for 2011 too.

Smash Bomber? It's on our schedule for 2010! And if we are really lucky, 2011 too! I kid you not!

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I can see the 2009 schedule now.

#1. Do something at the beginning
#2. Do a thing in October
#4. Get a virus or two.
#5. Find number 3.

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Yet, we had 5 more releases (or so) in 2009 than 2008. And plus in 2009 we purchased alot of that just for use for M-T (along with extra copies for ourselves, since we like Takei, and you should too!).

Weird how things work out...

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Yeah I was about to mention that. They say they're a takei group in the banner and on their about page.

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I just wanted to tell my opinion too, but I dont really have any as I am just waiting for an update :ninja:


I need more Hao........

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Btw, it's Komeri's 16th birthday, if anybody cares lol.

It may be my OCD, but i like the placement of birthdays Takei made. Just where they are in relation to eachother. :)

Btw Takei, im sure a bunch of FFN ppl wanna know Hana's birthday.

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A program? O_O Stop kidding... So the 2009 program was: relases until April and then stop? How will be the 2010's one? A relase in march and then stop again until 2011?

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Dudes, shut up. If they have a program, they have a program. You are not the ones running the site or doing the scanlations, you're just reading the final product, so it's really out of place to mock M-T in that sense. 2009 was actually a pretty productive year for M-T in my opinion.
The only thing I'm upset about now is that the next release apparently isn't going to be the extras. Listen, I don't have anything against Jumbor, but I simply thought that the next logical release would be the extras, and that's what I (and apparently a lot of other people) have been looking forward to these past months. An estimate of when those will be ready would be really helpful, if only to shut people up for a while?

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Estimate? Apparently, "When we have time". Lol

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i think this site should either shut down or go under new management, the rate of releases are ridiculously slow/delayed, if you're going to make a site partially devoted to bringing out takeis work then stick by your word, dont come and go whenever you please and start laughing at readers because they get angry

if i had the skills you guys did (to scan, translate etc) i would be making a release at least every 2 months not 2 or 3 a year.

and like lemon said extras are more important to the fans/readers.

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2 months? to scan 2 pages? if i had the manga, i could scanlate the extra in 1 week (they have scanlated already 14/28) -_-

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Again, I find it funny how you suggest we "shut down" rather than looking forward to our 2010 lineup. It's got good things...

It's not laughing at you, it's just that you say things that are just so crazy.

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Well i am looking forward to 2010.

But i was also looking forward to 2009 releases and in the second half or more accurately the last three fifths of it, you did not deliver.

It is February 2010. Your last release of any kind was in October. Before that August, and in the extras department nothing since May. To a reader, thats ridiculous.

And so far in 2010, there has been nothing.

I'd aldo like to see ShamanKingNation update the KZB guide, as you are missing chapter titles, file entry names and poem lines. For instance, i wanted to know what volume the Munzers get extras coverage, i think it's 18 or 19 but not sure.

Oh and also... You may be right... I may ve crazy... *whistles a tune*

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That the delay of the up-coming release is driving this comment section into a war.

You guys not are not paying a cent to support toward any of this stuff. Looking at the comments, you guys are treating them like slaves here. They put their valuable time and effort, voluntarily(at least that's what I think), to translate for Takei's work. The staffs here aren't hound dogs who stick their heads into the mangas through days and nights. They have their own lives to pursue forward to. This isn't their job, they don't get paid for this. Don't say that you can do better, because you will never be able to with your current abilities. I know it is hard to wait for a couple months, but just chill. There are better things in life than coming into this comment and complain to them with the slightest bits of nonsense that you can come up with to piss them off.

Nop not done yet, keep reading~ I'm pissed off.

If you have the urge that you CAN do better than the service here, create YOUR own translation team. Buy your own domain, design your own website, take a trip to Japan and buy your own Shaman King mangas (that are apparently almost gone), hire your own staffs, and if you haven't yet, fully learn hiragana, kana, and hundreds of kanji.
Okay now I'm done.
Ja ne~

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yeah well if i knew what was scheduled for this year maybe i would be less negative and more positive, and like mentioned before you guys presumably had a schedule for 09 and that ended up being 2 or 3 releases right ? if thats the pace things are going im just going to give up hope that you guys will actually make releases every so often

@ yoh7351
they may not get payed, we may not support them financially, but when you make a site or something up that says 'we will beworking on giving you guys ___' then you have to keep your word.
do you work ? if so then does your boss care if your dog got ran over by a car? i doubt it, all he wants you to do it turn up for work and do your job.
if these guys arent going to be keeping their word or even giving us some idea or wtf scans are up to/how they're going then why even bother keeping the site up and running?

imo they should look for people who have the time to do scans, and eventually hand the site over to them so that everyone is happy and they can leave and do whatever they please.

no offense but i have seen translation groups that have less proficient english speaking to a way better job (in terms of releases etc not quality though)
take SJ mangas, they're out every week on schedule to keep people happy, do those guys get paid/praise NO they only get a 'thanks guys' from the mods and thats it.
takeis work is done (as far as i know) so it shouldnt be hard for you guys to get his stuff done, its not like you've fallen behind and cant catch up, but rather you seem to lazy to keep your promise, to deliver.

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I don't know about you
But all I see on this website is Mankin Trad An international translation group. Yep. That's it.
Where do you see the confronting promise that you seem so assured to state in your comment? In fact I do work, and I don't have a boss. Don't use your life experience of boss issues to make a point in this, there is no point. They have their enforced rights to keep this website as long (and forever) as they want, you are not the one to judge how and what they should do their business. So great, you've found other translation groups that are in your cases, "better". Go with them. No one is stopping you. Why are you holding such a pointless grudge on these guys? You are being very self-centered throughout this process argument. All you care about are the new releases. Not the non-paid-hourly working staffs that's here to make it happen.

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Try again, jwalka. This time without the swears. He's being calm with you, and if you wish to continue the debate, I think you should show him the same courtesy. Then again, courtesy doesn't seem to be a virtue of yours, so it may be best if you just don't reply at all.

We appreciate the support, Yoh, really. But it's really just a waste of time to try to reason with people anymore. We have our conflicts, me especially, and if people can't respect that, then oh well. Not much we can do.

Release should come by the end of next week, school work pending. Thanks for your patience.

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hahaha be more clam hahha i've been calm most of the time but i think its fair to say enough is enough, let me see the release after next will be hmm maybe 4 months hahaha already getting ready for it :P

you guys are so appreciative of people who defend you because they appear to be the suckers who probably dont have to meet great expectations, you guys think you have it hard, school etc.
i finished school not to long ago, i need to meet 1 week deadlines ASAP if i dont i lose my job (which pays good for my age) if you cant meet a simple expectation then i fear for your school life - procrastination=fail

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you totally opened my eyes!
next time I go to work and see my boss I'll tell him "my dog's okay, but you know what? Fuck you! I'll rather go home and translate manga for free :D"

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About the Munzers - it's Volume 18 ^^

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Here's an idea:

Don't be rude when we're being nice. It makes you look like a jerk.

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I bet your boss will give you a raise if you do that :D

Nah I'm not a supportive person, never had and never will be. But... I just see this situation so wrong in so many positions possible. I know what it's like to work and have people spamming and bashing on you nonsensefully, but you guys are the hope of making something happen for me and all of us here.

A person that constantly annoy and rudely language others to get whatever he or she wants. You my friend, is the "clammest" person I have ever met. Though, you confuse me in a slight bit my clammest friend. You say that a sucker like me have no great expectations in life, but you yourself is holding on a job after your school plans "if i dont i lose my job (which is good pay for my age)". If you are going to involve personal life and the proficiency of people and their professions comparing to yours, I strongly suggest you rethink your words (if possible under your circumstances at this stake) before you confront this in a better manner.

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I can hold reservation, tho You right.

Thanks for telling us, i appreciate it. Thats nice of you to say, and I much prefer it over 'soon'.

The thing is, im not going yo be surprised if it's delayed, because you have already nearly 4 months without a release. I do not believe that holding a reservation like 'i'll believe it when i see it' is unreasonable.

:), Volume 18? Thanks.

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I just think that you might actually get somewhere by not being so negative.

Honey vs vinegar

Whatevs. You're still cool, whether being intentionally supportive or not :)

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Fair Enough. :)

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@ Dit
when did i say you should drop everything and get the chapters done ?
i was using it as an EXAMPLE as to why you guys keep putting releases off, i never said STOP EVERYTHING AND GIVE ME A RELEASE.
@ yoh what do you mean by 'holding on a job after your school plans' im pretty sure if you got paid 20k annually you wouldnt be complaining, and im doing this whilst studying.
i never intended to get peoples jobs in this crap, i was using it as an example to try and explain something in which you clearly dont understand (waits for ridiculous response to this)

honestly guys you have it easy, you dont have a weekly deadline or anything and scanning is a 'hobby' of yours (from what i've read, but you take advantage of that and delay things for far to long.

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When you have your own scanlation group, you can decide how long is too long to "delay" things. Until then, I don't see why you keep complaining. It's not making a difference in the way we operate. It doesn't make school or work go away (I seriously hope you weren't trying to compare being bitched at by you for free, and getting payed to be bitched at half as much at my job), nor does it make my circumstances disappear (it'd be nice though, that's for sure...LOL @ "you guys have it easy"), so I don't understand why you're wasting your time with your long posts of justice.

And I don't get it...are you bragging about how much you make? What difference does that make? Or is this just another one of your examples to make us somehow feel guilty for waiting for something you're not going to be satisfied with anyway? For serious...I can hardly understand you sometimes.

Really...try to pick up more hours or something. You spend way too much time worrying about a scanlation group.

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what are you on about ? im confused because yoh (the guy im 'arguing with' mentioned my job, i didnt say it to 'brag' infact i dont really GaS.
and i know its not making a difference to the way you guys operate because you obviously dont care about the people who have been waiting all this time (not just me but pretty much everyone else who reads of this site), and at what stage did i say i hated the work you guys did ?
i said the opposite to that, quality yes quantity very low.
idc about the scan group (harsh but true, like you probably dc about me :P) so claiming i 'worry' for you guys is only half true, i worry because if you guys cant make a routine for something as simple as releasing manga (which is done) then idk how you survive in reality (i know scans take ages but a bit a day makes a difference no ?)

* gets ready for the come backs about work/school and how im a B******

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Thought you oughta know...


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"i worry because if you guys cant make a routine for something as simple as releasing manga (which is done) then idk how you survive in reality?"

Yes, this logic is most certainly flawless.

I feel like I'm talking to a wall. *presses "ignore" button*
Ahh...much better.

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that was hilarious. Lol


i think what we're trying to say is basically, we know scanning is a pain. We know you have lives and cannot dedicate yourselves fully to something that has virtually no benefactor for you(which sounds selfish as i write it but thats how it is).

But we dont think you've been giving a lot of time to this effort lately. Like your sort of eelongating the reality of your daily lives and how scanlating mixes into it.

Like you run into a busy period for a week, but because noone here is ever gonna kniw, you dont do anything for 3 weeks, using the busyness as an excusr, almost.

Like for what you plan to do, isn't high enough on your priority list to justify the end result. At thus rate, im scared Viz will actually publish the extras before you get around to scanlating them. Which would shocking bcuz they havent evrn announced it, and youve got an impressive lead.

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@Professor Quirrel
Haha! Thanks for that, I needed a laugh today. ^__^

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Oh we are "arguing with"? I thought were having the most clammest conversation in the world. But yeah, if you are talking about your profession on a Shaman King translation website's comment box, it's pretty much guaranteed to be considered showing off.

Oh my Jezzy, how I wish there is a ignore button to him. But anyway, thanks for your hard work and the update on the new release. I am very looking forward to that 。◕‿‿◕。

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Like I said, if I thought it would make a difference, I would explain myself. But it's been made clear multiple times that you don't care about things like that, an only care about the end product, so I don't waste my time.
That and it's my private life. Durr.

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ditto - what shadowtyrael said

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Yeah, it would be awesome if they scantalated extras, but I think they have an obligation to do the actual comics first. So I don't think its just a matter of wanting to scantalate other things and not extras.(Though I never was against Jumbor in the first place.)
Another thing. I get the impression that all the M-T staff are in some kind of education establishment. Schools show no mercy, especially in college. So even when they DO get free time, I would assume they want to relax or something, since I also get the impression that they take language classes.

I'm not meaning to start a whole arguement all over again. I'm just trying to maybe shed more light on this dire war-like situation we seem to have gotten ourselves into.

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The shit stirring isn't appreciated, neither is the smart-ass attitude.
We've stated we have a schedule, so your opinions won't have any affect on what order we do things. Sorry.

Your logic is not welcome here. GTFO. :3

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If you look back at that post you just deleted, you'll see I SAID THAT right at the bottom.

"tho I know in the end it's their choice anyway".

Everybody's got a plan. But sometimes they need alteration to better suit the consumer's demands. Businesses around the globe do it all the time, :)

I'm not saying your a business. But your a supplier of a group of consumers none the less.

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Yes, however, you enticed people to reply.

You're going to tell us how to conduct our hobby? Really? Since when did entitlement become sexy? Are we suddenly getting paid for this? If not, I don't see any reason to bend over backwards to make you happy, history considered.

You really don't get it, and for that, you're going to be sadly disappointed.

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I'm not telling you guys to do anything. I am writing this message with the expectation that it will not affect the way you do things.

I also said "I'm not saying your a business".

This implies that the sole reason you differ from one, is the fact that you are not being paid to do this.

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"Everybody's got a plan. **But sometimes they need alteration to better suit the consumer's demands.** Businesses around the globe do it all the time, :)

I'm not saying your a business. *But your a supplier of a group of consumers none the less. *"


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I could write a bunch of examples, but I'm lazy and I can't change anything anyway.

Though I disagree with #2. You scanlate manga, and post it on the Internet. This is called a product.

People visit your website and read it. This is a form of consumption.

I said consumer, not customer. Did that throw you off? If so, I'm sorry.

I don't know how that is incorrect. But go ahead to enlighten me.

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@ShadowTyrael - Wrong
This website's scanlations can't be considered a product if they're not getting any profit out of it. The only way a website can get revenues or profits is by advertising. There is not a single advertisement I see on this website (love that). Plus they are not charging whoever comes into this website to have access to read the mangas. So to sum it all up, they are paying for the domain and their money (time is money! It's a cold hard fact).

Though I am not sure of one thing, and other website has your scanlations and put you guys as credits, do you guys get paid for that?

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@ jezzy - you delete my posts for profanities and yet you're allowed to cures because your a mod hahaha another example of makin abusing their power :D how very nice.
you know what i hope you guys dont make a release for another say 6 months, then when the community that comes here to read your manga scans disappears you will think to yourselves 'maybe we shouldnt have procrastinated all this time'

for a group that has been setting things of for so long you do seem really keen on defending your position, and might i remind you it wasnt to long ago that you yourself (jezzy) admitted to being to lazy to scan.

i rest my case.

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Not only do they steal our releases for use on their site, we don't see a single penny from it. I really hate such sites...mostly because I work hard to provide high raws, only to have them poorly compressed and reposted in shitty quality.

That's why we encourage people to read scanlations at the particular group's website and not one one of these collective sites. :)

Not only that, but these sites usually have no idea how to deal with KZB x3

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That isn't right at all...
You guys should put a claimer or some legal notices within the scanlations so they won't be able to do that. Stealing other's hard works is terrible

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Sadly, these people don't adhere to such things.
I shouldn't say that it's just my raws that I'm concerned about (since there's so few for the manga), but just the raws in general. Andy takes a fuckton of time cleaning them, and to see them get all fuzzy like that again really ticks me off. But there isn't much we can do.

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why dont you guys just make the manga read only, with no downloads.
some sites like dont allow you to right click and therefore save images.
i like the quality of mankin thats why i keep coming back (even though i say i wont). i went to manga fox a while ago and their scans where very very messed up, quality and translation wise it was a mess.
i think those sites should have a quality plicy to enusre that transaltions and images res/quality is decent enough for everyone to read

*shudders at thought of onemanga's onepiece and bleach translations*

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noticing things,
i know i am not included in this whole heated war happening here, but i don't see Jwalka's point. on one perspective he is against the mankin team and on the other side, he's going up against the other scanlation group. the argument he's doing right here is just messing up the whole comment section...
no offense but i think you (Jwalka) just need to shut up to make it all better. and don't you think by doing this act and not pressuring the team would make the release faster somehow?

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hahaha twinkee did you not read my last post ?
i dread how the staff take ages to release something but at the same time i thank them for their quality scans, yes its ironic how i do the opposite to the other.
but if someone doesnt say it then i doubt anyone will, i consider my rants at the team 'motivation' (in a sick twisted and completely F***ed up way) :P

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I'm not good at Internet sarcasm or recognizing internet signs. Are you mad at my input? If so, I'm sorry for whatever I made have said. If not, sorry for not recognizing the sarcasm.

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Don't argue with the poor man, he's in a very confused mode at the time being. Let him have a moment to think (if possible necessary) of what he's truly believing in and fighting for, rather than just nonsensefully laugh, cuss, and annoy others to get his hatred out over a couple of scanlations.

What happened to the "i rest my case" of yours? Why do you keep coming back? A man never changes his mind. You're seem to be fully of that.

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I hear a rumbling in the ground... Better change that banner of glory to prepare for th next attack!

You do not provide motivation so stop trying. And onemanga doesn't translate/scanlate. Please actually read credits pages and news posts.

See Kami / me.

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Oh! It was total sarcasm! Yeah, I know, emotion is generally very hard to express via a text box. No, I very much appreciated that some people notice that we are all full time students. Sorry for the confusion. I'm not known for having a very awesome sarcasm meter myself XD

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hahaha man this scan group cracks me up hehehe

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Your not funny, jwalka.

do us all a favor and kill yourself. Then we won't have to listen to you disrespect the group.

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HAHAHAHA @ anone jeez you should a psychiatrist, asking someone to kill themselves often indicates that a person has personal issues ;)
'we wont have to listen to you disrespect the group' you got a problem dont read my posts simple as that, and when did i disrespect the group? i was making it clear that they're lazy to some degree. nothing really disrespectful

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If the degree rises above burning level on the thermometer. "Disrespectful" is still a light word to describe it.

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Okay good. Usually I am able to tell when you're joking. I always get prepared to laugh when I read your posts. Sorry for the confusion.

By the way, does anyone know why Ultimo volume 2 is going to come out in August? Does it have to do with it not being a not well-known series? Or is it because of the quality of the book? (I was very impressed with the volume. Nice quality all around.)

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Aww, I'm glad I can make you laugh sometimes :)
Anyway, yeah, nice quality of the Ultimo cover huh? All shiny and raised or whatever. It's not coming out until August because of how it's being serialized in Shonen Jump USA. Unfortunately, since we only get one chapter per month, we have to wait about 6 months between releases. I went through the same thing with Fushigi Yuugi when it was in Animerica D: Rest assured, Viz is going to be doing all it can to make Ultimo the next big thing. After all, Naruto is rumored to be ending within the next year or so.
But at least Viz lets us know when it's scheduled to come out. That's what I like about them. Yen Press won't even hint at when the next Kuroshitsuji will be out. :/

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Whoops. Accidentally deleted the comment. Sorry. (Honest)

Basically it was:

i don't like ultimo very much
shaman king was better
but it didn't have an ending that was very taotastic.

Sorry again.

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hehehe accidental aye hehehehe
but yeh you pretty much summed it up

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speaking of ultimo, what is the official website for ultimo? for example shaman king kzb is mankin-trad. so how about ultimo?

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take in consideration some things okay? people are SHOUTING at you to GO AWAY. though i can clearly see how hard it is to you to leave this site alone, please just SHUT UP. thank you

p.s. please don't take this all LITERALLY and don't try so hard to decipher the things i have said, it might cause more damage to your poor brain. ja ne

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That makes sense. Ultimo does have really long chapters. Thanks Jezzy.
Oh yeah. Why didn't they print chapter 0 in the volume? Bad response from readers? Or did they think it wouldn't make a difference?

Wow, some companies don't even tell you when the next volume is coming out? Dang. The next time I went to Borders to get Shaman King I was going to look for Soul Eater's next volume release.

As for shaman king vs. Ultimo, shaman king will always have a special place in my heart, but the only manga I don't like by takei is smash bomber ( the 1st chapter was okay, but the 2nd one ruined it for me.)

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I honestly don't know about Chapter 0. I think that's more of an Andy question.

Whateva Whateva Smash Bomber is da bomb yo =3=
But really, Mankin has brought me an inordinate amount of joy, so while I'm on the Ultimo and Jumbor bandwagons, nothing will ever replace Shaman King and my obsessive fangirl love of Ren :3

We don't have a site for Ultimo because we are not scanlating it. It's already licensed and, unlike Shaman King when M-T was concieved, is basically stepping on the heels of the Japanese release, pretty much releasing the first English volume as the second volume was being released in Japan. Because of that, we are respecting Viz's commitment to turning the manga around quickly and leaving it alone, which is how I wholeheartedly believe it should be. :)

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@ twinkee
you tell me to leave then you mock me wtf is your problem ? you sound like a little 14 yr old who thinks they know the answers to the world.
last i checked mankin was a public site, if they want to block me it their choice.

shonnen jump has to be the best manga mag EVER, good translations (character names etc) and even though they arent up to date (as in resent chapter) they're still pretty close

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"you tell me to leave then you mock me wtf is your problem ? you sound like a little 14 yr old who thinks they know the answers to the world."

There is not enough LOL in the world to describe my reaction to this.

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your point being ?
i hear kids ffs online talk like that and most of the ARE pre-pubescent kids who think they know everything.

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You say much nastier things, and you're chastising someone for giving you a taste of your own medicine. Can dish it out, but it doesn't seem like you can take it. Interesting...

Just another instance of you "not getting it".

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Release should come by the end of next week, school work pending. Thanks for your patience.

it's that true?¿ :|

Posted on

No, I'm lying to you intentionally just to piss you off.

"School work pending" means that if we don't, it's because of school work. Andy has a lot of projects and such due this week, and if you think he's going to neglect that just to release Jumbor, you're sadly mistaken. So it's a half promise. I'm expecting that we'll have the chance to release it, but if we don't, it's not far off. School just got in the way. :)
How about you just wait and see, ne?

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stuff school give me manga HAHAHAHA kiddin hehee i got some crap due in to so take your time, my motto is 'if it aint SK F** it'
and no he/she wasnt giving me a 'taste of my own medicine'
they where just telling me to f off, i usually tell people the f themselves, theres a difference between the 2 ;P

i can take crap from people, i just dont like it when little kids try and tell me what to do.

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the releases by the end of this week will it be only jumbor or shaman king flowers too?

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you sound more like a little kid than me in any way possible

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yeah, i forgot to answer you question..

"wtf is your problem?"

--you're my problem.

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You know, it's really sad when people aren't even aware of themselves. There's no difference between the two. If you're going to be a jerk, at least admit it, and don't complain when people turn the chess board around and go after you. I know I'm a bitch sometimes, so when people are a bitch to me, I try to let it go. After all, if you treat people like shit, {SURPRISE!} they're going to treat you like shit in return. :3

Seeing as how there is no chapter two of Flowers, it will only be Jumbor.

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there are 4 sides to a pyramid
im probably not going to argue for sometime as a close friend of mine past away, so if i dont reply to things like 'your my problem' you know why.

btw which manga is jumbo, im not a big fan of takeis work (i only follow SK). is it any good - comparable to SK or is it another one of his small half cooked projects?

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Its a oneshot, so it has a faster pace and all, but I loved it nonetheless.

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I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, I think as long as you leave others alone, they'll respect what you're going through and leave you alone. And if not, I'll make them :)
I lost a dear friend to leukemia a few years ago, so I can sympathize to a certain extent.

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idk why but whenever i feel somewhat emotional i read SK, it not only puts my mind away but some of the stuff they talk about is pretty deep (if you think about it thoroughly)

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hahaha okey I got it now
thanks jezzy X)

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i expect that there will be chapter 2 by the end of the week.... by the way, aren't there other infos in shaman king mentalite? i saw a picture once and there was damuko, hana(grown up), men(grown up), anna the third, hao's mom, tamao(adult)... etc

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Chapter 2? Of SK Flowers? What makes you think that?

Also, I've never seen anything like a grown-up Hana or Men, perhaps it was fanart? I could be wrong though.

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If you consider 13 and 7 "grown up", then sure.
Otherwise, no. Takei's busy doing non-Mankin things.
The nerve >:|
No, seriously, I like Ultimo, and I'm on the Jumbor bandwagon so far, but give me more Sexy Daddy Ren. Or a new animu. Or both. I'm not picky.

tl;dr - Chapter two doesn't exist so far. Rest assured, when it is conceived, I'll snatch that puppy up. Even if my bank account advises against it.

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pLz continue scanning this! thx!

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Hello everyone im Amansa, Have I got the proper section to introduce myself[url=],[/url] or ought I use a different area in the site?

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XD Ah! Hommes ressemble à son père ... Son père, beau * _ * ... Mais, Maiden a 17 ans et Ren 2

Thanks for the chapter and ....


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Ive been offered a hand me down, but would rather get a modern one, who has got experience of one of these:

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im thinking of buying one, who has owned one of these:

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This is a great continue of the story...Hana is so cute!!!Best from both Yoh and Anna... I can`t wait chapter 2..Have the feeling that it will be great-just like everything till now...

Daddy Yoh is cool as same as mummy Anna!

But Hana`s welcome kick rocks!

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is there going to be a seson 2 of shaman king ?

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please... release some new chapter of shaman king flowers... please please .....

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Ok either release more chapters so I can actually judge but so far i think the characters are weak.
hana is not really original
Really Anna the 3rd? We're recycling characters now?
So wait Anna 3rd --> Decedent of anna (hanas mom) --> They get married...
Well whatever I loved shaman king but this just isn't enough
WEAK 2/5

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so who is anna the 1st
is anna (hana's mom) the 2nd

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When will shaman king flowers come out???

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I'm Very Like Shaman King. Takei-san . . you're Smart!!!!!
Please, release the newest from Shaman King-Flowesrs. I like it (^.^)
please tell me if you're release it! Arigatou ( )

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anyway,, what's both of you (Takei-san and others) didn't felt very tired???
I'm Proud of you're all. very hardwork person

oh,yep.... which anyone who participated in the making of Shaman King-flowers?

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I hope there more chapter because I LOVE SK
and I love Hao-samma

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Great chapter and the only thing it was missing was Andysislands telling me to support Takei by buying from our local book stores.

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