Happy Holidays 2014!

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Hello all!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a Happy Holidays! Any and all religions! Even if you have a celebratory reason this time of year or not. Since isn't that what "Shaman King" is all about anyways? Wink

If you've refreshed the webpage in the last week, you'll notice our 2014 holiday banner! This year's theme was more based on food! Since now is a good enough time to start eating more than you should! I'll change up the banner again once the new year rolls around.

Next up, you probably want to know what's in the pipeline for the rest of this year and into next!

  • Shaman King Zero chapter 10 & more!?
  • Jumbor chapters 9 & many more chapters!
  • Danball Senki: Jin Kaidou Story chapter 1 & two more chapters at some point
  • Shaman King Flowers volume extras (volumes 1-6)

All of those releases are at various stages of release. When it's done, we'll release! So look forward to those in the future.


Again, a Happy Holidays to all! And if you haven't read this yet... be sure to check out the "Merry Christmas On Board" release from 2 years ago!


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happy holidays f***ers, hope ya'll guzzle so much rocket fuel that you either fly to the moon... or throw up your organs *thumbs up*


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Thank you and Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Merry Christmas Mankin-Trad! Thanks for another awesome year of SK!

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I LIKE BIG BOOTY B****ES, BIG BOOTY B****ES, BIG BOOTY B****ES hehehehahahahaha

i'd love to double team anna and jeanne all night long yo... anyone up to record ?

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Best wishes for anyone on Man-trad. You all are the greatest.

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Mankin-Tras FOR EVER ! YEAH ! ^^

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When is zero 10 coming out.

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Dit's been super busy lately, so she hasn't finished the translation yet. But don't worry it's on the top of her list.
And once we get the translation, we'll turn out the release pretty quickly (raw cleaning already done, .etc).

But we'll have some other releases soon (Jumbor!) to balance out.

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Good to hear I'm not the only one super busy!

That was only to say "Hi, I'm not dead yet, I'm still working on ch. 11. Sort of."

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Go go go !

We are with you, guys ! ;)

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It's amazing to see the integrity of this site.

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They are true fans of Takei.

Respect !

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