Double Feature: Red Crimson 6 & The Super Star 9

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Read and download Shaman King Red Crimson Chapter 6Read and download Shaman King The Super Star Chapter 9 Wow! It's a double feature day! That's right both a chapter of Shaman King The Super Star and Shaman King Red Crimson! Hopefully that 1 week wait was worth it!

But speaking of double features... did you hear that Kana in France has licensed the original Shaman King manga and are releasing them again! They are using the new Kodansha Editions of the manga and... combining them into double-volumes! Plus earlier this month they already released 2 volumes! A Double-double! It's being referred to as the "Star Edition" and the volume 17 contains all of the new chapters that were published after the original 32 volumes. 

To learn more about these great volumes check out Kana's website!

Some places like will allow you to purchase the volume in print or on the digital Kindle app store. French is close to English, so it's a great way to support the series and be able to mostly read it!


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Outstanding! Thanks

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thank you very much for your hard work. and to be passionate like that !!!

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What would these 17 chapters be ?? Shaman King Zero or new chapters?

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Muchas gracias por todo su esfuerzo!!

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Finally, the two paths have now crossed!

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Also thank you for the speed and skill put into quickly translating these works. My heart broke when the series went on Hiatus as it did and the fear of it dying off made it worse. Each chapter coming out is just another happy occasion now.

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Thanks a Million! Hana is back! By the way will Shaman King be reprinted in double issues by Tokyopop in Germany too! Starting in April this year and covering the KanZenBan Edition! Can't wait for that, hopefully with Flowers and Super Star in the following!

Thanks for your hard work!

Robert =)

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It contains the new chapters that were included in the "Kang Zeng Bang" edition of the manga. They are then following up with the release of Shaman King Flowers as well!

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This is beautiful, thank you, any ETA on the following chapters?

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More next week? But unlikely double chapters again.

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I can barely believe there's one more chapter of Red Crimson! Thank you sooooo much! BTW, in which chapter does Ren finally appear? ^^ Just for info.

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And there is more Red Crimson chapters on it's way!

To answer your question...

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End of volume 2, chapter 8. That way he can show up on the cover of volume 3!

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How many chapter already have Super Star and Red Crimson?

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A guide to which chapters are included in each issue of Shonen Magazine Edge in Japan (which can also be purchased digitally!):

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you made my day , thank you...all the best !! :)

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I really love Red Crimson! Jun is so cool

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Ty for the chapters m(__)m

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Yay! Hana is finally awake!

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