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KZB13-14 raws It's a few days late, but it's done now! Hurray! You've been waiting for a while, but Dit's brought it to you again using Jezzy's scans.... Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang Volumes 13-14 extras in English! Yay!


You want 290.


Wait until "sometime this weekend." Yeah, it's right around the corner, don't worry! Check back soon! But you know what could make it go faster? If we had a Japanese -> English translator. Post a comment in this news post if you are interested, or send me (andysislands) an e-mail or IM! It will really help us out alot! Thanks in advance if you are interested!

But, you say, "I don't know Japanese, but I want to help!" Well, you can! I'm planning on starting up (or restarting back up) the "Mankin Profile." Basically this is an online website, kinda like a wiki, with all the information you ever want to know about a ANY Shaman King character. That's anime, manga, and everything else! Tons of information will come from the Man.Ji.En, the Fanbook, and the upcoming Mantarite fanbook. So, instead of searching through all of your manga volumes, it can all be found on a simple webpage! Nice! But, we'll need your help. I'm too busy to do it myself, so, you as fans, can help out! Basically, there will be a series of templates, you just need to fill in the information (in a .txt file, or a simple .html page, which you could open in a text editor) and fill in the info! Simple! Plus there may be some image work needed as well (taking screen caps, finding images from the manga, .etc). Sound like fun! Work as a team!? Yeah! There is no "hiring process," more along the lines of a forum will be created, and you just work on a page, and post it. Do at your own pace. But, before I get started on it. I want to know if people are interested in working on something like this. Post a comment in this topic if you are interested in either seeing it be completed AND/OR if you are willing to work on this project (the second choice is the more important one). If we can get enough people, I can set this project in motion.

French version sample:

(of course we'll be working on an English version which would be modified from that)


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1st comment! Great chapter! (If that what you would call it).

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THANK YOU MANKIN TEAM!!! so worth the wait!!!!!!!

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Oooooo! I didn't know he had stories for Shigaraki and Imari. That Takei just thinks of everything! And so now we wait for 290. So excited!

I think that guide thing is a really cool idea. I might be able to help a little if help is needed.

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Thanks for the translation!

I can help with your project if you'd like!

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I've found this website not so long ago. Before that time I've read the Shaman King manga on
I find the idea of "Mankin Profile" very great. Since I started just now my Japanese lessons but I always wanted to help you somehow. I am the moderator of the Returner Dragon Warrior ~ Yami no Shounen Hungarian Tao Ren website for two years. So I have lot of informations about Tao Ren, his family, his past and other things about him. Now I'm working on the description of the Japanese Shaman King episodes.
And thank you for scanning this KZB Extra in English!

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Yay understandable extras. :D
Even more yay because 290 is near.

About Mankin Profile, of course it's a good idea. I'm willing to help when needed, though my English isn't that good.

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I am willing to help out the Mankin Profile. Actually, I've already made profiles of almost all the characters and oversouls. I was going to start up my own fansite a long time ago, with as much information as I could put, but then I found this site. :P

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Ooooh I feel ch290 in the aaaair 8D

And I'm really intrested in helping, but... with my bad BAD BAD english is it still ok?

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187 is my favorite Shaman File ever
Epic las Fallas de Valencia xDD

Takei always makes my day (L)

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hun... soon enough 290 *-*
I loved these character files
specially when takei says
"he'll be in underwear from now on"
I laughed really hard like wth XD

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I'm willing to help out with the mankin profile if an extra hand is needed and i would love to do it if i am given the opportunity....however,it might take a longer time if i am the one doing it since i have a pretty limited time in using my computer so..........i'll just wait and see whether i 'll be able to help you guys out in the project or not......

Thanks for the translation by the way.....Looking forward to the next chapter.....

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Sank You for the extras guys. They were kick arse as usual. Im elated to now know the stories of mikihisa-dono's spirits. On a random note does anybody know the romanji for Hao's "So Small" quote, its too cool but i cant remember it for the life of me. The episode number its in would be cool, either way

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so small= chichee na (i think it is spelled that way)

well anyhow that was really interesting i cant w8 for the next one ^^

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Chicchee na, so you're pretty close. A double chi is pretty rare.

I'd offer to help, but with me translating I don't think you guys would be releasing any faster.

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Great job as always guys!

Question for anyone who knows:

view spoiler

I've seen all the shaman files aside vols 15 and 16, and besides Nyorai and Myooh, are any of the other Gandara members represented? Do they even have names?

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hi! i'm new! i have a question for tsuchi...where did you find all shaman files? please tell me

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btw thanks for your work!

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@ Dasco

tsuchi-saikoro bought them.

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Thanks for the release! You guys are awesome! By the way, for some reason, in the downloadable file, all the pages are scaled down, making it a little difficult to read. But with the online viewing, the pages are normal size. Dunno if that was intentional or not, just thought I'd tell you.

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i dono japanese but i'm willing to help as much as i can

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I'm going to take Japanese II next year, I want to help the world's biggest english translation of Shaman King as much as I can :]. I lovee shaman king! Great job on the release~

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i have a question
are there other man.ji.en files?

if so could u tell me where i can find them?

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Hiroyuki-sensei puts so much thought into each character! i'm enjoying reading all the info thanks to you guys (and gals) hope you can find more people to help you with the Mankin profile&heart;

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Thank you! I love the description Takei gives to each character xD
(Naked Hao being my fav XD)

As for the Profile thing... Its not that it is a bad Idea... but there is enough place where we can find answer.... you could always direct people to wikia, where I am sure a lot of info could be changed.


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@ tsuchi-saikoro

view spoiler

Could you tell me from where have you getted the shaman king character files from vol.17??

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I own it. :)

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@Saint Thomas

anything you post here concerning other sources for SK files is kinda disrespectful
go talk about it elsewhere o/

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@ Mudy

Good point if I would know where I could go to talk about it :D

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ever heard of something very modern called "email"? =p

buy the mangas, really
it's the best way e_e

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@Saint Thomas

view spoiler

Yes, I know where you can find them,,, YesAsia.

Stop being rude. I mean it. You're not *entitled* to see those files. It's not a *right* but more of a *privilege*. This is what I'm talking about. I've almost quit multiple times because of rude people like you, but I feel bad because I said I would do something, and I don't want to let Andy down.

If you can't wait, spend the money, support Takei, and BUY them. I know, horrors of horrors. Real fans support the artist by buying their stuff. If you're simply leeching, you aren't a real fan since you aren't contributing to his success.

Takei worked SO EFFING HARD on these volumes. If you love Shaman King AT ALL, you should be able to find and buy at least ONE volume. I'm leery of posting the files because I know people will say "I don't need to buy them now!" True, but you're also not a fan in my eyes.

And that's my rant about leechers.

I know I have an attitude, and I have for the past 7 weeks, but that stems from my family crisis. So don't be a smart alec when someone good-naturedly reminds you of the rules. Not knowing where to talk about it is not vindication for breaking the rules.

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I didn't know Imari was a girl!
You learn something new every day. I just hope Takei makes a hit out of Ultimo. Ever since Shaman King ended, he seems to have been out of favors with the crowd. (Although I love all his works. Except for Smash Bomber. The 2nd chapter totally ruined it for me.)

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I second everything Jezzy said =p

and I hope stuff get better soon to you Jezzy :/

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amen jezzy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im interested in both viewing and helping out with the wiki thing, i know basic computing skills and can get help from friends if i need it so thats one vote from my hairy @$$

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I'd like to help anyway I can! X3

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Yay! Scanlations!!

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Now I'm only have to wait for volume 15 Hanagumi spirits!!

I really want to help too, but my Japanese isn't enough for translating.. TT But I know Chinese which is how I read the raws.
Oh and btw, I know this Hao fansite, it's really out of date, but there's cool info and poems on every page so it might help for the Mankin profile thing.

And I ditto Jezzy

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I'm willing to help in the mankin profile C:...
I'll just figure out on how to do those html thing >w<

w00t!! More power MANKIN XXXDDDD

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Thanks a lot for this profiles!!!
I really love them and it's really nice actually read them ( cuz I don't know japanese )
And, I would like to help in the mankin profile project...
Thanks again!

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