Jumbor chapter 11

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 11 And after much waiting... probably too long, here's the next Jumbor chapter! It's the eleventh chapter from Jumbor. Remember that series? Haha, I know. Anyways, we start moving towards more interesting stuff as we begin to close out this arc. Hope you all enjoy it!

Speaking of the number eleven.... Mankin-Trad is now eleven years old! Maybe we're a bit slower in our old age, but hey, it really goes in waves. So Happy Birthday to us!


Finally, I'm working on another side-project. Basically it's called the "Mankin-Trad Development Blog" (or "Dev Blog" for short). The concept of this will be an avenue where we can release some small releases that wouldn't fit into a normal "Mankin-Trad release." Plus, its a way for people with some spare time that may be able to help out too!

I'm still working on the details... but my thoughts are starting with releasing some pages from the Mentalite fanbook! Yeah some more Shaman King stuff! It will be some nice "small stuff" to go in between our normal "big" Mankin-Trad releases that you would find here. Once it goes live I'll post a link to the blog here!


Finally, just in case you skip past the credits page... yes... we're working on Jumbor chapter 12. And chapter 13 is in the translation phase. So we aren't dead (like Baru or Shaman King Flowers)! 


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Thank you very much! :3

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Yay!! JUMBOR!!! Thanks a lot for your amazing work!

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Long live and happy birthday !

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Oh the pain, you had to remind me of the death of Flowers. Thanks for the release and happy birthday Mankin.

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Well, Takei is making some more drawings of Yoh...

So it's not a complete loss yet!

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Happy Birthday !!
Thanks for the chapter and news, I waiting with hope for Shaman King's return
Good luck for next chapters !

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I want to know...will you guys be scanlating Takei's latest work Nekogahara?

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Yes, we are planning on scanlating Nekogahara. But Dit has been really, really busy over the last year... so we're kinda stuck at the translation part. Once we have a translation, then we're full speed ahead!

Out Projects page isn't even horribly out of date either!

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Will you translate the butsu zone remix since they play a part in the shaman king manga.

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Yes, it's in the pile of stuff to be translated. I'm a big Butsu Zone fan, so it will happen! It might actually be one of the small things for the "Dev Blog" if someone with some good Japanese to English translation skills is available...

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Hey guys, I guess you dont need to worry about Nekogahara since your time is so short. The famous girl who helps with Ultimo stuff already started working on nekogahara. Just wait for her news!

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We we are always willing to collaborate! Ask her to send me something via the Contact page here on Mankin-Trad, or on my Tumblr page.

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And... Nekogahara is licensed in English by Kodansha Comics!!!

So all plans for scanlating this series are officially cancelled. Please look forward to the official release this Fall for volume 1!!!

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