Jumbor chapter 12

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 12 Hey, look at that! It's another Jumbor chapter! It's a Christmas miracle [Citation Needed]!! Sorry for the delay, but if you've followed us for a while sometimes we are a little slow between releases.

Did you know that the original Jyuki Ningn Jumbor series will be 10 years old next year!? Boy, doesn't that make us look old! Haha! Well, I think now is a good enough time as any to say... let's get back to monthly releases! Our December release is now out, so look out for more in 2017!


But hey, you want more Hiroyuki Takei manga!? All of Ultimo is now out in English (digital & print)! You can get it directly from Viz Media. If you haven't been following the series for a while, now's the chance to binge-read and get it all done!

Ultimo not your thing? Good news! Hiroyuki Takei's latest series, Nekogahara is now out in English! That's in both print and digital too for volume 1! Volume 2, 3, & 4 come out next year, and less than 90 days after the Japanese release! That's super, super fast for official releases! Oh, and for the digital releases, it's region-free at BookWalker, meaning anyone in the world (excluding Japan) can read the official release! Not sold on it yet? Why not read the first full chapter for free from Kodansha Comics!?


So go out and support those official releases! The more you support, the better chances that even more of Hiroyuki Takei's works can officially get released into English. I look forward to that day!


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Thank you for a new chapter!

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No problem, hope you enjoyed it! Next Jumbor chapter is pretty much ready for first pass QCing already. But still needs a bunch cleaned up with it after that QC pass.

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Good good.

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Glad to see you folks back in action, I'd thought you were dead

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Nope, not dead! Maybe just asleep for a while? Haha

Happy New Year!

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Yeah ! THE Return ! ^^

Thanks for the chapter

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When will Mentalite be fully updated? I can't find any downloads of it online, so it'll really be lovely it's uploaded on this site. (Unless I'm dumb as bricks and the thing has already been updated) All I can find is Snake's Legs.

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Correct, not all of Mentalite has been scanlated. Only Snake Legs and the Flowers Oneshot.

Doing fanbooks is alot harder than doing manga. For the most part they are kinda "boring," harder to typeset (since there is images in the background), and just contain alot more words. Two pages of Mentalite could be more words to translate than an entire chapter! Plus there is no real good "breaks" to make logical releases. For that reason, very few fanbooks are ever completely scanlated, and few ever officially released outside of Japan.

But with all of that in mind.... yes, we still plan on releasing more of Mentalite. It takes some time, but we'll work through it. Right now my focus is on Jumbor, since that's been long overdue.

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Can someone explain to me how on earth the KZB version of SK has already been translated into Italian officially, but VIZ hasn't done it in English? Like do the Italians like SK that much more than our English audience?

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So there is a couple factors. The biggest factor is that Shueisha doesn't have a co-owned distributor/licensor in Italy. They do have Viz Europe, which can help facilitate the licensing of manga. Here's a diagram how it's connected (and see how Italy isn't really covered).

So if a company wants to license a Shueisha title, they compete on a more open market. None of the titles are "off limits" or have "first deny." This allows them to release more "risky" titles without issue.

Next is market size. The US is big. Booksellers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon have a large control of the market. As such, there are additional challenges with how books are marketed and sold. For example, it's easier to stock a 1 volume series than it would be for 27 volumes. Keeping those volumes in stock is hard. If the first few volumes don't sell well, then the later volumes would be stocked in fewer number (if at all).

There are 640 Barnes & Noble stores. So you'd need a minimum print run of 1000 books, per volume just to get 1 volume in each store. So maybe you'd need 2 or 3, so that could be a print run of 2500 to 3000. Per volume. But what happens when only 1000 people actually buy the volume? You loose money, and the store doesn't stock the rest. Alot of people still buy books in stores, rather than online. If the volume stops being carried after volume 3, maybe that person can't/won't go online and order the next 24 volumes.

So in Italy, alot of these issues go away. There are less stores you have to sell to, and they are closer together. This allows the print runs to be lower. Keeping all 27 volumes in stock at any point is still a challenge, regardless. But you can lower the risks and cost to make it more beneficial.

Additionally, like France, the Italian manga market is stronger than the US. Part of this reason is that there is a strong local-published comics, and a strong US-import comic market. Manga wasn't widely picked up in US comic shops for many years, where as it was in other markets since everything was being imported. So if you give a market 10 more years to mature and develop, it's going to be stronger and profitable, even if there are less fans.

Now getting into KZB more specifically.... when licensing a manga series, you need to license the whole series. And most contracts now have an obligation on releasing the entire series. Plus there is an upfront cost, which is based on the number of volumes. So it could be $27,000USD just to license the series before you even get the materials to start translating. Shueisha in Japan knows this, and "KZB" was effectively marketed as a separate series than the original. There is also a strong chance that Hiroyuki Takei gets a different percent from licensing deals. And... the digital releases would be a separate license than the print. The option to just get the "new chapters" wasn't an option, it's an all-or-nothing deal.

Looking at everything above... getting Viz to license Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang is rough. It's no longer a "new" series. They'd need to go through the costs of re-translating and re-editing the "old" chapters as there are differences. For a majority of their titles, they want the digital rights. And the original Shaman King series just didn't do as good as it probably needed to do. If it was doing well, it would have stayed in the printed monthly Shonen Jump. Leaving Shonen Jump did allow volumes to come out faster, so the sales numbers weren't completely awful. The numbers were strong enough to get Ultimo licensed. But Ultimo's numbers weren't strong enough to get KZB. You can also point to that Shaman King never got reprinted in 3-in-1 volumes. If they felt there was a market to sell to, Viz could have done it.

It's not to say that Viz can't come out on Friday January 27th during their live stream and announce they have the license. It could still happen. It just needs the right push from someone at Viz to want it to happen. And the best way to get that, is to be as vocal on Social Media to show them that interest!

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Thanks for the reply! Also, is there a place where I can find a RAW for Mentalite if it's going to take long to scan? In fact, being Japanese, I'd find RAWs much easier to read than translations.

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I'd recommend purchasing the volume from or some other retailer. Amazon's shipping prices from Japan has been fairly cheap and fast, so that's my recommended option. Plus you get that great poster! And stickers!

As a Jumbor update... Chapter 13 has been QCed! Now it's in the clean-up process. So the release will be "soon." Oh, and chapter 14 is already lined up for the next to be QCed! Staying close to that monthly target! Don't worry!

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Thanks for the long and detailed reply. Although informed, it doesn't make me any more hopeful for a future printing. :(

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Yeah, what really needs to be banked on is one of the following:
- Nekogahara gets an anime
- Shaman King gets a new anime
- Shaman King's 20th Anniversary
- Discotek Media licenses the original Shaman King and everyone buys it

Any one of those factors may put enough people back into the Shaman King "pool" of potential buyers to make it worth it. Or at least enough to get it licensed digitally.

Jumbor Update:
Still working on getting Jumbor chapter 13 out in the next couple of days! So look forward to that!

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What are you guys doing while not translating Jumbor chapters? Its kinda sad to see this site just being on standby, since Takei hasn't really done that well in the past years.

I'm still bummed that Flowers got cancelled, and properly will never get a revival again.

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Well, I do some blogging on Tumblr and have a couple of other side projects I work on from time to time.

But most of the time, it's "real life" that gets in the way. Which was the case on the delay with chapter 13 of Jumbor.

Takei will continue with Shaman King at some point in the next year or so. So just hold tight! It will happen! Plus he's working on Nekogahara, so that's good!

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