KZB 288: Jumbor, the Early Years

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Kang Zeng Bang Chapter 288

And it's chapter 288! Hurray! New chapter! Color page! Horo! Horo! No more despair! Click on the image above, or somewhere in that menu to the left. Menu has also been updated with Brazilian scanlations of chapters 265/266 and Japanese/English/French versions of Chapter 287/288! So, consider this like 6 releases at once! Didn't see that one coming!

And while you are here, I've got a little game going on! It's called the Shaman King Conclusion Betting Pool! Yeah! Here's the place where you can take spoiler free guesses at might happen in volume 27. Not really plot things. More like, the number of chapters that will be in the volume. Will Jumbor become a reasonable sequel? New character births? All that fun stuff! So, register in the forum and place your "bet." Poll closes on April 1st! So that's less than a week away! Get on it! My bets will be in soon, along with some pointers to help you out!

Oh, and prizes? Still undesided, but post suggestions as well. I'm considering putting your name in the credits pages of volume 27 release chapters if you want. Show the whole scanlation world that you know what's going to happen before it does!

Also, we should have some more scanlations done and released before the end of the month. Plus, we have some nice things coming for the begining of April, even before the new KZB volume 27 chapters. Yes, we have alot coming for you, so check back often!


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Thanks MT! This is such a lovely chapter

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Yay! Finally!

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The best chapters always have Horo Horo in them

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Simply, impeccable .

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As usual... Andy your my godess...

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thnx a billion guys its sort of a sad chapter and the ending leaves u hanging a bit , just like the fight with the commentator official, look forward to the next chapter

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Andy is short for Andrew. He's a guy.

So God, not Goddess ;)

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Dam Builder : Jezzy
GirlFriend Killer: Jezzy
Bear Killer: Jezzy

OMG Jezzy is in charge of a lot of crimes! O:

But since she got us hq scanlations we forgive her <3333


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wonderful chapter! thank you guys!

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Yay! very thanks Andy! and Mankin too again! X3

This story makes me cry ToT , really, is beautiful

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I love Damuko!! she is so beautiful and cute, just like Kororo XD

OMG! the game is really interesting X,D!

Waaaaaa...I´m so nervous for the end...O.o



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I don't know what made me cry more the Vocaloid song I was listening to while reading this chapter or the chapter itself. Now my eyes are sore and puffy and red xD;

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This chapter is the sole reason I read Mankin.
Like, oh-my-god.

Horoooooo~ <3 ;0; -pets-

Though it means that he probably won't do much else for the rest of the series... ah well. I declare 288 to be the best chapter since "Victory With Limited Furyoku" and "Nipopo Gauntlets". <3

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Though with any luck, we'll be seeing the SoR soon? I've been wondering what happened to the whole elemental warriors thing.

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Real thanks.
I don't know what to say.

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Wait, whats a flute doing inside 's bag??

I never thought that could be quite a musician

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Dont you think was just too cold hearted the way he treated the girl and all?? Its a lot different from the perverted, hot headed, idiotic we all know..

And yes, this chapter finally answers the question that Hao hinted at the hot springs..

Nice chapter, Damuko so kawaii

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Horo (L)

Uhm, and next chapter title:

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296 - Encounter with the Patchs

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maybe we'll enter Nichrom's territory O:

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wow thank you mankin trad by the way when the next chapter will released ? just asking, you know because i am so wondering what happened in the next chapter i hope it's will be soon enough thanks once again mankin trad

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this is just too sad

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Thank you soo much for this chapter, wahhhh Bless Horo-Horo!

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I loved this chapter, it's so sad, but it's still beautiful!!

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Of course he was cold to her. The Ainu elder told him to stay away from her, since her family's dam would basically obliterate the environment around it. The Ainu's main religion is Animism, meaning that they believe that everything has a spirit that they must protect, which is one reason why they were so up in arms about it.

It's not a "flute", but a "recorder", which is a very standard instrument for elementary school [and beyond] students to learn in Japan. Even here in the US, I learned the recorder when I was in in grade school. They'd often be tested in front of their classmates and such. Pretty embarrassing. Anime like Cardcaptor Sakura and Azumanga Daioh both feature it at some point.

It'll be released when Andy's done with it. :)

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Thanks alot Mankin-Trad!!!!!!!!!!!
I´ve been waiting for 288 a long time!!!!!!
Sorry for the bad english


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hmmm let's thing about Horohoro playing on this flute 8D

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KZB volume 27 cover art:

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Yes, since we know now, the betting pool will need to be modified. The new question will be what the O.S. cover will be. aka: what get's removed from that image!

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Manta! That was unexpected. I honestly forgot all about him. If the oversoul is Mosuke, I think I'll die laughing.

Also, chapter 289 looks a bit boring. Plenty of Ren, and an adorable picture of Horo, but nothing much seems to happen. Opacho is -awesome- though. :'D

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Gomen ! i used to think that Andy was a woman xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

okey he´s my god! xD

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Trust me, he's a guy.

@Everyone calling it a flute
Definitely a recorder. Here's a nice YouTube video demonstrating it for you.

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Also @ everyone calling it a flute: Flutes don't go in your mouth. They don't have mouthpieces at the ends like that.

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:DDD Am I the only one who likes him? Manta is awesome, although I would have liked Yoh/Hao,, he deserves a cover

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I like manta too xD
plus, is he taller in that picture?

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why you people start to talk about flute and recorder that's getting weird you know by the way the cover uwaaa i never though it will be manta maybe because the shaman king never put manta to become cover
@jezzy : i will wait passionately

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The truth is that we're also waiting passionately -- for the translation :p

And recorders are SRS BIZNEZ

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Well, in spanish, there's no diference between recorders and flutes, we call recorders "soft flutes". Maybe the same applies to other languages/countries.

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Agreed, Manta is awesome! Personally, I wanted more Horo covers. :P I was actually hoping for another group shot - of all the warriors together or something.

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Cover spoiler responce:

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Manta on the cover xD
thats awesome!

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Cover spoiler responce:

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Lol, I knew it! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD rocks! %)

For me he is the Main Chara of SK, 'cause thanks to him we met Yoh and others, thanks to him the story began. *_* Eeeeh, Takei is awesome. *_*

And what about chapter 297's title?

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Well whoever they wanted to put in the cover would give major spoilers on the ending so O:
to keep the mistery... it sounds fine by meh! :D


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I don't like manta tho :<

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@ cover

I'm slightly disappointed. xD And slightly impressed.
But the covers aren't usually released this early.... are they? o__O

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Manta was REALLY unexpected! O_O
However, the cover art is great. I thought it would be Hao and Yoh together. (:

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i've always thought was adorable and looks looks sooo cute in the cover !!!!!!! though i was hoping for a more cover but i knew Takei-Sensei wouldnt do that

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xD I'm so disappointed with the cover, that I'm hoping that it's a joke.

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Manta!!! It is so fitting, he is a very important character after all, even if after the start of the tournament he gets forgotten, he trully deserves the final cover (Hao should had shared one of his covers with opacho..)

My prediction of what is the transparent cover and what is the cover... made me sad. The transparent cover is manta, there is no background :(

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Niiiice chapter. Thanks, Mankin Trad.

Also, I didn't see the last cover coming, but now that I know who's on it I can't imagine how it could have been anybody else. It's just perfect.

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Manta is one step closer to be bishounen! 8D

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Manta rocks!!! I love this cover...

But... I just remembered that some people use to do jokes on april (I still have no idea wtf is the april's fool thingy :P, in my country don't celebrate that xD)...
So, I hope it won't be an aprils fool joke D< I really like Manta in this cover :), more if I bought it!! :}

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aww it better not be an april fools joke, i'm fine with the cover the way it is!!

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Personally, I think someone's used a shaman file image to trick us. ;P 20 bucks says it's an april fools joke.

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@MarcoMaxwell: I don't think so :D It's too much work to do April joke like this. I think so.

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about cover of vol. 27

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OMG !!!, I love this character!, he never had a cover! :3 Thanks Andy, but...

...Isn't a joke right? ¬¬, because I'm so happy with this...besides, I don't like being cheated. T_T

Well, Manta looks so cute there X3



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Does anyone else think that...

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oversoul might be a variation of wielding

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More titles and cover FTW:

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297 - Shaman King God End Part I
298 - Shaman King God End Part II

I can't believe it is actually Manta...
Also, that image isn't from any shaman file

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By the way, When Manta use the pants like Yoh do?

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That cover looks like fake, because....

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this Manta doesnt looks like drawed by Takei-sensei, the title letters, the number and the stars are in transparent cover that have the OS image; this picture doesnt have the OS image, even the enlighted effect. If the cover was Manta i think the oversoul have to be in ManJien (encyclopedia) that he has in his hands but the book is normal.

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:O Thank you so much for this chapter. I'm not a Horohoro fan but this chapter is just <3

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Horo horo power nice chapter you guys keep it up

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I don't recall seing any Manta drawn in Takei's new style(asides from shaman files), so there is a chance the cover might really be him ^^;

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What if Manta is on the transparent cover only? (He could be a ghost)

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Manta on the cover? I don't think so. I have a feeling that's an April Fools' Day joke~~

Besides, I don't see a transparent cover being used. If you look at other covers, you can see the 2nd layer there:

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RE: "It's a fake!"

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I don't know why Andy didn't post the entire ad, since someone would have to be amazing at photoshop in order to pull it off.
The link to the whole ad that he gave me no longer works. Maybe he saved it, and will be able to enlighten those who believe the cover is a fake.

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If I think it's a rumor, I'll say so. If I think it's a crazy rumor with no backing, I probably won't say anything. Is this cover art the final design? Maybe. Maybe not. It came from a promotional ad, as seen below. Meaning, they could change it before the release. Thus, subject to change.

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the ad would explain why the cover doesnt have the "Oversoul cover effect"

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Hmmm.... i think that the transparent cover will be secret till the manga release or some thing like that... And can it be very special/spoiler so they dosnt want to show it? Perhaps that "Oversoul cover" can reveal a high spoiler...........................................................................

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may be... all the guys died and all theirs spirits are the cover?

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For every cover, they have ALWAYS shown the O.S. overlay. Why? Since the words "Shaman King", "Takei Hiroyuki", Volume Number, and star number are on the O.S. itself. I wouldn't assume this is anything different. However, unless it's a cover art is not final, then there is room for change. I am under the impression that the cover is final, and that the O.S. overlay is present. We shall find out on April 1st if this is true or not. Till then, still rumor.

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One more title:

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299 - Shaman King God End Part III

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@ Dit,

Gasp! Maybe not as shocking as chapter 298.... I think the next one could give a bit more away....

I thought you weren't lurking anymore? Or just annex-lurking?

Posted on

Just annex, I promise!
I'm a good girl :)


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*looks at the spam comment above (that is no longer there)* ... lul what?
Dunno, I kinda expect it to be April's folk or a teaser image...

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but as Matamune said, they'll put everyone as ghost balls beside him daaawn how cute and disney-like...not ._. I hope the manjien is the OS

Posted on

correcting myself, they MIGHT put then blablabla -_-
keyboard battery seems to be getting low, oh geez...

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its almost april 1st....!!!

*hoping yoh becomes SK*

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I did not expect Manta on the cover, I thought it was going to be like a group picture, anyway, I believe this is better because nobody really thought that this was going to be the cover.... Regarding to the Chapter, I this it was awsome, I really enjoy knowing about the characters´ past, thank you so much for it!!!

My God, I am so excited about the ending!!!!

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...I waited this long, waited literally [i]years[/i], for more Horo backstory and got [i]this?[/i]

Dammit, I just can't hate on this series, no matter [i]what[/i] is done to my favorite characters by the end... and the art is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.

BUT DEAR GOD TAKEI-SENSEI WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING. Using the Nibutani Dam as a plot device? Uhhhhh. This could have been good. I mean, read this article, anyone who sees this:

I'll be here when you get back, don't worry.

See what I mean now? He could've done something really amazing, but instead... didn't. Gave Horo an unfortunately typical shonen backstory. (Albeit in his own slightly satirical way.) And glossed over some really painful history in an all-too-typically-Japanese manner. (Sure, sure, different world different history. I care too much. WHATEVER.) I have to say I expected better...

B-but. Ohgod. Horoooooooooooo. TT_TT

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Whats will happen on Abril 1st?

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Great chapter guys! Thanks!

...And I just noticed January I got KZB 1, and last week I received 2,3, and 4....and I didn't get any "Last Words" in any of them. Are they really random, or maybe since they're half ads for the pins, they stopped distributing them in the volumes?

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I could have sworn that Andy mentioned this somewhere, but I guess not. Yes, the earlier KZB volumes were reprinted once the first set of pins was released without the "Last Words" that previously came in the odd-numbered volumes. And if I'm not mistaken, these volumes are also without the obi [wrap-around ads] since they contained the order forms for the pins. It's not random. All first editions of odd-numbered volumes received a copy of Last Words. It's a shame really, since there are wonderful pictures inside each issue. This is why we encourage everyone to buy their issues ASAP! As it stands, volume 25 is sold out, so I doubt anyone who doesn't have it now won't get LW.

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I forgot the links D: D:

First edition:


If you think on getting them eventually just listen to Jezzy and don't wait, go buy them asap!
And vol. 26 is also sold out, I think!!

Posted on

Yeah, you're totally right. But if I remember correctly... the volumes not including LW anymore are only 1~10 (for the moment)

Btw, the volumes not including LW have new and different wrapping ads.

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view spoiler

Ren's all tied up, just the way I like him...

I mean...wut? >_>;;;

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YAY! New chapter!!!

view spoiler

Talim's botanic lessons killed me x'D
And Hao is about to wake up! (L)

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Concerning KZB 27 ^_~:

view spoiler

The preview is finially up and it seems that the cover really is Manta although it is unsual that there is no oversoul cover hmmmmmmm ENJOY!!

Posted on

Hahaha, seriously, I demand and explanation

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On a side note, interesting feature that after you post a comment, you get congratulated...
"Congratulations ! Your comments has been added"
What is this, the last episode of Evangelion or something? Watching that once was enough, thank you.

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Thanks again Mankin Trad staff for all you guys' hard work. You're the best out of all the groups with initials MT that scanlates Shaman King. Wait a sec...
Anyways, looking forward to the rest of Shaman King from you!

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Snape kills Dumbledore on page 606?

Posted on


view spoiler


Otheeer than that, everyone looks quite delicious!

Posted on

Well, since Manta is just a plain human being, there's no need for an OS, right?


view spoiler

I don't remember very well, he indeed killed Dumbledore...

On to SK again.. @Inu: It must have hurt...

view spoiler

Yoh's face when he sees Talim reminds me of Amidamaru lol

Posted on

@ Inu

HAHAHAHA i was so wondering that too!!! i thought it was just me!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

anyway...YES looks yummy tied up! all i need is for and to be tied up n i'm gonna luv this chapter!!!!!!!!

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Admin message :
* Posting comments with Internet Explorer should work now
* Layout bug fixed in Opera and Chrome
* RSS Feed repaired

if you see another bug, report it !

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@ Jezzy

Yes, mine do have the wrap around ads, but they must be different ones. I love the Matatabi Biyori pics, so it is indeed a shame, especially since when the earlier volumes came out last year, I wasn't making enough money to actually buy them. :(

But as for the -is- the odd-numbered ones? I'll have to grab them all up...

Posted on

Ah, thanks for the links, Dit. Indeed, my volumes have the newer ads....except my vol. 7, which still didn't have the Last Words....or well.

As to the new chapter...

view spoiler

I love seeing powerful O.S. made from small, insignificant-seeming mediums. Very nice. :)

Posted on

@Kamisama Thanks for considering those of use who use Chrome, the site looks way better now :)

I'm so glad Manta is the official KZB 27 cover n.n

Posted on

yo, now internet explore can finally post!

Posted on

*those of us...

Posted on

Ara, this is definitely the most despair filled chapter ive read since ren got an oversized dagger through the back. I am glad that we know understand horo's overall bitterness though. Now he's definitely going to get a power up but my question is whats it going to come from?

Does kuroro's reiyoku grow because horo has overcome his grief?
Does Horos furyoku rise after reacknowledging himself as usui horokeu?
Or after overcoming his grief is he able to use all the abilities and knowledge he threw away after becoming horohoro?
And on a random note, i think takei-sensei should have used the phrase "true self" instead of "true form". I kept thinking he was gonna get kindof furry and form some sort of wolf like oversoul. And unless my calculations are off we should have another chapter left before we run out of the 5 we got with this kzb

Posted on

Does anybody have the link that takes you to the site with all of the kzb covers? Its in a post for the comments for one of the earlier chapters but i cant find it anywhere. If somebody could repost this link it would be a godsend. Those color masteema dolkeem and jaguarman oversouls are orgasmic! although im a little dissapointed in the purple tinge added to yoh's byakkou.

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Thanks so much for the chapter Mankin, you are offically my favorite web team ever XD. such a sad story .

view spoiler

I have a question though is there a new chapter that shows Gandara fighting the Kings of Hell Shaman King Wikia said they know who the other two kings are, but in the origional manga they only told two? Hope this is a question I can ask.

Thanks again so much

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The Ultimate Kang Zeng Bang Guide:

It's Ultimate for a reason, since it has everything you need. Plus more!

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view spoiler

:D! Horo -and- Ren in the same chapter! Huzzah!

Posted on

i love this manga
i would like to ask one question:y is it there is something at the patchs' feet like somthing metallic n wat is it??

Posted on

Finally IE users can post comments~! (I was wondering what was wrong with my computer)

Anyways, thanks MT for the wonderful chapter release! story was really sad . But, Damuko was very cute XD.

@Dit & Jezzy
Are the KZB volumes sold out in Japan (meaning, you can't go into a book store and buy them at the store), or just not available to purchase online? Because a friend is going to Japan in about 2 weeks, and I wanted him to pick up vol. 25 and 26 for me over there.

Posted on

There are Japanese people commenting on how they are having problems finding the latest volumes at bookstores lately... but in two weeks time your friend should not have any problem, I think :)

Posted on

Sold out, is sold out. Not even in bookstores. But there may be a new shipment of volume 26 when volume 27 comes out in Japan on the 4th. But nothing is for sure.

Posted on

About the cover...

view spoiler

Srsly, is it just me or there's a head or something behind Manta?? At least I'm not the only one that sees it, since someone uploaded this to 2chan and asked:

looks like Takei's hair >_>

Posted on

looking at the cover i had an idea :

view spoiler

Can Manta possibly be the next shaman king ? xD ?

Posted on


view spoiler

LOL I bet he is XD

Posted on


LOL I was saying that to some friends when the cover came out. xD

Posted on

@ Teh_Medic

Actually the names were revealed in the descriptions of the other four elemental spirits in KZB 26.

Posted on

OMG!!! finally I can comment ^^ thank you for all the chapter the new and the old ones xD the extras everything! btw I just watched the preview of volume 27 and I was all carzy trying to find more images... and I realize that we are 1st anf the volume is out the 4th isn't it? well what can i say i wanna know how it ends T^T only one question ^^ in volume 26 How many patchs appear?? I mean how many are left for the last volume :S -solo curiosidad agradeceria una respuesta en spoiler si quieren ^^- my english stopped sorry xD

Posted on

Finally, I can comment on how awesome you guys are!! I mean, seriously, this site always makes my day :3

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view spoiler

manta as shaman king???
that would be just a great plot twist!(?)
I'd love it xDDDD

Posted on


view spoiler

the last words

Posted on

Vol27!!!!! O.O

OAo////// the summaries (in japanese xD) are out!!!!

*runs in circles* translator has just confused me @.@~~~~ hahahah

Posted on

Just curious, how soon can we expect scanlations for these last chapters? I can't wait to read them ^-^!

And I love that Manta is on the cover!! XD
He's a good character... he needs more love, lol ^^

Posted on

Aww, I loved this chapter so much! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Posted on

This time Horohoro ( ) looked awesome... \o/

Posted on

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