Puzzle & Dragons - English - Shaman King Collab Event!

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Puzzle & Dragons - Shaman King Collab

Breaking news!

The hit mobile game, Puzzle & Dragons is currently running a collaboration event with the Shaman King manga series! And this is in the English game (Japanese was earlier this year). Don't worry, they use the official English manga names for all of the characters (not the anime English dub)

This is a great opportunity to show your support for the Shaman King series by playing this game! The event only lasts for 2 weeks, so start playing right now!

For more information check out the following:

Official summary of event:

Summary of some of the artwork:

How to get all the characters:

Download the game: Play Store (Android) & App Store (Apple)


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Cuándo el próximo capítulo? Gracias por todo el trabajo que hacen siempre.

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Its not released in the PH. Sad. :((((

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Its not released in the PH. Sad. :((((

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Hopefully everyone enjoyed that collab event!

I did get a Matamune, so that's something!

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