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Kang Zeng Bang Extras 3~4 RAW
Well, it's been a while since we've had a mid-week update! Yes, that's right, a mid-week update! Like a promised! It's like a miracle or something.

Anyways, here's the extras (in RAW form) from Kang Zeng Bang Volumes 3 and 4. That's only Japanese language. English scanlations will be coming when Dit is finished with all of them.

Speaking of scanlations, we do have something in English...

Takei's Last Word 2nd Issue

Chapters 284 and 285 this weekend (with a split release, most likely, or at least what I'm hoping for).

Get ready for this...


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Thank you.

Just to let you guys know, it took some time for the forums to load and the download to start.

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Sank you, it`s marvelous!

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Chapter 284, is almost done.

Just waiting on the final color page (from the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue). I got one image that's pretty good, but has some "binding blur." I want to try to get one that doesn't have it. Sorry for my scanning skills, that one was from a year or so ago, and I haven't made a nicer one yet (and won't be able to for a while).

So, if all goes well, Chapter 284 tomorrow (Friday), and Chapter 285 some time over the weekend!

Also, this is just a test:

Spin Spin!

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thank u
i love it

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Wow, a new character in the shaman files. I thought that was just an early-model Faust, but this is very cool. It's nice that Takei would go back and do something like that. :)

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I'm so sorry, I know you all do alot of work, but I'm asking if it's possible for you to put the Keng Zeng Bang volumes to be readable on the internet, because for some reason, it's impossible for me to read them, and I'm a hardcore Shaman King fan. Please and thank you.

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