Shaman King Chapter 244

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Shaman King 244
Shaman King Chapter 244 is now released. Jyuki Ningen Jumbor chapters are taking a break until we get Volume scans. So if you know of a place that I can import the volume cheaply, please let me know.

Also, the first 3 pages of this chapter will catch you of guard, just a heads up.


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Page two made me giggle :P

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Thanks a bunch for this! Hao + Anna...FIGHT!

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Link Removed.

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Or... you could not go there, since yuya, who did the translations over there now works over here, and we offer the same, plus more services as that site did. Plus, this site is active, and that one is no longer active.

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thanks for the fast update!

by the way, how come you don't put the links in the sidebar anymore? it would help since i read the chapters online, and i seem to be reading the latest ones a little too much...

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Anna is so cool!!!! Haha 'future bride' yeah right!

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anna. <3
i really wanna find out more of anna's relationship with hao.

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This is sooo good XD
When did Hao turn perv? Whatever, he's the coolest guy around, except for Horokeu

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The menu bar, like before, usally gets updated in batchs. This is because it requires changes into the php code for the entire menu. Kami used to do it, but then he wasn't doing it for a while, so I figured it out. It'll be updated next week, probably.

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Ahahahaha. Hao's comment made me die a little. <3

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Hao's so evily alwsome
Anna's so bitchily great
Horo's so freezingly cool

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will always top all the rest ^^

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haha ok thanks! ^^

still re-reading...

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awesome chapter!!


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lol compare with mine thanks andy

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Thank you!

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hm, download is not working for me :(

were can i get the chapter?



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Gjin, all downloads now work again. The server was being updated.

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YEAH!! New chapter!!! :love: :love: is so kawaii!!

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when can we expect next chapter? they are too short ok ok i'm not complaining, i'm just very unpatient :P

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are you telling to me that is going to fight :s :s :s :s :s

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What?! haha it's clear, who would win...OR?

I LOVE and

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Today is 12.05!
Happy Birthday Yoh&Hao!!! :D

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YEAH!! Today is the birthday fron bouth!! Happy birthday and !!

I love and !

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You'd think I'd release a Shaman King chapter which features both Yoh and Hao, on their 22nd Birthday!? Yeah, that's not happening. QCing of the chapter starts tomorrow, since I'm running late with it...

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I missed the bday...sorry twins happy late bday

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arigatou gozaimasu!!
My computer broke down for a month >_<
I post this comment in an internet cafe
Well, I'll download this chapter as soon as my computer got fixed!

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yoh is the coolest :P

i hate hao. he's a jackass

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Hao is not a jackass:@ hes not really even evil, its all how you look at it

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YEAH! He isn't a jackass!

Shaman King is the best!

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Andysisland you better have the chapters out tomoro bright and early i dont wanna hear that there gonna be delayed

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...dont demand something like that, he/they can take as much time as needed, just be patient, damn

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<---------is mean
plus kills a lot ><


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Haha, me VS Hao..there's NO way that I'm going to marry him..Yoh is my husband and that's that >< + =:@ + =:love:

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wah! I'm so in love with he is so darn CUTE!!!! before i love the x but now, I'm a fan of x :D he really cares for her, remeber the bitter sweet meeting of and in chapter 106? argh haha he is so interested to her :))

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