Jumbor 9 & 1 Decade of Mankin-Trad!

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Read and download Jumbor Chapter 9 It's been a long time coming... but here's Jumbor chapter 9! Sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Also, we are already hard at work on chapter 10, so that should come out in a little while. But the real reason you are here is...

Today, March 4th, 2015 is Mankin-Trad's Birthday!
We are now 10 years old.
That's a decade! We started off as just a French scanlation group for Shaman King manga. The original key members being Kamisama, Nux, and BadS. The later two have moved onto other things since then. but Kami has been around since day 1!
We've moved from servers to servers, expanded and condensed the website, added near countless staff members, but we've made it all this time. It's kinda crazy to think we've been doing this for a full decade now. And we do it because... we just want to know what happens next in the story of Shaman King. It's as simple as that.
I doubt that most people reading this remember all the way back to the beginning, and that's fine. In the internet world, 10 years is a really long time. But I hope during this time you've help support Hiroyuki Takei and the Shaman King series by purchasing as much stuff as you can. I know I have!
So thank you to everyone who has helped with a release during these last 10 years, and thank you to all of you for enjoying our releases!
Now onto the fun stuff! Since it's a birthday party, right!?
Here's a very large image (7MBs) that contains almost everyone of our "cover images" that have been featured on the main page of Mankin-Trad. I'm missing only a few for the English releases. 
Also, on my tumblr, I'll be posting a bunch of images from Mankin-Trad's past, so if you are interested be sure to check that out!
Oh, and as a temporary change... I've updated the banner to the earliest image file I had on record (at least 2007)!


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Happy BirthDay

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Happy Birthday!

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It's been really 10 years already!? I can still remember the first projects and all the ideas we had for this little team down the road.

A huge thank you to you, Andy for being the driving force throughout the years and of course, to Kami, Dit and Jezzy and all the other members we had (present and past).

I read all of MT releases ever since I left and I must say, the quality is always there ^^

I started re-reading Mankin the other day, and I missed the fun we had working on all of HT's series. I'll be more than happy to help (again) if you guys need my help on anything :)

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happy anniversary salty f***ers *thumbs up*

pants down (hats off) to you crazy b***ards for doing such good work all this time, keep it up

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Glad to see that you are still lurking in the shadows!

Of course we always have stuff in the pipeline... shoot me an e-mail (hasn't changed!)! (Or the contact page goes to Kami and I)

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That's cool Happy birthday. Now where do we get a shaman king snowman for the magic hat?

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Your dedication and commitment to SK, Takei and basically this whole project is quite unbelievable.
I didn't know about you until recently (like, a week or two xD), when my own wave of nostalgia hit me, but seeing such a great and loyal team is heartwarming.^^ Keep it up, guys.

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Thanks for Jumbor! :)
Too bad your old french Shaman King scans are nowhere to be found now... Long time ago I lost chapter 279, "Une chose effrayante" and stil upset about it.
Happy birthday and thank you for your work :)

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@Akagami: It's our policy to remove the scans once the manga is available officially. In this case, you should buy the Kana edition of SK instead

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@BadS1, yes, I understand :) I have japanese SK volumes, I just really really want to find that french chapter 279 for my collection of old SK scans. It's the only one I'm missing.

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Merci à vous =) Grâce à vous on a pu lire le Kang Zeng Bang, !

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Hey congrats and happy birthday ! (haven't posted in over a year ^^')
I didn't even realize you were translating this early on the series. lucky enough, kana volumes were published every three month . But if it's wasn't for you guys I would have never had access to kang zeng bang, flowers, zero, all the bonus , spoilers and all the news on takei's work or known early on of Ultimo !

I'm looking forward to the jumbor chapters ! and it's wonderful you are also keeping up on patch café !

Thanku for your love and dedication it is so much apreciated ! (probably a lot of silent readers)

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Don't worry, more Jumbor is coming soon. I'm working on chapter 10 right now!

And I'll be updating the projects page at some point too.

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