FYI: Not Dead

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Just wanted to say we aren't dead. Nothing is dropped.

But all of our translators are kinda busy at the moment. So that's slowed everything down a bunch.

Sorry for the lack of releases right now, but once we get everyone back on board we'll be moving ahead! Luckily there isn't too much new stuff coming out right now, so if we have a time period where things need to go a bit slower... now's the time!


I'm also working on some other non-Mankin-Trad projects right now, so that's been fun! Just wanted to give this update to you all!


#users reactions

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andy: 'i was at the pornography store, i was buying pornography' >.>

free beer for anyone that gets the reference ;)

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Hurray! The website magically revived itself!

(For some reason all the news disappeared for a while after I posted...)

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Thanks Kamisama for fixing the news!

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