Nekogahara is Licensed by Kodansha Comics in English!

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Some exciting news came out over this last weekend.... Hiroyuki Takei's latest manga, Nekogahara has been licensed in English by Kodansha Comics! That's right, more of Hiroyuki Takei's manga is coming out in print form later this year!!

Here's the news from Kodansha Comic's Tumblr:

Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai

Our first new print license of the day is Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai. This is a stylized action manga from Hiroyuki Takei, creator of the smash hit manga and anime Shaman King.

In medieval Japan, a bell hanging on the collar is a sign that a cat has a master. Norachiyo’s bell hangs from his katana sheath, but he is nonetheless a stray – a ronin. This one-eyed cat samurai travels across a dishonest world, cutting through pretense and deception with his blade.

The unique visual style of Nekogahara blends traditional Japanese ink painting with modern street art, perfectly suited for badass cat samurai action. Vol. 1 is coming this Fall. (English title tentative.)

Stay tuned to for another new print license one hour from now!


It's exciting to hear that we can get Volume 1 as soon as this fall! So that could be as close as only 6 months away!!! That's really quick turnaround, and could be the first print edition outside of Japan!

Of course, with this announcement, we will discontinue all plans to release any scanlations of Nekogahara. Everyone should support the official release by Kodansha Comics! This is the BEST news that can happen, so it's a reason to celebrate! They will treat the series well and we are grateful for them to take on the challenge of bringing this series over in English!


But... if you say "6 months is too far away... can't we get it sooner!?" Well, there is some options for digital chapters to come out sooner! Here's the current steps you can take to help make it happen!:

1. Post on Kodansha Comic's Tumblr or Twitter that you would like to read it digitally, and have monthly chapters closer to the Japanese monthly releases prior to the print release this Fall (Sept-Dec).

2. Post on Crunchyroll's Tumblr or Twitter that you want them to license the manga digitally for release. They don't have the manga license yet, but they have gotten titles that Kondasha Comics/Vertical had for print.

Please remember to be respectful when posting/requesting. You may not get any responses, but they do listen to requests, so the more people ask, the better chance they can try and make something happen.


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Hi! I talked to my friend and now I dont know if she will keep translating but I guess. If someone is still interested she actually is translating all so she herself can read it better, but I think if someone needs it, she can send it (at least to close people she knows will have the original volumes later)

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I just wish this was out sooner so I could ask my relatives to bring it for me when they come to visit. I hate paying for shipping.

Still will get it as soon as it's out though.

One more step to getting Jumbor, Zero and/or Flowers!

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You guys gonan ever finish the KZB extras?

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I don't mean to annoy anyone either but I'm also really anxious to read the KZB extras :"0 I've been checking in on this site for years! Thank you for your hard work

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Hey, guys! I want to ask you something. I intend to buy the entire SK Manga collection, but I am not sure which version I should buy. The original one(32 volumes) or kanzenban? Which one is more "complete"? Thanks a lot!

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@Lea, kanzenban is the complete edition, with all extras and new chapters.

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where did everyone disappear off to, no admin updates, no regulars chatting away... did everything die out when takei jumped ship from SK ?

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@JohnCena, @Adnarimel,
Dit has been busy with other real-life stuff. So...kinda at a standstill there. But I'll be working on some stuff from the "Dev Blog" sooner than later.

Yeah, the "Kang Zeng Bang" (or Perfect Edition in Italy) is the full story. But if you want to read it in English, only the original 32 volumes are out by Viz ( in Print and Digital.

Been busy with other things. Waiting for Nekogahara to come out in English. But hey, releases at M-T moves in waves. I'm still doing stuff with Shaman King, so it's not like I've given up. Jumbor chapter 12 is still on it's way. Hopefully I can get the "Dev Blog" updated with some smaller things a bit more frequently. But I don't want to start something without having a good amount of content prepared for it. So no worries, it's just one of those "slower" times. And plus, maybe if Nekogahara does great, then more of Shaman King will get licensed!

Maybe even Jumbor! (Haha, even I know that's crazy talk...)

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Thanks for responding! As long as it hasn't been dropped that's nice to know

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wtf is Nekogahara ?

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Nekogahara is Hiroyuki Takei's current monthly manga series. Don't worry, lots of nudity as the chapters go on.

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bro... i'm not into hentai... not anymore >.>

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is there is any chance for translation ?

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Nekogahara volume 1 will be out in just under 8 weeks from now in English! That will be the same English version available in USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand!

So there is alot of places you could buy the physical copy from (no digital plans announced by Kodansha Comics... yet!). Pick your country, but if you need a different one, you actually have a bunch of options that may save you on shipping and exchange rate!

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I am from Africa and there is no chance for me to buy a physical .
if you can upload the chapters you translate in one rar file in mediafire , i will be greatfull .
i promise to not use it any were , I just want to read this manga so bad and you my only way

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Sorry, we want to support the official releases here. So we will not be uploading any of Kodansha Comic's official English releases here.

My best advise would be to try and importing it through Amazon or some other book retailer.

Probably once we get closer to the release, the first chapter should be available online for free reading though!

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Hey guys just want to say i get it/am still disappointed lol. This basically looks like Matamune's story while he was still alive so for the sake of Osorezan Revoir i need it in my life. I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the furyoku over the years, I've been a fan since the shaman king double decembers so i know how long you all have been grinding. Keep up the hard work.

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