New Project: SK TCG Mini-Mangas!

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Shaman King TCG Hello, and welcome to our new manga scanlation project! As hinted at earlier, we've got a new project and now the first chapter is out. What is it? It's the Shaman King TCG comics from the Gameboy Color Game Guide! Not really Takei related, but it is Shaman King related! Most chapters are 1, 2, or 4 pages long. So they are quick little bite size chapters. We've got 14 of them lined up and we are aiming at 1 or 2 each week. I'll be adding them to the online reader as new ones come out. A complete download of all the chapters will be posted once we get through them all. I hope you enjoy them, and maybe you can learn a little bit about the Shaman King TCG for the GameBoy Color! Thanks to Dit for translating and Jezzy for QC-ing!

Other updates coming soon! More Shaman King KZB extras will be coming tomorrow, so check back then! Jumbor chapter 1 will be worked on next month when it is released. It's 68 pages long, so it might take us a while, but we will give it our best! And a new SK TCG comic coming later this week as well! Enjoy since we have a bunch coming!


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I can't wait to read that guys! Well, it's not like the manga, but, I'm still courious abot the game...
And I can't wait for the xtras!!! :D [I've been waiting reaaally long for them]

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i don´t like it ! It is so boring!
come on bring new extras!

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fight fight fight !!!
hehehe cant read it for some reason.
look god though, def anticipating the extras release though

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Очень рад, наконец-то новости какие-то появились)))

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Yaay! Extras-extras-extras!
Thank you very much for updates!

DarkXIV(рус), и не говори, а то заждались уже все ))

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didnt really like this extra thing, hope it gets better.

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KYAAAAA !!! <3

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cool!! it's with shaman king TGC!!!

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Haha, neat. Thanks guys!

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Hm, interesting. I didn't even know these existed. Nice to know another batch of SK extras are being scanlated though! Also, not sure if you guys are aware of this or not, but downloading isn't working.

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I guess... No one puts attention to the new updates because of the KZB extras. Hohoho.
I did watch the SK TCG. Thanks very much! I really appreciate that you guys are translating... We'll be NOTHING without you!! Love you!
And of course.... We will be waiting for the next extras!!!

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Are you going to translate the KZB extras?because we were waiting too long for shaman king

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I'm not even glorifying such a question with an answer.

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you are right shamanking4ever!!!!!!
i am waiting sooooooooo looooooooong!

( PS: i dont want a stupid comment from you Jezzy!)

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thank you mankin trad team for kzb 15 and 16
good job !

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im new in the shaman king world and i have just finished reading the manga series(great job with the translation by the way thank you)and i have a question: at ch 299 when anna appears her belly is round (dont know if you undearstand me im from greece)is it because she ate a lot of cookies or yoh was too excited that he forgot to buy condoms!?i know its kinda late too ask but please give me an answer!

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I still think the round stomach thing was totally unintentional. It looks to me like it's just the folds of her shirt/dress/whatever you call it. And you see her stomach a few more times in the same chapter and she looks normal there. I know it would make sense timeline-wise if she looked pregnant at that point but I don't think that's what Takei was going for with that. I could be wrong though.

Also, thanks MT for posting more extras!

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Is it jz me or the prof looks like ichigo from bleach??
Oh, and, does those GBC games really exist?? The mankin GBA games I played was the master of spirits andthe other one, I forgot, but the game where it ends with Jeanne's face if i am not mistaken.. really, those 2 games are really pathetic.. but hey, its the one that introduced me to the anime and manga mankin..

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See, king, those extras were there BEFORE your comment. I think you owe us an apology.

If you weren't so caught up in trying to act cool, you would have noticed it before.

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And now I will attempt to be semi-helpful.

It's never too late to learn the truth!
I think the belly is completely unintentional, though I also believe that the -ahem- "sleeping next to Yoh" was where we got Hana from. The belly just wasn't that visible.

The GBC games they mention in the comic aren't the Master of Spirits/2 that you're thinking of. I guess it's basically like the Pokemon card game video game for GB as well. Andy's played them, so he knows more about it than I do.

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I thing you are right about anna being pregnat.i believe that anna was already pregnat at hana because:

1.they were both 16 by that time
2.after the battle with hao they left to keep the promise so anna was already pregnat

well,im not realy sure about that but this is my opinion

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you know i agree with you but maybe she got pregnat when they met in the patch village in america.they stayed there for two months(i dont think anna only trained yoh if you know what i mean,haha)maybe the famous "last night"was just their first time.besides if she got pregnat we would have seen a little bugle at her belly

thank you sooo much for giving me an answer and everyone i really apreciate that!!

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whats? i dind't know about this!!! thanks a lot!!!
extras!! extras!!! ha ha
you are really awesome :) thanks for all

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Thank you so much for your hard work! The scans are amazing! (whoa, Hana Gumi's spirits! <3 )
I'm excited for the translations. :)

On another note: I think this batch of scans made me realize I'd totally cosplay Mati if I didn't already cosplay Hao. o 3o so coool.

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I think (yeah, it wasn't my business but anyway...) Anna wasn't pregnat at that time because of Takei's bad chronology ... But anyway, it will be interesting if it was that way. (Everyday I'm getting worse with my english... x.x sorry).

And I got a questions. Besides these new extras, are there any chapters?

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lovely extras
i think anna was pregnant. remember in ch.238 yoh was talking to yohken and yohken asked him if he had children and yoh blushed and was like no but then he was like well... and amidamaru told yohken something like actually...
idk it made me think she was

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They already finished all of the chapters. :)

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i think your right i also think she is pregnant !

that was a realy good question you asked good job :)

I didnt saw the extras Its my fault :)
but i dont try to act cool I AM COOL!

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hey thank you king!!!

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Hmm... I've played this on GBC once with Visual Boy around 2004~2006 ish.
It was pretty weird o-O.

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Wow!! Thanx for this! I never knew that there is a manga from de GB TCG games... It's not that great, but I used to play A LOT the GBA version. It's a very addictive game, i had a hard time learning how to play since it's in japanese xD but the effort was worth it =)
If anyone has the chance and is patient enough to learn how to play I really recomend this game =P
Greetings from Argentina!! Thanx for your hard work!!

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I think it would be nice create a manga of the game Shaman King master of spirits on ps2

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i really want it

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cant wait to read it so excited to see it

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