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So just to keep you all in the loop...

Shaman King Flowers manga is done. Finished. There will be no more new chapters under that name. However Takei does want to make a new sequel. So...

Also Ultimo has basically 1 more chapter left. And Jumbor is hiatus, but will finish with 10 volumes at some point.

You can read those pieces of news in more detail here.

Takei is also making a new manga series! You can read more about that here. If some English-language company licenses it.. (like Viz with Ultimo), then we won't touch it. So start bugging Crunchyroll, Kodansha Comics, or Vertical that you want it, and maybe it will happen! Which would be great!

You can read more about that here.


Finally, if you were hoping to see Hiroyuki Takei at Otakon.... that guest appearance has been cancelled... Cry That news is here.


Also, the website is back up and running again. Thanks to Kamisama! Everything about "everyone is still busy" from that news post still applies. But I'm itching to get some more Jumbor out (since it starts to get good in a couple of chapters!).


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So Flowers ends but it is going to be a new sequel. I think it's going to be the same story, isn't it? I will be waiting!! <3

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Having mixed feelings about this. I just hope that, if he ever makes that sequel, it would start where FLOWERS finished.

I'm at ULTIMO vol. 09 so it's too early for me to be sad about it ending.

And I'm still waiting, patiently, for your translation of JUMBOR chapter 11 :DD

Thank you for the news and for your hard work!

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I meant ULTIMO vol. 10 xDu

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Well I can't wait to see the sequel then :)

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Sad that he isn't going to make it to Otakon. I actually had drawn him stuff along with written a letter and had a little giftie all made out for him for a friend that's also a guest there to deliver. Can't be helped I guess. I'm optimistic about his other endeavors though. Flowers left on a good note, at least. Even if the sequel is a reboot of sorts or goes to into the lives of the SK heroes right after the main series ends (since Flowers brings up a lot of cool information about all of them), I'd be really excited either way. I wish him the best!

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Sad that he isn't going to make it to Otakon. I actually had drawn him stuff along with written a letter and had a little giftie all made out for him for a friend that's also a guest there to deliver. Can't be helped I guess. I'm optimistic about his other endeavors though. Flowers left on a good note, at least. Even if the sequel is a reboot of sorts or goes to into the lives of the SK heroes right after the main series ends (since Flowers brings up a lot of cool information about all of them), I'd be really excited either way. I wish him the best!

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I'm excited for whatever happens, I hope buying the series will tell Takei that we want more.

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Its desapointed to read that! Takei does'nt have a little of respect for his fas, first the eternal hiatos SK have to finish, now that, i'm tired of that, Takei for me is finished, thank you guys for the good work of translate and for the company but i'm leaving the boat here, good luck for all of you and yours hope in takei and 1 more time sorry my trash english! "Monte osore revoir, monte osore au reoir, adieu".....

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I'm with you onigumo, i'm sick of all this manga being axed or just abandoned... at least all the SK related ones.

i'm happy reading OP until the end of time (assuming it keep going even after i die).

see ya'll round *thumbs up*

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I'm not very optimistic about a new sequel.Our author seem to have it pretty bad with the publisher. Hiatus, censorship, and cancellation. Haizz

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I'm still sad that there's no english publishing of most of his works that do them justice.

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i presume the sites dead, now that takei isn't really doing anything and no one is interested in anything that's not SK related... right ?

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I hope not because I'm still waiting for Jumbor chapter 11.

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Nope, still not dead. Shaman King is all about spirits, so how can a site based around Shaman King ever be truly dead!?
Plus we have Nekogahara coming out in Japan in 10 days. So... I'm looking forward to that!

Yeah, I'm still waiting on the translations for that... I'll do some follow-up.

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hello will you be translating mentalite? i cleaned my bookshelf today and i realized that there are so many good stuff in there but i can't really read japanese :(

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Of all the fanbooks, yes, Mentalite is the one we'll probably have some releases for at some point. We do have some translations for various pages, but I don't think we have enough for a solid release yet (rather than saying here's a couple pages randomly across the book). Also, cleanning/scanlating those pages can often be more difficult than typical manga pages, so those take more time. But once we have the translations, then yes, I'll finish the effort to get some more releases out for Mentalite (more so than the manga chapters already released).

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Where can I read jumbor raw for free.

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yay i'm looking forward to those releases :D

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Mankin-Trad Website update!
The Projects page is now updated!

Cleanned up the page a bit, moved things around, and added a project! It's Nekogahara! Right on the top of the list, you can't miss it!

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There are some data book pages that aren't translated would be awesome if it was translated so we get a better understanding of some of their oversouls and capabilities, and it would be a good idea since we get some shaman king content running before the sequel hits!

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Yeah, Mentalite, Fanbook, and Majinen (in that order) are on our backburner.... but it's translations that are holding it up to having a completed piece for release. We have a bunch of translations for random pages, but not enough for a solid release. If there is translation interest... (Italian or Japanese to English), then I can dig up the specifics... (But we would ideally want someone to do a double check from Japanese to English, if the base translation is coming from Italian).

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Stopped by here since I was thinking of SK for a moment. Kind of sad to see that things have come to a standstill for the past four months on the site, but I know there isn't much to do anyways since the past projects are pretty much done. (Just thought that you guys would have picked up something new in the past few months.) Well, I guess the site has somewhat gone on hiatus as well, I wish the team all the best in life in the meantime!

Once again, thank you for all the translations and quick releases that you've done :D

I'll still come by once in a while to check if there are any new releases like on that Mentalite and fanbook ;)

See you!

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Don't worry, the backlog of stuff is always full! But yeah, with Dit being super busy, it's hard to get some new stuff. But don't worry, we keep adding to the backlog. So when Dit has some time (or if someone else wants to help with Japanese to English) we still are getting all of the Hyper Dash Yonkuro and Nekogahara chapters as they have been coming out.

Plus I'll have some more free time in the next couple months, so I'm going to see about getting Jumbor moving a bit more (since I've been busy on some other things since then).

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X-mas JUMBOR would be nice.

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I'll try!

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Status Update
Jumbor chapter 11 is in Quality Check (QC)! It will be in that stage a bit longer than normal... but hey, it's making great progress! Next update should be when it's released!

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Am I the only one who suspects the reason he switched publisher is because he's sick of getting cancelled all the time? Hopefully Kodansha will let him run his series to completion...

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Well, it's not like his stuff was being cancelled without reason. Ultimo was working towards a "natural end." Flowers was only cancelled because of the magazine he was in.

I think it's more like he had some sort of politic issue. Or something with the rights of his series. He actually is pretty good about holding onto the rights. Or it's how he runs his contracts (which gives the appearance of a more "yearly" contract, based on the number of chapters he releases a year).So it could be one of multiple things or something completely else.

But the move to Kondansha certainly isn't a whim and could have strained his relations with Shueisha though...

(And yes, we will work on Nekogahara at some point... Dit is busy... so that's the hold up right now)

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Just my little hope , could you, while we waitng for the new Takeis', back to the past and re-scanlate the original Shaman King (Kanzenban version).

For me the original was much better than this Flower one. It had better joke and story, and i love those Takei old style with round-goofy face than his new sharp-edge style

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I still love this site like no other

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Unfortunately, we will not be scanlating the original Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang chapters (outside of the ones we already did). There's a couple reasons:
1. Most of the content is exactly the same. It's a page here, and panel there. Outside of the new chapters, probably 98% of it is the same (by counting by panels). After the first couple volumes there are almost no changes.
2. Translations are the hardest part. Viz has already done a professional translation. Some of the scanlations have some spotty translations. If we were going to put forth our translations efforts, then we might as well to things that haven't been done yet! Like the fanbooks, and the other extras, .etc!
3. Our best chance of getting the KZB chapters (and any more Shaman King) officially in English... is to leave those chapters alone. For example, if Viz said the following:
- We're releasing all 27 KZB volumes, in a 2-for-1.
- A new volume (which contains both KZB volumes) will be released each month, hard cover (similar to the Jojo's releases), and heavy weight paper.
- Updated translations to better match the original series
- Color pages to match the content from the Japanese KZBs
To me, that sounds like an awesome release that I would love to have on my shelf. I wouldn't want scanlations of those "older" chapters to kill the chance of that happening. Sure it's a long shot, but one I would like to see one day.

Thanks for the support! We're still working on stuff. Actually, I'm working on Jumbor chapter 12 today as well!

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patiently waiting for the nekogara series, happy 2016 all :)

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Don't worry, me too! I'm working on Jumbor.. so I can get back in the swing of things. So as soon as the translation is ready I'll jump on it to get it out as fast as possible!

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Love this site! Happy 2016!

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Mankin Trad ! Mankin Trad ! Mankin Trad !

We are here. We are silent. But we wait patiently behind our screens.

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Don't worry, Jumbor chapter 11 is coming out soon!

Plus I'm working on putting together another side to Mankin-Trad to maybe help get some releases out faster!

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