Jumbor Oneshot released!

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Jumbor Oneshot Hello, after several months of waiting, Mankin-Trad is proud to announce our latest release, and future project. As some of you may know, Takei has now entered the market of Ultra Jump. His first contribution to the magazine is a Jumbor oneshot. This is a sequel to his original series "Jyuki Ningen Jumbor". You can read this series right now on Mankin-Trad, just take a look through the left hand menu.

From this success, Takei will now be releasing brand new Jumbor chapters every month in Ultra Jump. Mankin-Trad is proud to announce that we will also be scanlating this series every month, as it is released from Japan. As some of you may know, some of Dit's first work here at Mankin-Trad was the original "Jyuki Ningen Jumbor." As such, the entire team will be back on again for this new series! Raws will be provided by Jezzy, translations by Dit, and I'll cover all the typesetting and cleaning. It'll be fun, and I hope you all enjoy this new series!

In the upcoming weeks and months, we will also have some other new releases. So please check back every week, and watch out for other things we have planned.

Our entire team has worked very hard on this oneshot, and we hope you enjoy our release!


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ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ わーい

In before "FINALLY"

And just to let you know, Dit pwns the universe for getting the word play on the last page. Just saying. NO ONE else got it.

So yeah, Dit accidentally your scanlation. <333

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takei should have his hands cut off, wtf did he stop with shaman king, he should redo the last batch of volumes (before the official fights and ending)

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Eh, it's something. Thanks alot. :)

*goes to read*

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so takei will be drawing this along with Ultimo? or has ultimo been canceled and now he's starting jumbor?

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somehow, all i know that ultimo is still on-going . it can't end just like that when we don't know what's going to happen next... :s

i seriously feel you! once i found out that there won't be any new releases for SK i was pissed too! but i guess that we'll have to wait.... impatiently.... :(

i have to say... baru looks like ren a bit... and he looks like yoh at the same time... awesomeness!!

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Whew. Glad i got that out of my system. Thanks M-T!

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@Anyone upset over non-shaman king release

I have a feeling that if Takei did any more shaman king stuff, he would ruin it. Like with spongebob. Nick let it run too long, and now Spongbob just acts like a spaz. There's no method to his madness. Good things can't last foever without going bad. (and y'know, he might be bored of drawing shaman king now. People can dot that y'know.)

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I just got inished reading that. It was even better then the original oneshot! Thank you so much Mankin- trad!!

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Thanks for the scanlation M-T! really looking forward for Jumbor to start this month.

I'm happy with what Takei has done with the series in this oneshot, it took a turn for the best thankfully. Just hope it doesn't turn into a Yaoifest like Ultimo did (sorry fans).
It's totally inspired me to draw some fanart *A* FFFF.

I think people will need to be super patient with Flowers..or just not get their hopes up because we probably won't get anything for years or not get anything at all ):

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Hmm. I never actually read any of the Jumbor manga before. D:

I guess now would be a good time to start, eh?

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Nut looks like a genetic fusion of Lip and Rap, with a different hairstyle. lol.

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Wowie! Thanks so much! I was wondering whether Takei would continue this or not.

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Thanks a lot guys :D You rock!

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I actually liked this chapter a lot. Way more than the old Jumbor chapters anyways. He looked like a teen in this one, with his abilities mastered it seems. :P

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Did they say when Shaman King: Flowers comes out?

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Nope. We haven't heard a single thing. As far as we know/are concerned for now, it's a oneshot.

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So, this means that we must forget the others scans from Kang Zeng Bang? We were waiting for months!!!
Dont you think that you "must" finish something before start with another project?
What gonna happen when Takei launch Ultimo 2 or something, Do you gonna stop the work for Jumbor and start with other project?
Think about this.

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Jumping to conclusions FTMFW!

I think if you followed the comments from the last thread, you'd know that we're not forgetting about the other projects.
And don't confuse people by saying "Ultimo 2". It doesn't exist.

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are all of jumbor's chapters this long ?
i didnt get past page 3, since all i saw where pics and no dialogue, not only that but he all his characters look alike in some way, which reminds me of SK and thus pissing me off that he felt it to do god know what

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jumbor somehow looked like ren. funny.

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That was one hell of a return. I am pleased that Jumbor is coming back.

Thanks for that guys.

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Oh man this looks like it's going to be so awesome.

And am I the only one who's getting very bummed out by all these comparisons to Shaman King? It's the same author, of course it's going to be similar. Also it just started, and you can only do so much with an intro without completely losing your audience. I think you guys who're freaking out should remember what originally drew you to SK and stop whining that Jumbor's too similar/isn't SK.

rant rant rant but seriously folks I think I'm in love with this Baru (am I correct in believing he's not the original? Takei seems to imply he's not, but maybe I'm just reading to far into things....

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No, he's the same Baru we know and love, thus his reference to his "construction work not/being done yet". He's just older, which I think is in an effort to appeal to an older crowd, a la Ultra Jump (this is the same mag that has Tenjou Tenge, so not exactly for teens).

I hope this does well. But I can't imagine what it's like for Takei for someone to basically be writing fanfiction of his characters and having him draw the doujinshi. That's what this is, in my mind, seeing as how someone else is writing the script.

Ah well. I think Baru now looks a bit like Ren, so this will be tolerable.
That and I think Spanner is Ren and Anna's love child.

But that's just my opinion.

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I just read the whole Jyuki Ningen Jumbor series and to be honest, it was quite enjoyable.

So thank you for releasing this.

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So if jumbor had continued...

The final boss would have been Sigma? We DO have rampaging mechaniloids and all.

Also, if all the jumbors are supposed to stand against this threat, why would two of them try to kill Baru? Unless it was one of those "I'm a dick towards you, but only cuz I was testing you LOL" type dealies.

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Oh screw it. As long as I can oogle some Takei-made manga, I guess it's all good.

But hey, I'm actually kind of liking these guys. Seeing the art style with fresh characters is... well, refreshing. Are these some kind of experimental chapters or is this planned to be a full-blown series?

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Just read the whole Jumbor series for the first time, and I must say, I rather liked it! Not as much as SK of course, but it was an enjoyable experience. Thanks for this oneshot and all the previous chapters, M-T! Can't wait for the new chapters!

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Somehow I think that Baru is quite cute with his funny faces. xD

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Wait wait wait--Takei's not scripting this? How did it work out like that? I hope he's still writing out chapter overviews or something, otherwise that would probably get really frustrating sometimes. I can barely stand people correcting parts of the script for my webcomic. o_o

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That's awesome!!! Keep up the EXCELENT job you're doing!! THANK YOU.

Ah, I was just wondering, but you will keep translating SK, right? ^^ Because I'm eager to see the Mentalite!!

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Yay! Jumbor powah~ (^^♪
There are so many new comments! I'll read all of them as soon as I get home tomorrow. Hope there's not a lot of bitching...

Thxs dear ;)

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Btw, a carry-over from the previous comment thread. But I disagree about all the hate towards Onemanga.

OneManga is a site that uses THEIR OWN BANDWIDTH, to host over 1000 different manga and organize it into one place, hence the name. They constantly check the internet for updates from scanlation groups. This takes effort, and bandwidth costs money.

And also, they give you credit. On the front page they display the new updates and next to them, displays the group that scanlated them, and also in each individual manga area, that list what groups did what chapters.

I use the comparison that if Mankin-Trad is a store. OneManga is the mall. You guys are a store in the mall. Along with all other scanlation groups they collect.

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Because this got long.

view spoiler

Still, they do not ask permission. This is huge for me, as I was raised to say "Please", "Thank you" and "May I borrow this?" Onemanga and other such manga sites do not ask for permission. Boohoo they spend time stealing other group's releases! Poor them! And they also get ad revenue and I'm guessing a referral bonus as well when people join those RPG things that are advertised.

This is like say, someone selling bootleg Louis Vuitton bags in a stall inside the mall when the actual store is outside. Sure, it's all in one place, so you can buy the bags and shop at the other stores, but the quality sucks since it's not the real thing. I'm someone who's very anal about quality, thus one reason I'm the quality checker. I would rather save up and buy the bag than buy one and find that the quality sucks ass. I HATE seeing all the work Andy does to make my sometimes not-so-taotastic scans look good go to waste by being poorly compressed.

Andy pays to keep M-T up, including the bandwidth and such and the domain name. Please don't disregard his financial contribution to the site. I won't get into the costs of providing the source material, as that is easily over $500 in my opinion.

I'm not asking you to agree, I'm asking you to merely understand my stance on it. Aside from MangaHelpers, I hate manga directory sites because they steal and degrade the original release's quality, as well as rob groups of valuable feedback and other things of that sort. Period.

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grea job guys, made me re-read the whole ultimo series again

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I can understand that. I can. They don't ask permission and that is stealing. but at the same time, this is part of why they are so good at what they do.

Can you imagine how much less they'd update if they went around asking and waiting for everybody's permission? Sure, I can ask you a question and get a response relatively quickly, but with some people...

As for the quality, I haven't noticed except for some of early chapters, but that was a bad job by the group doing SK at the time (not you guys) and not the fault of Onemanga. In fact, I have yet to see anything there that isn't tolerable. Your probably right tho, as it is a pretty big collection over there.

Your also right about them probably getting revenue from the ads. Which by the way, I know you didn't, but I do get complaints about the ads there. There not bad. They are well-placed and not intrusive.

But at the end of the day, something comes out of their pockets. With an archive like that and as many ads as there are, somebody is paying outta their own pocket.

OneManga is one of those things you can just go either way about. I see your point, but for me, the positives outway the negatives.

But if I were in your position, I can see how I might feel differently.

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Well, I gotta say, when I started reading SK KZB, I did it at Onemanga because that was the site that various people recommended me... they told me that there was A LOT of manga on that site, that it is constantly updated, and that you are able to read on-line, whereas in other sites you have to download the files (which is all true btw).

But then, when I got to that final page that they name as "credits" I saw the url address of this site, and decided to check it out. Since then, Mankin Trad is the only place I consult on SK topics. The quality is, as Jezzy states, way better here than on Onemanga. And I also like, usually, the discussions that take place through the comments.

Yes, I agree that the guys from Onemanga are not only stealing other's releases, but also getting profit from it, and I'm not defendind them, but at least it brings more people to this site. So I guess my point is that we should look at the bright side of things hehe :)

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Yay! It's Seyram's birthday!

I'd post an emoticon but you don't have one...

So Happy 16th Seyram!!! :)

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Takei-san is so amazing, i love every last of his masterpiece!

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Thanks, M-T! ^^

First "re"-Jumbor chapter is out.

view spoiler

LOL, DOCULT, LOL. He was my fav character of the series(and Nipper too) XD

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.. or it was another oneshot XD

Peaceful days are coming in my life - with Takei's manga =)

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Yeah at first I was dissapointed because Nipper wasn't there. He was my favorite character. But Jumbor prevailed, no less.

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Okay soo...where's the mentarite? Is it EVER going to come out?

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Go read the comments from the last release, or at least the ones posted by staff members (dark gray text boxes).

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OK I'm gonna ask this question of the MT staff and I want to be clear I'm not intending to critical, ungrateful, or in any way a troll. I'm a literally curious to the answer in a completely benign way and respect the decisions of the MT staff as they provide a very valuable service to the community. OK so here's my question: Why has MT not prioritized the scanning and translation of the KZB extras? I ask only because I have no strong interest in Takei's other works, but am intensely interested in the new information potentially available about Shaman King that could be available in the KZB extras. I ask this question completely respecting that the MT has every right (and perhaps the responsibility) to focus on the projects that they wish to and APPRECIATING whatever answer is given. Again I ask only out of curiosity and not out of some warped sense of entitlement that many have displayed as of late in the comments section. I too am far less interested in MT's other projects, but I see no problem with MT's decision to focus on those other projects or with their lacks of releases over the last few months. I understand that life can get busy and that scanslation groups have no responsibility to respond to the often rude demands of the fan community. I simply ask "Why focus on non-SK projects?" as a fan of SK who has little or no interests in other Takei works (excluding Butsu Zone). Thank you and I apologize if anything I've said is a misinterpretation or misrepresentation of any official MT statement.

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Also sorry for the numerous spelling grammatical errors I didn't proofread that post as I ought to have.

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I really think its because they're "extras." And, as stated on their banner and home page, they focus on ALL of takei's manga's. SK is just more prominent and on-going, so they focused on that for a while. And I think they have an obligation to do actual releases first rather than extras. Hope that helps.

P.S. I know you mean well and all, but PLEASE don't start this again. It got so ugly in the last comments section, I almost stopped visiting it.

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Happy Birthday Opacho!

14, eh? I remember 14. :)

Okay then, BuddatheBob. What should we talk about then?

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It for sure did get ugly. I'm not sure why people feel entitled to services they receive for free. SO rude. Anyways I was more asking as a personal question. Like did M-T decide to go the current direction they're going because of what you said or does the staff just have a greater general interest in Takei's other works. I ask because I personally find Takei's other works to be pretty hit and miss. I thought Shaman King was dead on. It had direction, a cast of great characters, strong coherent themes, and unique concept that wasn't quite so out of left field as cyborgs based on construction equipment. I really don't want to start another debate about what MT SHOULD have released. That's a moot put because they will release whatever they want and they have a right to. I was just curious. Anyways I guess I'll just drop it. I feel trolls lurking about this very comments section. My spidey sense is tingling.

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This argument that they aren't doing them bcuz they are "extras", could work, if they hadn't started them, got to vol.14 and stopped.

Seriously, M-T, you are already half-way there! lol

This may be a Takei site, but Shaman King dominates it. It's most of your updates. The emoticons we use to comment on posts are ALL MANKIN. I don't see a little spite of Nipper here, do yoU?

I honestly have yet to hear anybody say, "Screw extras, we want more Jumbor chapters that aren't even out yet".

I would have a poll, but it would be deleted again so screw it.

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btw, You guys probably read it already, but Rage from Ultimo looks like Drill from Jumbor.

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@ ShadowTyrael

Yeah! They erased my answer to your poll as well! XD
I don't know how many people got to participate in it besides me, but I do remember I was the first one to answer it hehe... but since I really really really don't want the discussion to start again, I'll drop the poll theme and quote you: screw it!

On another matter, if AsanoHa drops it, I'll pick it up...
Dear MT team (whose members I'm really grateful with for all their hard work on previous releases): Why has MT not prioritized the scanning and translation of the KZB extras?

And I don't want to read "because they're "extras"". You must have a good reason for it... maybe you liked jumbor better (I honestly don't know why... it's not that good!), or you're just tired of shaman king and don't want anything to do with it for a while... the cat ate the manga... whatever... I just wanna know. Pure curiosity, I don't intend to upset anyone.

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@Aru-chan, TheSmai, Fuzzy, Elysia-chan, and Pinwino
Thanks! We worked really hard on it!

@ AsanoHa,
Then you'll be very happy once we can really focus on some quality releases of Butsu Zone. Our longest active project to date! My standards are just too high for my favorite Takei series. But it will be worth it in the end!

The comments section for each release is to talk about the release. Now you know!
Also, I didn't create the icons. Well, I guess that's incorrect. I did create these two (but I just modified the sprite rips):

The rest came off of an old Chinese (or maybe it was Japanese) website. Which I had permissions to use. Shaman King was still running in Weekly Shonen Jump at the time. It's been a while... my memory of those days is a bit more rough... Ah... Shaman Online... the "good old days" as we like to refer to it as! Anyways... you are welcome to create some new sprites to be added!
And yes, polls are silly, since we know what we want to do, and we are doing it. And we like what we do. So... everything is all fine on our end!

@Red Rogue,
Extras are still extras. They aren't chapters. They aren't cheap. They aren't really fun to work on. They aren't plot driven. They are extras. That isn't going to change.
And no, we aren't bored of Shaman King... that would be silly! We love Shaman King!

We have a plan... and it's going smoothly... new releases before you know it! What those are? Just wait and see! We just had a huge release last week... but that doesn't mean more isn't on the way!

Also, for those who care, our next release will be done in Photoshop CS4! So, I'm also going to do some testing with it, and see how it goes!

Plus, a new banner... soon... I've already got the new image ready for it! Also, when that goes up, there will be some changes to the menu bar again! Isn't website meta fun!? Unless you don't want me to change this banner? I think the next one will be better... so I'll go and make it... soon!

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Okay thx. :)

On a side note, I watch some Youtube videos for that PS2 game, "Funbari Spirits".

1. In 2004, we still couldn't make 3D models jump right.
2. Chocolove looks badass.
3. Both The Munzer's hair is blond. (Who the crap started that bull anyway? Cuz it's not colored in the manga? Gee, I never seemed to assume Horohoro was blond)
4. In that one cutscene, Seyram's eyes look... strange...

I'm not mocking the game, it's arguably the best one. And to be honest I'm not a fan of anime-tie-in games. (Cept DBZ cuz it was practically made for it).

But that is a topic of another thread. lol, I remember the really bad GBA games. lol.

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"I don't mean to upset anyone..."

You say this knowing that we don't respond well to such questions that have been answered over and over again.

There is a lack of logic here.

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I'm glad you liked my videos. I'll make more once I get a new video capture card.

And all of the GBA games in Japan were good... I just got one of them in the mail today!

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Cool! I wish Butsu Zone could've gone the distance or at least had more cameos in SK. I'm Senju as 6th Elemental Warrior? Hahahaha I dunno I just hated him as Sati's spirit. He's supposed to be an aspect of Senju Kannon so how is that he's now Dainichi Nyorai. Lame in my opinion.

I get what you mean but it's a little unfair I think. I think there are lots of people out there who respect your guys' timetable and release decisions but simply wish we could read KZB extras sooner rather than later. I think that just as much as you all have the right manage your own releases we have a right to ask about your priorities and reasoning as long as it is respectful. So far all you've been able to do is argue with trolls in the comments section from what I read. I just wanted to know if you guys like doing other projects better than KZB and Andy pretty much said yes so there you go. I got my answer and I respect your decisions!

I'm super stoked to hear about new Butsu Zone and KZB extras in the future and I wish you luck with other projects even if it's unlikely I'll read many of them. Thanks for all the hard work M-T staff!

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They know that everybody wants only these "extras". I'm sure that a lot of users come here only for them. They aren't relasing them because they know that if they relase them, nobody will come here anymore -_-...It's for that reason that they are posting EVERYTHING besides extras... It's the only reason i can think... Andy said that extras aren't chapters. They could scan them in 2-3 days (they have already relased half of them), but they know that if they do that, lot's of user won't come here anymore.

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Oh lord Mak please don't start this again... I'm sorry M-T folks. I thought maybe we could have a normal discussion without wild accusations of grand schemes to f*** over the fanbase but I guess not. I sincerely apologize. I was warned this would elicit this kind of response. It's my own fault.

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no it's their fault becouse of their stupid "plan"

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@ andysislands

Thanks! That's all I was asking for! A good, straight answer. As AsanoHa puts it, you pretty much said that you like doing other projects better than KZB, and I also respect that, even if don't like it.

And yeah, I wrote that I didn't mean to upset anyone 'cause that's the truth... I was just respectfully asking for your reasons of choosing to release one thing instead of the other, Andy got it right.

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The scary thing is, that is most polite post Mak has ever written here.


What a coincidence. Lol. Those vids were yours? Sweet! Thx dude.

Somebody else watch it, its on Youtube if you search for "Redseb" its the first result. Anybody else notice Seyram's eyes? They just dont seem to fit...

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You act like that's the first time Andy's said, "Chill the fuck out, I've got this." No, you need validation every freaking week, when the easiest answer is "We have a plan, this is what we're doing, we are the M-T staff, we decide what gets done." That, and our reasoning has been highlighted at least three times in the last month. None of those where good enough for you. You want a personalized, autographed answer.

Unfair? UNFAIR?
There are people in Haiti suffering because of a natural disaster that they have no control over. Tell me, what's more unfair?
Honestly, your attitudes are atrocious. Come back when you've learned how the world works, and you actually give anything toward this project and don't just TAKE.

But now since Andy has descended from the heavens with his holy word, hopefully most of you will silence yourselves on the matter.
Not doing so will only prove how entitled you feel.
And entitlement is fair from sexy.

And Mak can just keep talking and wearing his tinhat. His conspiracy theories are so damn adorable :3

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In what way should we contribute then?

What do you need to do this project more efficiently?

Time? Well none of us can really give you more of that.

Money? We could do that. Just set up a secure way to send donations.

Services? This has been suggested before. But I don't know exactly how open to that you guys are.

Peace of Mind? Sure. :)

I don't think you can honestly say you are contempt with what you put out in 2009. And if you are, then your standards are biased anyway, :) lol jk.

But hey, it's a new year and I'm willing to clean my opinion slate. :)

Posted on

I'm not "contempt" with what we put out last year.
I am, however, "content".

My point exactly. You contribute nothing, so you may demand nothing. It's really quite simple. If you don't like my circumstances that prevent me from doing as many releases as you guys want, join the club, because I don't like them either. If they weren't taking over my life at this point, then I would. But scanning Jumbor is MUCH easier than scanning KZB, so it's what I'd rather focus on for the next few months, which is when my life will finally be coming back together. So really, just wait a couple months. KZB will be back. I promise.

You guys complaining is not contributing. It's impeding the process, as it will be even more when Jumbor is in full swing. Any time we waste repeating what has already been said is time that I could be scanning, Andy could be cleaning, and Dit could be translating. These pages aren't half as clean as KZB, so they require a lot more work. If you guys really respect us as much as some of you claim to, you'd understand this and not try to raise hell right before a big project.

I didn't like Shutter Island being pushed back. But guess what? It came out eventually, and I was grateful.

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Is Jumbor easier because it came in Magazine form? That's the only explanation i could think of.

Thank you.

I wonder if all the people who waited for "The Dark Tower" to finish felt this way. lol

I always wonder what you mean by 'clean'... Did the editor of Ultra Jump spill coffee on the printer and all the issues have brown stains on them or what?

Maybe that's an extreme case but what exactly does that mean? I've scanned plenty of crap before and it all looks like it did on paper, as is the purpose of a scanner.

Posted on

Yes, it's in magazine form, so after debinding it, I just toss it into the scanner. I don't have to stand there like I do with the KZB. I always have to stand at an angle as well, and I little things like that just add to the exhaustion I've been experiencing for the past few months.

Hey, want an example of how absolutely kick ass Andy is?

Measurement fail on my part, as well as the fact that one of the images was crooked. Pay attention to the blemishes and where the page is see through.
Yeah, Andy is the man.

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wow. nice quality, the one on the url jezzy posted.

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Let me just clarify that what I found unfair was the notion that we ought not ask polite questions. The tirades and your unloading on people who support your scanslation group is what I find unfair. I'm not demanding for more or different releases. I'm not even asking for anything different than what you guys already do. Thanks for letting us know (from what I've read) for the first time just why it's so difficult or interesting to do more KZB stuff. I get it, sounds like it's definitely not as fun to do, thanks for the hard work, see ya 'round the next release! Hope your life becomes less stressful soon, but I wanna ask you to not use the tragedy in Haiti as rhetorical device and to please not rage at me or other readers who are polite and respectful.

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Wow just looked the link you posted Jezzy!!! I think M-T is producing some of the highest quality scans out there. Well done guys!

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next months on jumbor? omg! why don't you drop kzb now? jumbor for months, you don't like scanning kzb, so drop it and at least, users like me that are waiting only for extras will be happy -_-

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Although this doesn't really answer your question, I have to say. CLEANING IS HARD.
As I have mentioned before, I make comics, and since I want people to read them, before I use other programs on them, I put them through microsoft paint. It can get really freakin' annoying to have to go through all the tiny crevices and little spaces to get to what you're trying to clean. And I can never seem to erase thoroughly enough so I have to erase the pencil smudges too, which is definitely the worse. Even though professionals probably use more advanced programs than paint, I can't imagine doing it for a living. I have HUGE respect for anyone who puts up with it to get out materials.

@ Andyislands

Its amazing how white and pretty and non-wrinkly you ( or you guys, if all of you help) make the pages. By the way, is type-setting also putting in the translated words in the word- bubbles? Just curious.

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Well I kind like the shot, BUT I STILL WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE FIGHT OF HANA AND ANNA THE THIRD!!!!, I suposse I have to wait.
About jumbor, niceee, but where is drill??? I mean jumbor 12, he doesn't appear at the image where there are all the jumbors.....dammit he was hot, and he looked like vice of ultimo in other words evil hotness, well I will wait a month to see if takei remembers him....

see you soon guys if I ever have time to read mangas, now with the university and work, Why me??!!!

just to say I have another shot of this manga (jumbor), it doesn`t look like this one so i was wondering why? I mean I will give it to you guys to see....
I love mantaaaaaaaaa

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Yes, anything having to do with English text (aside from the "SHIIIIIT" in Jumbor and the like) is all Andy as well. He also is responsible for redrawing the panels WITH THE MOFO LINE TOOL if he needs to in order to make the text fit.
I'm speaking up only because Andy isn't one to stroke his own ego.

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Yes, typesetting is the placing the English translations onto the page. Plus that's also picking the fonts and what not. And then there is also a level of re-drawing as well. But I just pile it all on myself as "raw cleaning/typesetting". Other groups tend to break it up, but meh. I do with what I have.

As for Drill, that's plot you'll just have to wait and see!

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When I first came here (3 years ago) I had no idea THAT much work went into all this. You guys are truly amazing.

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So about SK Flower, is there any chapter 2?
I want to read SK again so badly, but now there's Jumbor so I think I can endure it for a bit

Still M-T, you're the best!

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Read the Flowers post (the newspost right before this one) and pay attention to Shaman King Nation. We'd tell you there.

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Thanks guys, awesome as always. Looking foward to more chapters.

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hahaha wow i really cant believe this is starting up again, even i know when to quit.
guys its been what 1 month since this release, the least you could do is wait a few more months before starting this charade again.

on a side note stan lee in ultimo looks bad ass
idk what it is but i hate chapters that go for more then 20 pages, it just seems like its being dragged on imo. probably why i didnt bother with this release (got to page 5, then looked at the total opf pages and went WTF).

said it once and i'll say it again, makin your work if fucking awesome !!!!!

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Aww, after we worked so hard on 299?


Well, since the average KZB files release has over 20 pages, I guess I won't hear any complaining about that from you. How refreshing.

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if takei is drawing jumbor then is he still gonna work on ultimo? i was confused thinking that he would end ultimo because its actually pretty fast-paced than most other manga

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Of course he will. Ultimo is monthly so it's not as much work on his end.

Anybody else read chapter 13? It's a total Stan Lee chapter. Top to bottom. :)

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@ jez
yeah but SK stuff are fun to read, the other takei stuff are just 'rip off's' of SK just different names/setting/small changes in plot line.

also 299 was good, all of SK was good.
btw KZB is the character bio thing right, i dont really know whats what, i just read anything SK related with big googly eyes
so please do remind me of wtf im waiting for and was arguing to have more of

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thanks. i forgot to take in the monthly aspect thing.

oh and ultimo 13 in my opinion was a clever chapter

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*Edits Spelling*

Sure Takei has some common elements in his stories. Every artist does. But I don't think all his works are "rip offs." Ultimo is very different from other Takei work I've read.

BTW, I did read Ultimo 13. But I don't read alot of American comics ( and if I do more likely than not it'll be Batman), so I don't know if it was Stan Lee style or not. But it still reeked of awesomeness.

How odd. I LIKE long chapters. I get more comic and story, and don't feel so starved waiting for the next release.

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Is the last "zy" really too much to spell out? I really don't want a nickname that's similar to "Jizz"

And if they're such "rip offs", then where the hell is Ren in Ultimo? K does not count despite having the same coat/scarf. I mean, someone who LOOKS and ACTS like him. Ultimo =/= Shaman King. Where's the tournament? The priests? THE TWINCEST? For srs.

Or maybe you're just wrong. That works too <3

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If & preformed the DBZ fusion dance the result is Baru. lol.

Btw, Happy Birthday, !!! Yay!

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I starting to hate K more and more every time i see him. He's soooooooooo annoying!!! >:( I just wanna kick his ass! right now in chapter 13, murayama-kun is starting to look very different... D:

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In chapter 12, I seriously wondered if K was a woman for a second. His figure looked really weird.

But strangely fitting. <) : *Bleh*

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@ M-T staff

Thanks for deleting the mispelled comment.

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Just starting reading Chibi Vampire (taking a dare from a friend) and the dude's last name is Usui too.

I forget what "Usui" is. Is it a common name, anybody know?

I'm not saying 2 examples makes for a common name, but this is a Canadian-raised american talking.

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Hahahah he does look like a woman. :D every time i when i see Vice, he always reminds me of Hao

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Yeah, it's quite common. Using different kanjis, all of these are Usui last names:

view spoiler

臼井 (Shin-chan's author)
碓氷 (Horo)
雨水 (Kenta from Chibi Vampire )

Or at least that's what's in my dictionary... maybe there are even more.

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Dit! We thought we had lost you to FarmVille! Thank the Great Spirits you've escaped! (ノД`)・゜・。

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What's farmville? Sorry I'm always asking you things, but I usually laugh at your witty posts, so I want to understand if I can.

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It's this supposedly addictive game on Facebook where you farm and stuff...I dunno. All I know is that it's like World of Warcraft in the sense that it takes over people's lives, except it's free, making it even more dangerous.

This is why I mostly stay away from facebook. I'd rather get lost on Tv Tropes.

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Yeah, that game's evil :) But don't worry, I'm strong (I could quit WoW with no relapse XD) If I haven't post anything here lately is because I'm currently away from home (though not for too long!)

And facebook is serious business, it has it's own "against Men x Hana yaoi" group and all :B

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